Wednesday, April 11, 2012

# 244 - The Boy Wants to Go!

Smart dogs can be amazing AND a pain. As we are preparing to leave for a weekend on our acreage over Easter, Deputy Dave hitches up the trailer, loads it to the max, and he starts the truck to cool it down. Finally, the dogs are allowed to run outside and jump in the backseat. They've been waiting for this moment all morning long.

As usual, I'm lagging behind. One last trip to the bathroom I must make, after all, once we get to our land I will not have the luxury of a fully working will be a bucket lined with plastic, a bit of chemicals and a toilet lid set on the top for comfort. Yes, that last trip to the bathroom is important. Then, I must make sure I have my mug of tea. Check and double check for things that I will probably end up forgetting anyway, but each step is important as I'm trying to walk out the door to get in the truck.

Have I ever mentioned that Deputy Dave has grown to be an infinitely patient man?

Meanwhile, The Boy...or actually, the dog Howdy...he not only can open doors in the house and pry open his kennel and nearly serve dinner, he knows how to work the button on the truck door to roll down the window. When traveling, we must keep the window locks engaged because he stares at the truck door, presses his paw against the window control as his eyes sharpen with focus and he delights at rolling down the window. Once we lock the windows, he continues to try, in vain, to roll down the window. After he realizes that he can't do it anymore, he literally lets out a huge huff of anguish and becomes complacent with his situation, the big smile lessens, but he calms down a few notches for the near two-hour trip to our land.

However, as we are leaving the house and walking together outside to get in the truck, we noticed that Howdy had already rolled down his window and had a big smile across his jaw.

I could almost hear him bark, "Come on Woman! We're all waiting on you and eager to get on the road!"

The funny part about our road trips to our acreage is that the big dogs become so excited that the energy they exude is palpable. Once Deputy Dave begins to load up the trailer, they KNOW exactly where we are going and they become filled with exhilaration, running around, whining and jumping in the air at nothing. It's quite entertaining.

I love the look that Liyla gets on her face while traveling to our acreage. In the photo below, we are half way to the land, stopping to get gas. She is watching Deputy Dave like a hawk. Of course, I had just taken the window locks off so that I could roll down my window to talk with Deputy Dave as he filled the truck with gas and Howdy promptly rolled down his window as well. I had to quickly lean over to Deputy Dave's side again and roll up the windows, then engage the locks again. Forget it. Howdy is too quick on the draw for my comfort. On the other hand, Liyla is content to look out the window and to watch her beloved Master as he fills the tanks with expensive gas. At least she makes the eye-popping price tag more tolerable with her sweetness.

For the dog who can open doors and roll down windows as if he has a controlled finger on the button, so precise, not a mistake, but on purpose...I have to wonder what else he'll figure out once we get moved to our acreage.

Maybe we can show him how to operate the lawn tractor. On second thought, nope. That's my meditation time with nature, even if I go as slow as Christmas, it's a job I can handle for bits at a time. I'll have to keep the tractor keys out of his view, just in case.


Mike said...

Wait 'til he jumps in the driver's seat and starts blowing the horn.

Higgins knows when my phone rings in the morning that I'm fixin' to leave and starts his incessant barking.

Rae said...

That is way too funny! Henry hasn't learned windows, but he LOVES rides. Enough so that when he has run down a trail after a rabbit and won't come back, we just have to start up the dodge diesel. He comes a runnin. Lol.

LindaG said...

Dogs do love to hang their head out the window as the vehicle moves along. :o)

Don't even tell me about the cost of fuel. :o| It hurts every time we go.
Not looking forward to the trip in May - cost wise - or the last one or two trips to get everything moved.

Maybe Howdy can do the south 40 while you do the more meticulous area around your living quarters. ;o)

Happy Thursday to you all! How did the viewing go???

Tombstone Livestock said...

I never leave my keys in the truck while the dogs are in there. Had a lady pull in here with 2 dogs in her truck, window was down about 3 inches, but they jumped up on the button and locked the doors, she was too short to be able to reach in and unlock it, fortunately I was tall enough. said...

Mike --- he gets the hammer on him if he tries to get in the front seat. We've been careful because I never trust a big dog with the engine wrong jump and they are hauling, without a driver. It's amazing how smart these dogs can be...Yorkies can sure hold their own.

Rae --- that is hysterical. Henry is probably breaking speeds to get back to the truck to keep it from leaving without him.

Linda --- the gas price makes me want to UPCHUCK! It's ridiculous that we've been paying these high prices for so long. I will be glad when we are able to purchase our next vehicle that will be gas efficient. But, we'll always need a truck for our lifestyle, no way around it. The showing went ok. I think our house was too big for her. People aren't looking for large homes so much any more. But, we have an appointment already for Sunday and I think this is a very serious buyer. We'll see.

Tombstone Livestock --- I agree, keys in the truck, especially with the engine running, is not a good idea. I'd be the lady not able to reach through the opening, unless I'm standing on the side rails and doing a carnival act. It's just not a good idea. My prolonged bathroom break gave Howdy the extra two minutes he needed to get the window down. But, his face at hanging out the back window as we walked out was priceless. Glad I had my camera in hand to take photos of the truck loaded down, perfect timing.