Thursday, April 18, 2013

# 425 - Conversation with a Chicken

Moving day has been re-set to May 15th. The same buyers got their stuff together and will be closing on our house very soon. I wish we would have met the close date this month, but life happens.

Meanwhile, I get to enjoy my backyard chickens. Howdy and my grand-dog, Thor had a wonderful time romping around as the chickens were fed scraps from the kitchen.

And how is this next shot for the ULTIMATE in chicken poses?
Belle the Yorkie was here with Stefie as well, and she is still a turkey and a half! She is every emotion rolled into one little hair-ball! Such personality!
Howdy was hogging all the doggie toys and Thor began to howl with displeasure.
And the chickens discuss the fact that they are happy they don't get sloppy kisses from the four-legged furry creatures because they've paid attention to the things dogs do with their mouths. The chickens are not impressed.

Some chickens are more arrogant than others.

So, I decide to conduct a political chicken interview with The Little Red Hen I refer to as "Lil' Red." In case you didn't know, chickens LOVE to talk politics; they are quite opinionated and wise, in spite of their bird brains.

I ask, "Since you've not been laying eggs on a consistent basis lately, I decided we'd have a little chat. What do you think about being able to vote...can you give me a secret as to how to select the best candidate for the position?'

Lil Red answered, "I vote for whomever provides the most guaranteed feed."

I asked, "But, don't you like to scratch around and work to find your own goodies in the ground?"

"Oh Yes!," says Lil Red with a head jerking around with delicious thoughts, "I love those big juicy June Bugs, dragonfly crunch treats, wormy worms, and all kinds of insects!"

I scratch my head as Lil Red scratches the ground with her chicken claws, then I ask, "Doesn't it kind of suck to eat the provided store-bought food that your masters provide every day instead of enjoying a diet based solely on all the lovely things you can work to provide for yourself?"

Lil Red answered, "Sucks? Yes, it sucks to not have a bucket full of bugs to eat every day, it sucks about as much as being an egg-bound chicken with a Pit Bull on her tail!"

"Well, why eat the grain that the master provides instead of just eating your own goodies?" I ask.

"That's a silly question," she replies, "I don't have freedom beyond this fence; And, I don't have to think about scratching too much because I know I can walk over to that feeder; I see you work harder, so I automatically work less. I know a hand-out is coming my direction, so I don't fret about things such as scratching from dawn to dusk. Besides, I am not free, I'm a chicken owned by you backyarders, so my main sustenance is no longer my concern, it's yours."

Lil Red seems to be too complacent with her provisions, "Aren't you concerned that all those hand-outs might come with a high cost? What if, tomorrow, the master decides you look perfect for the frying pan?"

Lil Red blinks a few times and says, "That's silly. Besides, I don't think about tomorrow, it's too far away. Who thinks about tomorrow when you can get freebies today?"

From the corner of the yard, I hear Big Momma screech, "Hey! The way I look at it, I am not getting a hand-out!" Big Momma runs up to me while squawking louder in my direction, "You come out of your big coop every day and since we're all running this company called a 'family' I know I've got to do my part to get that feed, so I lay an egg."

Good point Big Momma. You are contributing, indeed.

I look at Lil Red and ask, "Have you laid that egg today?"

Lil Red says, "He he ha he he ha...Who's counting? Uh, by the way, you're not cooking fried chicken for dinner tonight...Right?" 



LindaG said...

I bet they'd like crickets, too.
So glad to hear your house has sold. Congratulations!
Look forward to your posts from the 'wild'. ;-)
God bless! ♥

Mike said...

Is the red hen one of your rescues?

Lana said...

Linda - I bet they will LOVE crickets! The land has a ton of them. And we are glad to be moving forward to a closing date again!

Mike --- you remember...yep that chicken is one of those two Easter chicks that someone found in their garage after the holiday weekend passed. They are good layers.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Your chicken conversation is hilarious!!! Congrats on getting the new closing date!