Wednesday, April 10, 2013

# 423 - Tree Changes

Since our house is in a Bay Community, our landscaping includes a lot of tropical touches.

A couple of months ago, the towering Palm tree at the front of our house had a shaggy appearance. The palm leaves needed to be thinned out and the peeling bark needed to the shredded off.

Deputy Dave shimmied up the tree, well, with the use of a very tall ladder and he worked all day on this tree to clean it up.

One thing is for sure, this tree grows extremely fast.

Another tree I've enjoyed in the city is the Magnolia tree that my husband planted for me. I wanted a Magnolia tree in honor of my mother who loved Magnolias. I was sad about having to leave this tree behind. Apparently, the people who were set to buy our house loved the tree as well.

Miraculously, while on our land, Deputy Dave was clearing a section of land and came across an odd looking little tree, which he realized was one of the wild Magnolias we have growing on our acreage. He transplanted the magnolia into a pot we'd brought from home.

I felt as if this Magnolia was a true gift from God. The one linked to my mother would be staying with the house we're selling, but this one appeared on the land and it will be nurtured so it can grow big and strong with gorgeous fragrant blooms.

I'm glad to have this free, wild Magnolia that made itself known during a time I needed it! No store was needed for this plant because it said, "Here I Am!"

I am hoping to find more wild Magnolias throughout the acreage so I can make sure they are planted in the best locations to savor the ultimate Magnolia happiness!


Rae said...

Cool find!!!

That's one of the best parts of having a rather wild property... All those little wonders you can find in the undergrowth. :)

A Primitive Homestead said...

I planted one about two years ago by the gazebo. It is just starting to boom. They are so pretty. Leaving such a special tree behind is sad but how wonderful God provided you with a special gift of another to care for in honor of your mother. How beautiful it will be. Blessings! Lara