Saturday, April 27, 2013

# 429 - Accepting We're MOVING!

Easing into slight panic, again. Since our house is now RE-SET to close on May 15th. I have boxes to fill, drawers to unload, clothes to shuffle through, and...and...and...I need to get back on track.

Moving day is inching closer to us with each passing day. Sometimes I can't believe we're moving out of this home. My real estate agent and best-friend keeps saying, "I don't think you're accepting that your house is about to be sold."

It is hard to believe that it's really happening. Everyone knows this is what we've been waiting for, especially because we're wanting to get out of this heavily industrialized area.

However, today I walked through a few rooms in the house, and I had a moment of feeling nostalgic toward this home and the memories it holds.

To be sure, trials, tribulations and triumphs have happened at our current address.

Every place we live has stories that go along with it. Things happen. People play their parts and life sometimes takes you on an unexpected tumble. Then, there are the moments when your life is good and everything seems right in your little corner of the world.

These days, as I wander around going through boxes, reducing our possessions, I find that I have a strange affection for this home. It is beautiful, is full of character, is roomy, practical and each room carries a reflection of our personalities.

It's great that a large family of six will be moving in. The buyers told us they are more excited than they can express to be moving into this house as they desperately need the extra space. They live on the block behind us. Not exactly a long-distance move for them, but for us, we will be driving a couple of hours one-way to get outta here!

Yep, I can feel it.

Bit by bit, the house is becoming less ours.


Carolyn said...

So glad to hear from you about the move! I haven't been with your blog for more than a few months, but am excited to read about your up & coming blog posts when you're in your homestead doing homestead'ie things! You WILL be continuing the blog once you're there, right?! :) said...

Carolyn, Yes, I will definitely be posting the chaos that will follow, as of May 15th. Since we can't build until we're physically on the property, due to the rural environment, it will be a difficult challenge! I will also have to wait for us to figure out our Internet connection. Augh!


Dreaming said...

Congrats! How wonderful to be able to move on - even has challenging as that will be!

Mike said...

Lana, it's just a house. Yes, I know all too well about the memories born in a family home. I've been there and done it so many times. But, but, your dream is finally coming to be. More memories await you in Livingston. The peace. The quiet. The snakes!

Get them boxes sorted and packed.
I think I hear Howdy blowing the horn. :) said...

Dreaming - This is what I've been writing about for so long and now the time is three weeks away!

Mike - It cracks me up because it is just a house. I guess this one is different to me than the others because this is the last home we had our family "intact." However, these things are supposed to happen and a new phase of life is beginning. Livingston is indeed peaceful; I'm not sure about the rattlesnakes, especially the protected species we're not supposed to make dead! :-) Howdy is definitely crossing his arms, tapping his toe, giving us a smirk and barking "What's the hold-up my people?" Then, he runs to honk the horn!


LindaG said...

*hugs* and Congratulations, Lana. I don't envy you packing up a house that big.
But you are so lucky that it is sold!
God bless and have a wonderful week. ♥ said...

Linda - this week we're trying to sell the formal dining room set, so I hope it sells and we have a bit less to move!