Thursday, February 28, 2013

# 408 - The Old Shed

The old shed in the country on our acreage has been holding up pretty good after all these years. Once upon a time, we kept all of the lake toys in this shed since it is located close to the spring-fed lake that adjoins our property.

The shed is very roomy and stable; I think it's a 10x20. It's built on skids and is solid; however, this season I'll give it a fresh coat of paint, maybe the metal roof will get another protective coat as well.

The shed is set back in the woods, but it's still within view of anyone on the lake --- which the people on the lake are supposed to be land-owners of our neighborhood or their guests, but you know how that can be. Still, I don't like the shed being so easy to spot.

I'm thinking about going "Duck Dynasty" style to give the shed a "happy, happy" camouflage paint job. At least the old shed wouldn't stick out like a white banner in the distance to anyone approaching the area.

Honey, in this area, you are in THE woods, so I'm always careful to watch for snakes when approaching this shed, along with wasps and hornets and spiders and bears, oh my!

This little shed gives a great view toward the lake. Makes me wish we had a tiny cabin right here, on stilts for height to give a better view of lake. And a front lake-view deck would be awesome!

I need to do the thing I used to do with my kids when they were young and wanted something...I need to do my "I Dream of Jeannie" arm-fold and head-nod and blink my eyes to see if I've acquired such talent. Sure would be nice.

For now, I'm happy this old shed is doing so great and I look forward to giving it a fresh coat of paint so it can be rejuvenated.

Every little detail counts. Soon, we'll be filling that shed back up with fun lake toys. I better start going to Academy and Walmart to check out some awesome things, or I might be able to find a second-hand paddle boat.

Maybe I'll be able to put some fun things back into that shed for us to enjoy for a long time to come. I've got a lot of family and friends who would be eager to enjoy it all with us, so I better get into gear.

And for the big lake down the's nice, but it's even nicer to have a beautiful tree-lined lake in your own backyard.

I'm certainly not going to complain.


Vickie said...

Camo would be great! If you do that, please share pictures! You're so lucky to have that lake right in your backyard, Lana. I know y'all have had and WILL have many enjoyable times there. And just think --- you'll have a grandbaby to share it with before too long! Do keep an eye out for snakes. Me and Daddy and my sis were fishing in a lake like that, and a huge water moccasin climbed into the boat with us. Came up around the motor. You should have seen my sis and I skittering around to the front of the boat. We whacked it with our fishing rods and it eventually slithered back into the water. EEEEK!

You're going to have SUCH a pretty place!!! I'm ready for you to start building on your cabin - any bites on your house?

Rae said...

Oh, I'm digging the duck dynasty painting approach. :) said...

Vickie - we will definitely share pictures once we get to painting the shed! It will be a fun process. I'm might start looking for metal spray paint on sale to build a good stock for the job! And I don't like snakes, we've got em, but I try to be aware. A few years ago, I was forced to kill a Copperhead because it was aggressive and kept coming at me. It's a concern, especially around our creek cause the critters head that way for their water. And yes, we got bit bites on the house --- I'm about to write about that update.

Rae --- I think the Old Shed will look so much better with the paint job and I'll feel better once it no longer stands out like a big white "look at me" attraction. Looks like I'll have a lot of projects to do on the land. But, there are so many different things to will never be boring and I'll get plenty of time to be in nature!