Wednesday, April 4, 2012

# 241 - Blogger Blog Limits - Photos

Does anyone have any suggestions about the blogger limits on photo storage, etc.? I have been given a message, upon trying to upload photos for my next blog, that I am at my max storage capacity and must purchase extra storage space.

Then, I went to look at my photos via the Blogger upload side button --- didn't realize I had a photo account with Picasa (sp ?) and there are duplicates of the same photos, all throughout. Strange. It's as if their software automatically takes one photo and duplicates it, sometimes up to 15 times in a row, apparently in an effort to purposefully use more space.

If anyone has suggestions, I'll be grateful. I am not knowledgeable about this part of blogging and don't know if there's a round-a-bout way to go around this hijack manner of getting our money.

Of course, I don't want to delete past posts as they also serve as my personal journal and record-keeping for our farm life lessons. The photos are very important to me. Plus, my readership is important and I've made many friends with fellow bloggers over the past few months with this blog. I'd rather not have to make any drastic changes as many readers like to read past posts to sort of get caught up.

I'd love to be able to delete those extra photos off the Picasa (sp ?) account that I didn't realize I had set up. I'm using a Yahoo email address and am scared to change that because of it causing additional problems; however, I will do whatever is necessary.

I guess I should check the gmail account that is given upon opening a blog, but I've never had to use it since I have Yahoo at my beck and call --- hence --- I KNOW how to use it already.

Any help is very appreciated. If I can figure out how to erase all of those "extra" duplicated photos that I KNOW I didn't load, it should free up valuable photo storage space.

Suggestions, advice and personal stories are always welcome so that I can get this settled over the weekend.

By the is coming into town to stay at our house to dog-sit and chicken-sit, but we are getting to make a long-awaited trip to our acreage this weekend! We've purchased a new, larger tent and will be taking the two big dogs with us on our trip. It's been a long while, since about December since we last went, so we are thrilled.

I'll be praying for NO TORNADOES! As for the Greater Dallas Area, I'm blessed that my oldest daughter Heather and her fiance were not hurt in the tornadoes yesterday. I'm a Southern gal whose home has been hit by a tornado in 2008, but I'll never become accustomed to the terror that comes with the whirling winds and devastation.

Little tent weekend, let there be good weather or we'll be high-tailing it back to the house made of sticks and bricks.

Oh yes...blogger photo


Caribou said...

Hi there :)
You can create a free account at and store your photos there. Adding the pictures to your blog entries will be easy, just read the directions they have there.
It's really user-friendly.
I hope this helps,

Clint Baker said...

You can also buy your domain!

Dreaming said...

I've gotten that message, too. Usually I get it when I'm trying to add a picture to my sidebar... not my blog. I have gone in to Picassa and deleted some of the duplicates on old blog posts, figuring if the picture disappears it's not big deal for older posts. Usually I can then go in and add more pictures. I've never paid for more storage.

Victoria Storage said...

I agree having a good sort out of your blog and tidying it all up is a good way to get some extra capacity but maybe using an outside photo store is also a good idea too. I have been having this trouble myself and will be having a blog overhaul later!

Victoria Storage said...

I think my comment got lost? not sure but posting again just to say, yes, getting the blog in a good order is a good idea and deleting older stuff and duplicate stuff will be my next jobon my blog. I might get an outside photo storage account set up too.

LindaG said...

I had the same problem last year. The newer cameras take pictures that use a lot of space.
I have found that setting the size smaller helps. I.e., 1 megapixel instead of 8 or 10.
Well, that and deleting some pictures. I have duplicates of everything on Webshots, but I have a few on Photobucket, too.
Some people use other online albums, but I don't remember what they are, sorry. :|
So yes, go here:
or here:
(or both) and you can open an account and then just link to your picture through your online album.
Really glad to hear your daughter and future son-in-law are okay. I thought about you all when I heard about the weather.
We drove through a hail storm and were lucky nothing happened to the truck.

Have a blessed Easter weekend!