Friday, February 15, 2013

# 403 - Political Poem - "It's Not My Fault"

It's Not My Fault
Another Political Poem by Lana Black
February 2013
President Obama is trying to gear up for a fifth Presidential year,
Yet still, "It's not my fault," is the message America is forced to hear.
So many Americans have little to no income left to budget or save,
However, "It's not my fault," the President continues to rave.
Too many in America are suffering, they have little left, groceries are scant.
But, we still hear Obama's Fairy Tale promises with his "It's not my fault" rant. 
The economy remains impacted by a ridiculously high unemployment rate,
"It's not my fault" says Obama by appointing an impotent Jobs Council as diversionary bait.
The People struggle while Obama vacations, entertains and plays golf,
As for your economic downturn, "It's not my fault" the President does scoff. 
The President has it hard, often basking in the glow of a flashy star,
"It's not my fault" he insists while flashing a big-screen smile from afar.
Obama loves to deliver speeches that focus on I, Me, and Mine,
As we listen, he reminds us, "It's not my fault," one more time.
Avoiding responsibility for Benghazi was an expected political goal,
"It's not my fault" is the claim as Obama goes on another tactical roll.
A full term without a budget and without more than an airy speech,
"It's not my fault" is driving some in America to want to impeach.
A President who despises one class over another is our unfortunate lot,
"It's not my fault" he spews to ALL the Americans who Obama forgot.
A Harvard graduate, slick lawyer, and community divider of both left and right,
"It's not my fault" Obama reminds half of America while ignoring the other's plight.
Tax-payers are too heavily burdened to carry Obama's bloated Socialist plan,
He insists "It's not my fault" but still sticks it to every decent woman and man.
Obama loves the power of wielding the Executive pen,
"It's not my fault" that ink is an option, he claims again, and again.
The deficit has ballooned far out of control while under Obama's power,
We can almost hear him sing "It's not my fault," as he takes a White House shower.
He walks around smug and delighted to grow the government's size,
"It's not my fault," he endorses while stacking bureaucracy and smothering us with lies.
Obama is conducting a great socialist experiment at our country's expense,
"It's not my fault" he'll keep saying in a few years as his hands he does rinse.
In a country where everyone has a chance to sprint or crawl their way to the top rung,
 "It's not my fault" he excuses about his own success with an over-worked tongue.
A few still hold the illusion that this man cares more about them than his own skin,
Meanwhile, "It's not my fault," is a message that's fast wearing thin.
Sadly, our country is constantly assaulted by Obama's divisional voice,
And he selfishly concludes "It's not my fault," but it is his choice.
(Poem: Copyright by Lana Black, February 2013).


LindaG said...

Great post!

I have to add, pun not intended, "It's not my fault that Obama was re-elected."

Heaven help us, please.

God bless you and yours, Lana. ♥

Mike said...

I don't normally get into a debate with politics and I can't stand this 'scape goat of a President. But, if Congress would do ONE thing to back Obama, maybe, something, anything would get accomplished. It's a crying shame people won't vote out the deadwood in Congress. They are the ones that have screwed our Country up.

Karen said...

Hi Lana, Oh, I hear you. The country is in a mess, for sure. Let's hope and pray for the best. said...

Linda --- I love the pun! Neither was it mine --- I did all I could both times, so concerned about his agenda and socialist background. Now, his ideology is becoming painfully obvious and I guess some parts of the country will realize that his programs will probably hit them in the gut as well. Time will reveal much.

Mike --- I completely agree about Congress and sure wish our country would boot out the long-timers who have made serving into a life-long career. It wasn't mean to replace a person's main profession --- was supposed to kind of be like an extended jury service. These days, members of Congress hold tight to their positions as if they are a bulldog with a bone. They don't care about us, they care about staying in a political drama with lots of perks. I'm one who believes we need to CLEAN HOUSE in Congress and beyond that, we need to KEEP OUT THE LAWYERS and do our best to keep the doctors, businesspeople, teachers, accountants, retired military and other people who LIVED ordinary lives and can better understand how to represent all of us. Those Washington DC types are as bad as Hollywood types, they're too insulated from the realities of day to day life --- getting a "tour" of American life is NOT enough and it shows in their attitudes. LET'S CLEAN HOUSE!

Karen --- It saddens me a great deal to have a President stand up and make such grand promises when most of us know that the price tag for those promises aren't easy to pay. He's like an irresponsible parent who promises their child the moon, but never takes the time to start with showing them the blade of grass that is attainable. I'm sickened that we have a President who forgets that he is representing all Americans. Obama has much too much contempt for the "well-off" that it makes me extremely leery of Obama's true character.


Vickie said...

Good job, girl! You've been busy!