Wednesday, February 20, 2013

# 406 - My Shipwrecked Boat!

I've always wanted a boat. Then, I remembered, I have one!

Never mind that it's been sitting abandoned in the creek on our land for years. In fact, it's been there for at least twelve years. Does this qualify as a mini-shipwreck?

Many years ago, I'm sure someone on the private lake didn't properly tie up this boat and realized it was a gonner, a bit too late.

Not to worry, the boat landed in our creek. The creek that runs through our acreage is fed by a lake that is bubbling with spring-fed water. It's a beautiful creek. The water is crystal clear.

I've crossed this creek hundreds of times over the years and have fallen into it half as many times.

This month, me crossing the creek.
Thank goodness I get to use the make-shift bridge
the Boy Scouts built with raw materials!

It's great that my falling and extreme clumsiness has provided my family with YEARS of free entertainment.

The thing about falling and being mad as hell at yourself for ending up in the middle of a creek bed is that your frustration creates extra splashing that can fuel your anger at falling. So, you end up sitting there in the water, laughing.

And as my husband says, family members standing around watching me flounder are of NO USE in helping me out of the creek because they are too busy laughing so hard that they are about to pee on themselves. And I know the real truth behind their lack of assistance...they are leery about giving me a hand out of the creek because I'm usually so fired-up that they are concerned that I might very well give a good yank so they can join MY side of the fun, in the creek.

See my blue boat back in the creek?

Every now and then, it's nice that I provide a bit of unexpected company for my abandoned boat. I'm thoughtful like that. But, I'm happy to report that my boat is still "docked" safely in the creek.

Finders keepers. Only problem is...the boat is deep into the creek and it will take some creative muscle to get her out of there.

At least this past trip to the acreage found me crossing the creek without stumbling to take a swim with the minnows. To Deputy Dave's chagrin, I even stopped to pull out my IPhone to take photos of the boat. He wasn't happy about me trying to do two things at once while crossing the creek. However, I managed to take a few shots of the boat, and I didn't fall.

However, my lack of falling was mostly due to my brother's Boy Scout Troop's ability to construct this make-shift bridge with raw materials across the creek. The hand-rail was the most AWESOME part of the bridge...I didn't have to walk across doing the "Whoooaaa, Whoooaaa, oh my gosh, Whoooaaa," kind of wobble-walk that ends with a big splash.

I guess we'll figure out the boat dilemma in the months to come. I'm ready to pull her out of there. Eventually, we'll dry-dock her. For now, our boat is part of the sight-seeing experience as we cross our creek. Maybe we'll pull her out this Spring or Summer.

If nothing else, I'm sure she'll make an interesting planter.

Later, when the old gal is permanently out of the creek and dry-docked, I will have to find another excuse for my big rear-end landing creek-side.

Maybe I'll blame it on the tadpoles. Someone needs to keep them company. Right?


DFW said...


That boat would make a beautiful herb planter! Can't wait to see it resurrected.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I know you were only joking about the boat being a planter or maybe you were not. It made me think of a home I pass often. They have a small front yard and the street sidewalk in front. They make the most of it . There is a rock lined flower bed with a canoe in the middle. It is filled with water & fountain with pond plants in the summer. I wonder if they have fish too. I don't know them but would love to take a photo but know them not. All those beautiful acres to enjoy roaming has to be relaxing. Blessings! Lara said...

DFW - I agree, it'd make an unusual planter at a special location or maybe a piece of furniture.

Lara - too many people in our bayside community enjoy quircky yard art and that old boat has got good bones to become art. I will keep you posted! I'll be creative!

Rae said...

You crack me up. I've sure missed reading your blog. Gotta go back and get caught up!

LindaG said...

Aw. *hugs*
I suppose it was funny. But I'm at the age where I worry about falling.

Good luck, Lana. God bless. ♥ :-)