Sunday, February 3, 2013

# 398 - Day with Shaye - OUT of CONTROL

My youngest niece and I have a great time together. We really click. The two of us can act silly, be ourselves and even have deep discussions because we truly have a bond that is remarkable.

Understanding a six year old is no easy feat. But, this kiddo has a direct connection to my heart and head.

In fact, we're trying to present ourselves as two heads in these pictures and it gets out of control, especially because we're sitting in a nice Greek restaurant in the Kemah area (outside of Houston.) Kemah is near the Boardwalk and this restaurant is placed in a village-setting.

Perfect place for my niece and I to get some nutty photographs.

She moves in and monopolizes the view...she scares herself with the result.

Naturally "high" eyebrows run in our family. We call it the "Jack Nicholson" effect.


Actually, here's my little sweetie.

Six year old children with their two front teeth missing are a priceless breed.

Once she gets all her teeth in, I'll probably be losing all of mine. Isn't that how things work?

In the below photo, she and I are actually looking at each can see the love and fun we have in our eyes toward one another.

Then, we realize that we're just about looking in a mirror...we're both so darn goofy and comfortable with being ourselves. Comfortably goofy...that's us.

Of course, if anyone disagrees with our photo teamwork, we can pull the "HERE'S JOHNNY" expression on them along with the six-year old two-front teeth missing grin and deliver a solid whammy to tickle them loony. Why do loony by ourselves?

Glad you could join us!


Vickie said...

Lana - that Shaye is a little cutie, and I know that you enjoy her so much now that your big girls are out of the house. I know Shaye enjoys her auntie Lana, too! Just look at that face!

Karen said...

Aw, this is just what I needed this morning, Lana! Shaye is adorable, love those missing front teeth.

Great photos, memories for a lifetime.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Kids are such fun. I say this is the way of staying young at heart. Only as old as we feel. To many more fun times. Just think when the grand baby joins in play with you two. Blessings! Lara

LindaG said...

A great way to raise your spirits. Have a blessed week, Lana. ♥