Wednesday, April 18, 2012

# 250 - Logging Truck Land

On our way to our acreage, we pass the local convenience store and I get a close look at another timber truck. Our area of Texas is a main timber harvesting location, so we see these logging trucks on a regular basis around our land. They are always a bit unnerving. If you've not heard the roar of a logging truck hauling their load at full speed, it is an interesting sound you'd not forget.

As we drove past the truck loaded with timber, I kept snapping pictures. I found it interesting to see that this particular load appeared to hold smaller trees.

Regardless, a truck carrying hundreds of trees is an intimidating sight. In this area, there are frequent news reports of some kind of traffic accidents involving a timber truck. It's quite a photo opportunity to catch a logging truck losing its load. It's not a good opportunity to be driving on the road next to a truck as it loses its load.

It is awesome to have lots of trees growing on our land, ready for any kind of use. Our city house had two trees upon our moving here years ago. Since then, we have planted a Magnolia that is growing strong and we did plant three beautiful fruit trees in the backyard that were laid flat to the ground by Hurricane Ike. We should've planted a couple more trees in the backyard after the storm, but we were so busy after that Hurricane with simply trying to make our house livable and fighting our insurance company, in court, that we didn't really think about trees.

Now, I wish we had. Summer heat is nearly upon us and those trees would sure be nice for a bit of shade in the backyard. I'm thinking we might have to get one of those shade-rooms for the yard or a canvas of some sort to shade the chicken and their coop from the harsh sun-rays as we get deep into summer.

It would be nice to sell the house. However, if the timing is off and it doesn't sell, we will adapt. We'll keep going to our land and trying to get it ready for an eventual move. I do believe we'll put up a workshop as soon as possible so we can better enjoy our land during our visits.

As for potential buyers for our house in the city, I guess we'll see what the rest of April brings us.

A strange happening that has me wondering is...the Great Danes in the neighbor's yard behind us have disappeared. A couple of weeks ago, there was suddenly an absence of the constant night-time barking. We checked to see if the Danes were ok and they were gone. It's been eerily quiet.

It's our opinion that the Great Danes were severely neglected. We'd see someone out there about once a week to dump a huge back of dog food into a pot, then nothing else. No one ever came outside. Of course, everyone in our household would reach over the fence to pet the wasn't hard, especially since the dogs were so huge that they could stand on hind legs and peek their head over the top of our fence, which I believe is about six feet tall.

I hope those dogs are okay. They did drive us nuts, but that's only because the neighbor's backyard was painfully small for those dogs that didn't have any other lifestyle other than being stuck in the backyard 24/7 and because the dogs had no one to provide discipline or direction with the incessant barking at all hours. I've always said it wasn't the dogs' fault...I've been disappointed in our neighbor, but they have been elusive.



LindaG said...

Hopefully the dogs were taken by the ASPCA and good homes found for them.

Having been a Realtor, you probably know your own market. But I wonder if you've thought of renting your house until the market gets better?

We have a fairly high turnover here, being just down the street from a military base; so we are considering renting for a year at least, until the market here picks up.

I think a canopy for your chickens is a great idea!
Hope you're all having a wonderful day. :o)

Vickie said...

Lana, hows your chick? I hope those dogs are okay, too. Maybe the HSPCA took them away. I hope they have a better home...

Francesca said...

I was born in Sicily and lived on a farm before moving to New York. The feeling of freedom was exhilarating. We are now in Rome but I can't wait to go back to Sicily. All the best to you. I am following you.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We don't see logging trucks here that often, but when we do, I'm in awe of the trees that they carry and hope they've planted more when they were cut down...

I hope the Dane's have found their way to a good place!! said...

Linda - the man behind us was working in the trashed yard all day long, trying to undo some of the severe damage the Great Danes created. I have no idea what happened to the dogs. I'll try to find out. I hope they're okay. As for our house, we can't rent because we've done too much work to our house that could be damaged and create great loss. If we'd put in cheap carpet, cheap wood floors...we'd be good to go. Oh well, no renting means we just keep it on the market a bit longer.I'm willing to wait for the right buyer to show up this summer!

Vickie -- chick is doing GREAT! Dogs are still gone. Still a mystery.

Francesca - Sounds like you have an exciting life of your own to be writing about. I'm so glad you are reading! I love my international buddies!

Kim at Golden Pines - Those logging trucks are always going down the road next to our property. That's just how it is and I must get used to it. Those dogs are still gone. Sure wish I knew what happened!