Monday, April 30, 2012

# 256 - NFL Draft Party - Fun!

This past week, Deputy Dave and I got to have a bit of fun in the city. We went to Houston's Reliant Stadium for the first part of the NFL draft.

It was a "DRAFT PARTY!"

Granted, I didn't feel much like partying since I'd had yucky tests the day before, but it was still a lot of fun to get out to see the weirdness of football fans. Yes, football fans can be weird creatures.

Here I am standing at a window inside Reliant Stadium and you can see Houston's skyline in the distance. Below in the parking lot, there are the players' vehicles...most of them black and decked out to the max.

I think just ONE of these vehicles is worth more than my home.

This oddity was getting his kicks by finding children to terrify.

And the Houston Texan Cheerleaders were around for photo must have cheerleaders, I guess. Except for Texas A&M...they have the CORP!

Actually, the Draft Party was also the time for would-be Texan Cheerleaders to go through voting to be on the team. They had many family members and friends walking around with poster-boards asking for a vote! Then, a group of girls would dance in the hall to their fast-learned routine. I can attest, some of those girls did not need to be in a cheerleader uniform. It was interesting and fun.

How about a cheerleading team for us old women to participate in? No?

To be fair, I guess that's why they don't have a football team for old-timers either.

We only stayed a couple of hours, but it was interesting. My aunt and uncle are season ticket holders, so they gave us their Draft Party tickets which included free parking --- a Houston biggie!

It's great to live in an area that has fun things such as this to attend, but I'm still aching to get settled in the country and trying to be patient...


RiverBend Farm said...

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. But just looking out that window of that tall building and seeing Houston, makes me sooo glad I'm not there anymore. I love my peace and quiet and farm life.

LindaG said...

Glad you were able to relax a bit after all you've been through recently.
*hugs* ♥

Mike said...

Wow! Houston still claims to have a football team? ::running::

Good to see ya doing other things out of the house. Now, if you could move on to Livingston. ;) said...

RiverBend Farm - Houston, yes, it is sometimes a mess, but it has its good parts. I still want to get moved to the country and farther away from city congestion. However, I guess I'll always have a part of me that loves a city trip every now and then. For the good and the bad, Houston is an integral part of who I have become. Once we're moved to our acreage, we might have more fun during our outings to Houston. For Deputy Dave, that will be quite a while into the future since his retirement will probably not come for a few more years so we can increase our retirement benefits. That means he'll be in downtown Houston every day for work for a long while. That's life. Meanwhile, I know he'll enjoy coming home from work every day to the farm.

Linda - it was an interesting evening. I doubt we'll ever go to another Draft Party; it wasn't really our thing, but at least we went and checked it out. I'm feeling back to myself this week. Thank you for the hugs --- I can always use them and sending you back a few as well!!!

Mike --- Yes, Houston does have a football team. har har har. However, I still have fond memories of football games being played in the Astrodome with the Houston Oilers and Bum Phillips on the scene. Oh well. The Texans are fun to watch as well. College football, THAT is where the fun lays. As for Livingston, I don't know when we'll ever get out there full-time. Just leaving it in God's hands - I guess he'll match our efforts and orchestrate things whenever He's ready for us to get on the ball as country bumpkins.