Thursday, January 31, 2013

# 397 - Chicken Poop on the Patio

Chickens roaming free in the backyard is nice, but it's not working out. Six chickens create a LOT of chicken poop, most of it seeming to land near the back patios, at one of the two entrances we have to the house from the backyard. This is a major problem because the dogs like to go in and out of the backyard and if there is poop in their way, it's more likely to be tracked back into the house.

Not good. Disgusting, It stinks. It's messy. It makes much more work for me that is really unnecessary.

Finally, Deputy Dave moved the coop to the nice area behind the garage. He'd already built a fence in that area to create a dog-run for the times we have family gatherings and don't want the dogs coming in and out of the house with our guests. It's worked out nicely.

I love having chickens. I love having them even more now that they are no longer leaving poop bombs all over the backyard, which makes it hard to enjoy that beautiful space.

I also had not realized that my old dog, Liyla, had been disliking being in the backyard for long with the chickens running around. She doesn't seem to mind the feathered gals, but once they were relegated to the section behind the garage, Liyla began to lay outside in the grass beneath the sun, for two hours at a time. She hardly wanted to come back inside since she had the yard to herself again. That was nice to see.

The good news is...the chicken move hasn't not impacted their egg production. We've got some fantastic layers. Our chickens are dutiful in their egg-laying efforts and we get at least 4-6 eggs every day. Not bad!

But, I must say that it is nice to no longer worry about poop on the patio, especially since we are trying to sell the house. It's one less hassle for us to think about. And that is good, keeping your life low-maintenance is a good idea. overall.

Speaking of's this little home-made contraption look for a country bathroom?

A jaw-bone being used to help out the business end of the tail-bone. I was on the subject of pooping, so I had to include this great usage of old skeletons that might be laying around your land, or that might be hanging in the closet.

For now, I am smiling a bit larger and my sense of smell is experiencing radical freedom again as I don't have to be afraid to take in a big whiff as I open the back door or step into the backyard.

Adios poop on the patio, I do not miss you at all!


Modern Day Redneck said...

I know what you mean about the poop. I have to wash my back porch at least twice a week. The girls just stand there at the back door looking in and waiting for bread. If I don't pay any attention to them they start pecking on the glass until I open the door and throw some bread in the yard for them to leave me alone.
Spoiled little brats.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

HA! Laughed all the way through this post! Glad the gals are happy with their new spot, and Liyla is enjoying her sunny tanning sessions in peace. Those are some great looking eggs!

LindaG said...

Sorry. One day I will be more understanding. ;o)

Have a blessed weekend, Lana!

Vickie said...

Lana, I know what you mean. I've got poop bombs on our back deck. The chickens even walk around to front of the house and get on the porch. I have to make sure I wash both off before Tony comes home from work. He fusses. I get the poop off with the sprayer on the hose, and it also gets the chickens off the porch!

My dog lays out in the yard and the chickens walk all around her. She is so smart. She wanted to go after the chickens when I first got her, and I only had to tell her a couple of times and she has left them alone. She just watches them. If they drop a piece of bread or tortilla, she'll ease over and get it, but she won't mess with them. I love this dog.

Off subject - sorry - I'm glad you found a new spot for your chickies while the house is showing! It's going to sell this spring - I can feel it!

Karen said...

I hear you loud and clear, Lana! Our six girls make such a mess and stand on the back porch and beg at the door too. Poop bombs abound.

I'm glad you have the situation under control, now you can walk safely, ha.

www.Farm said...

My favorite Modern Day Redneck --- it's amazing how smart those little stinkers can be! Especially when they are looking for their food!

The Kelly's adventure in Ky --- I was laughing as well because the chickens keep trying to get back into the vegetable garden and are having withdrawals. But Liyla sure is loving her peace!

Linda --- the poop is not a glorious part of having chickens! Augh!

Vickie --- it's a big job to tackle poop on the porch. And your dog is beautiful and smart, it's so great to see them be sweeties and want to make us happy by trying to be good. You have come a long way with gypsy and I love hearing about her!

Karen--- I am glad that I have a clear walking path without any chickens running around my feet! But I still visit with them a few times a day when I bring them feed or treats. Controlling the poop bombs has been great!

A Primitive Homestead said...

My little flock is the same. The fenced yard I planed last spring did not get made. I am hoping to have it this year.I have only gotten 2 eggs since last summer. I sometimes wonder if chickens can tell stress of their keeper. I hope you get a buyer soon for your home. I want to read of your dream come true living on your land. Blessings! Lara said...

Lara - I do know that the chickens lay better when they are in a home-zone of chicken-delight and have easy access to their coop. I have seen a chicken be under stress and pop out an egg right there because of her fear. Anyway, we've been showing the house regularly, maybe one of them will actually be able to BUY!! Let's keep hoping!