Monday, April 23, 2012

# 252 - Weird Happens

Sometimes, weird things happen. Recently, one or our hens laid a freakishly small egg. What went wrong?


We get large eggs from our hens every day. One large egg per hen, per sunny day, on average. It seemed as if this incompletely-formed-egg was laid, prematurely.

We will be breaking open this egg, probably this evening, to see what the inside looks like. Perhaps there's a tiny, itsy bitsy yolk inside that little shell.

As for catching up about the's on the market and we already have two scheduled mid-week showings. It's very difficult to show the house during the week because we have dogs, chickens, and a lot of other variables that I must work around prior to the potential buyer walking through the front door. I wish it were as easy as a few dishes in the sink.

I can't just stick the dogs in the backyard because Howdy and Liyla are large enough to look through the window glass panes and behave very unbecoming toward a stranger. It might put a bitter taste in a potential buyer's mouth to have a pack of dogs salivating and growling at them through the back doors. Coming across guard dogs does not seem to be an attractive feature of house hunting.

We have always sold our houses very fast; this one is definitely taking longer. However, it just hit me...we never had large dogs and chickens to contend with. Also, we have two ADORABLE chicks in a very lovely cage, located in our master bathroom. Might this be impacting the sale of our home?



RiverBend Farm said...

I hear ya about showing a house with for me, I would have to haul a pack of dogs out of here when we had the house on the market. I wish you the best trying to sell it in this economy. Maybe it's better in Houston.
Usually in those little eggs, it's just egg yolk.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We sold our last house with 8 dogs and no one, not even our Realtor knew how many we had--I knew I was a success when that happened, however I'm still recovering from it all and that was nearly 5 years ago! :-)

(I love the little egg by the way!)

LindaG said...

I hope things go well with the sale and the lookers. They should want your house all the more!

The little egg will probably have just egg white in it.
I'm guessing this based on an article I read in a magazine you should find if you can. :o)
They don't offer a subscription yet. It's called Chickens.
It's published by Hobby Farms Magazine.
The May/June issue has a great article on odd eggs.
If there is nothing in the little egg, I believe it's what they call a farter. ;o)

Have a wonderful week and God bless! ♥ said...

Riverbend Farm --- If I could handle all the dogs alone, I'd do it. The Yorkie is my biggest problem...she's small, fast, and there's no guarantee she'll come to me when I call her name. She's come a long way, but has a long way to go still. I just sit on my bench swing in the backyard and feed the dogs a few treats while it shows. I also give the chickens some sunflower seeds to keep them busy. I hope we get a contract soon because it won't be fun to sit in the Texas sun while people are viewing the house.

Kim --- I don't know how you did it! These dogs are a handful. It's also worrisome to have people not realize that our dogs are fast and will rush to an opened back door in a flash. I tell every single buyer that I'll be in the backyard with my dogs because they need to be kept away, but they still think they can step into the backyard, for a brief second. So far, they always quickly change their mind as Howdy charges at them. I always tell them that if they are interested, we can schedule a second showing for them to inspect the backyard closely, to look in the garage, attics, etc., Today's buyer wanted to see everything. That's always a good sign.

Linda --- I want that magazine so badly! However, I won't order any new magazine subscriptions until we get moved to our property in the country. I always find, upon every move, that my magazines are enjoyed by another person instead of myself because of some hitch with forwarding my mail. But, once we move, I'll start getting Hobby Farms, Chickens and that Country Home ?? magazine as well.