Tuesday, April 23, 2013

# 428 - Tea Bag to the Rescue

Yesterday I had a typical traumatic experience at the dentist for a couple of extractions that were necessary. My dentist is a long-time family friend and a big-fingered brute who loves his job. Of course, I walk in and he dreads the visit because I'm one of those complicated patients.

So, the shattered tooth is being removed and this one is the worse; the assistant has to stand behind me with her hands pressing under my jaw to stabilize my head/jaw as the dentist digs and pulls, then drills, then pulls some more, all while I am trying to keep my legs from doing the air-bicycle motions.

Anyway, I felt better once it was finally over! The dentist was wiping sweat from his brow. I was so numb that I couldn't feel my ear.

However, at home, later that night, my mouth came ALIVE. I kept gauze compresses in my mouth, kind of biting down to try to stop to constant bleeding; however, it kept going all night and that kept me up, mostly at the sink or at the freezer for a fresh ice-pack. Deputy Dave slept on the couch so I could do somersaults on the bed all night, as needed. Not fun.

My dad tells me, "Put a tea bag in your mouth, on the gum, and it will help the swelling." So, I tell Deputy Dave to keep the morning tea bag for me to use, after it cools down.

I decide, in my desperation, and in my exhaustion, to give it a try. Initially, I realize that my small mouth has trouble allowing the tea bag to fit into my mouth, so I leave part of it hanging out. After all, these are TEXAS-SIZED tea bags and I have a Rhode Island sized mouth!

I lay in bed, in misery, with a pounding jaw, a tea bag hanging out of my mouth, and Deputy Dave is laughing so hard that he has to turn his head to not see me so he can regain control of himself.

Thanks Dad! It worked for a while, but I think I need another tea bag. There's always tomorrow morning's tea to look forward to. Maybe that tea-bag-mouth-session will show the tag hanging from my bottom lip.

For the next two days, I don't think I will be packing for our move; I won't hardly be moving a muscle because my heart has re-located to my gum. Besides, there aren't ENOUGH tea bags to get me through this misery, so I am reading, watching movies and blogging...because crying doesn't help!

Ouch eey ya ya!


Lisa M said..., you poor thing! I just had some dental drama too. Yuck! You're braver then I am though....I couldn't bring myself to take pictures. Get some help so much! Feel better!


Rae said...

:( No fun! Been there, and I empathize. Feel better soon!!!

Dreaming said...

Oh, no... you must be miserable. All I can wish is that you can enjoy some relieve and the haze of pain meds and that this will pass quickly. said...

Lisa, we were laughing so hard that I HAD to take the picture. I was exhausted --- not able to sleep, but the teabag actually did take away some of the pain for a bit. Still, it was a moment of real life that had to be captured without worry that I looked as AWFUL as I felt! :-)

Rae, At least I have a family dentist who I trust and who would numb me to my toes, if he were allowed. That makes it better, but the "after" part of the process is the WORST!

Dreaming, I had been extra-miserable for about three days because the jaw bone was involved. I learned a long time ago that ANYTHING involving bone is going to be very painful. Tissue heals fast, but bone involvement means it will be a BOOGER to deal with! I'm much better now! :-)


Vickie said...

Lana - hope you're feeling better by now! Cute pic with the tea bag, and you're braver than I for putting it on your blog! said...

Vickie - it was a miserable week, just because the jaw-bone was involved, but that tea-bag incident at least brought humor to the situation. Had to share it. I look as exhausted as I feel in that shot!