Tuesday, April 16, 2013

# 424 - My FIRST grandchild!

For all my regular readers and for the new people joining in on this roller-coaster ride of big changes in our lives...I have GREAT NEWS!

This weekend, we had a Gender Reveal Party and that meant on Saturday we all found out whether our families were going to have an addition to the "Girl" Team or an addition to the "Boy" Team.

Personally, all I cared about is that my daughter be safe during her pregnancy and delivery and that the growing baby be healthy. I also pray there will be no complications during the birth of this precious child.

That said and clear since I am the Mom of the Pregnant Beauty...I have always felt DEEP IN MY HEART that my daughter was carrying a daughter. Something just spoke to me, as if I'd already been told and had no qualms about that fact.

The moment the happy parents find out
that their baby is a GIRL!

But, it was thrilling beyond measure to find out the baby is INDEED a girl with a big group of people who love Heather and Henry and are eager to meet this baby on the due date!

Henry and Heather had the sonogram technician give a sealed envelope to one friend who was in charge of the party for the Gender Reveal.

So, the parents were extra patient in finding out if their baby-to-be was a boy or girl.

And I think there are always the what-if's with the potential of either gender, so there is a huge level of excitement when you have a better picture of the baby you will meet in a few months, but it is also completely natural to also have a little bit of mourning for the other gender you had long contemplated because you kind of feel like you lost a baby you never got to meet --- just those sweet moments of considering the baby to be a boy will be an adjustment. I know some family members had their heart set on a boy, but I think Heather and Henry will probably be blessed with a good-sized family, so the baby boy might still be around the corner!

Deputy Dave will be a first-time Grandpa and my dad
will be a first-time Great-Grand-PawPaw

However, for adjustment needed since we KNEW IT WAS A GIRL!! However, now I feel as if I have the green-light for BABY-GIRL SHOPPING TRIPS GALORE!

However, since the path is now clear --- it's all BABY GIRL --- there are so many fun, exciting, thrilling and fanciful things to look forward to enjoying!

And for those of those with video-watching capability, turn on the volume and join in the moment we ALL discovered the bun in the oven is super sweet!


Rae said...

Woooooohoooooo!!!! Lucky little gal has some pretty darn good genes in the family too, and will thus probably drive her daddy crazy when she hits dating age. Lol.


LindaG said...

Congratulations and blessings to all, Lana!

John Gray said...

It's been a while

Lovely post x