Friday, April 13, 2012

# 246 - One Prepared Woman!

Deputy Dave felt compelled, while chuckling, to click a photo of me in my special outfit. I was not thrilled about this photo, but I submit it to my blog with a lopsided grin. So...let me explain...

1. Straw Cowboy hat to protect my head from the blaring Texas Sun
2. Sunglasses to protect my light colored eyes so I can continue to see, preferably into old, old age
3. Whistle hanging around my neck for emergency call-out and for dog commands
4. Water bottle stuck in front of sun-dress; bottle is empty and ready for blackberry gathering
5. Canteen on hip, full of fresh, cool water...attached to canteen belt (best purchase EVER)
6. Garden gloves, just in case
7. Walking stick (not in view)
8. As soon as Deputy Dave hands the camera back to me, it goes IN the dress, next to the water bottle husband is one lucky dude. Ha Ha. At least I am prepared.  

Ready to go for a walk?


Rae said...

Stylin'! I need to get me one of those canteen belts!!

Charade said...

I sewed big patch pockets on a little zip-up vest to carry things, but I think I need to add a canteen belt. Although not visible, I hope you're wearing sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good there dahlin' !
Prepared for everything and can handle it all!! Beth

Mike said...

...and pistol tucked snugly in canteen belt on your back.

LindaG said...