Saturday, April 6, 2013

# 422 - Hissy Fit - Problems with Buyers

I want to throw a hissy-fit, a temper-tantrum because it appears our buyers are not able to close on April 19th, as scheduled. Of course, they have hit a snag and are wanting us to be patient because, as they said, they are DYING to buy our house.

However, in the meantime, these buyers and their inability to move forward with the current closing date means that my house is still tied up and being passed by, so any potential legit buyers who are READY to rock and roll might be buying elsewhere.

I feel like I've been kicked in the gut.

Of course, it has slowed down the packing process, so things are relaxing a bit while at the same time, things are tensing a lot.

It seems like this week there has been bad news all the way around. The person I'm selling the Master Bedroom furniture had a terrible experience on a Texas Interstate last week as his front axle COMPLETELY broke in half. We told him to not worry about rushing over to get the furniture because #1 he has a vehicle to repair, #2 he doesn't have a hauling-type vehicle at his disposal and #3 it works out on our end since the buyers are delaying the closing on this house, I'll get to enjoy my bed downstairs a bit longer.

As for the delay of the sale, I don't mind a short delay, not beyond May, but not a lengthy delay. Mostly, we were REALLY trying to avoid moving in the dead-heat of Texas that can sometimes feel as if it will melt the skin off your bones when you are doing hard labor outside. Every day this move is delayed is a day of increasing Texas heat to contend with during our eventual move.

Between moving and getting the cabin shell built pronto, there will be a lot of physical activity. Granted, most of it will be Deputy Dave's burden, but I do my part.

I can hear him laughing right now.

Anyway, I wanted to give you an update into the never-ending drama of "Living in Between." Being in the city has its advantages, but we sure are ready to get moved to the woods, even with our recent experience with the rattlesnake.

Also, the closing delay won't be so bad because my dad starts his chemo treatment on April 22nd and that would have been smack in the middle of the week we would have been moving --- super high stress.

I guess God works everything out for a grand reason that my puny little brain and limited eyesight is simply unable to view at this point. More than ever, I've got to trust that things will work out as they should. After all, they always do. This sure isn't our first move, I think it's about our tenth.

I'll keep you guys posted! We should know something, perhaps by tomorrow. If those people can't move forward with the purchase of this house, that means our house goes back on the market and I dread dealing with dogs and chickens again for all those showings.

Howdy and me having fun.

Can I just win the lottery please?


John Gray said...

Love the big hair in the final photo x

LindaG said...

Hubby and I talk about what we'll do when we win the lottery. Now we just need to buy a ticket. ;-)
God bless you all and your dad. You're in my prayers.
Hopefully a decision will be made quickly. As you say, God works things in His own time.

I do have a question, how do you handle fire ants in your vegetable garden? Frustrating!

Have a blessed week, Lana. ♥ said...

John --- that is hair AFTER the pony-tail. Of course, here in Texas, we can't have stick-to-the-head hair! SHUDDER! :-)

Linda --- My husband has friends who actually did hit the lottery. And one time, we bought a ticket with my numbers that I used every time and it was a million dollar ticket -- six numbers. I got FIVE out of the six right! Won a few thousand, but that ONE NUMBER OFF sure was a heart-pounding moment! I don't buy them any longer either. I need to!
As for the fire ants, we don't get them in the vegetable garden area so much as we do the front yard, which Deputy Dave was forced to use a pesticide on this week. We used to pour boiling water on the ant beds and back WHEN Deputy Dave smoked, I soaked the cigarette filters in a spray bottle full of water and it made a FREE toxic bug spray that WORKED. Scary stuff! Thank you for thinking of my dad, he starts chemo on the 22nd. I am trying to not be on pins and needles.

Lana said...
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