Thursday, April 5, 2012

# 242 - Moving Along, At Least Trying to...

The entrance to our country home will have something similar to this archway welcoming everyone. Once we get moved to the country, I believe we'll have some kind of design especially welded to reflect our family's individuality.

Whichever design we decide upon, we will be sure to incorporate it throughout our acreage, in different ways, on a smaller scale.

Our house in the Greater Houston area has been for sale for just over one month, and things are slow. The changes in our housing economy are harshly evident. However, Deputy Dave and I feel confident about knowing that we're doing our best, and whatever the Good Lord wants for our future, He will handle it. If our efforts are blessed (which I hope is the case) we'll be moving along to the country in the near future.

I was hoping the house would sell rather quickly, but to the honest, so much chaos has been happening the past few weeks that if we had received a contract we would have been a mess. As it stands, we are better able to prepare for our move.

There's no doubt, I still feel it coming. The move to the country is lurking around the corner. The house is still for sale, we've even lowered the price. It will simply take the proper buyer to come through our doors to know that this house is "the one" for their own family.

At that point, we'd still have to move along very quickly to get packed and to wrap up details that are currently dragging onward.

Time is precious. I guess "time" itself will dictate our move. Timing. If there were some secret clock that I could speed up to get us down the road, out of the city and settled onto our country property, I might fast-forward the clock a tad. (Well, maybe not a fast-forward of time...How about having a Crystal Ball instead?) However, I also realize that everything happens for a reason, in the timing that it was supposed to occur, so I will remain relaxed and ready...even though I can clearly see the number of buyers has dwindled in our real estate market over the past couple of years, I am so thankful that truck loads of strangers aren't scoping out the house. Less serious buyers means less interruptions.

However, I'll gladly be interrupted for that one gung-ho buyer that is ready to move into our house as fast as we are ready to leave it.

For now, we enjoy our house. We're supposed to be here for some reason. Well, this weekend our family and guests are supposed to be here while Deputy Dave and I leave town for our acreage. It will be great to get a break away from the house. Even though I truly love this beautiful, luxurious home, I still am thrilled about getting to sleep in a tent for a few nights and rough it.

Thank God for us Country Girls who never forget how to be one with nature.


LindaG said...

You're going to sleep in a text? ;o)

Hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter! :o)

Rae said...

Have a great trip and a nice weekend!

Rae said...

Oooh! And maybe you can make the entrance arch for your property using logs from your own property! :) said...

Linda -- I did a messy job typing that post as we were heading out the door to our land. Messy job! I changed it! I guess it was funny that I'd be sleeping in a text. Actually, we had bought a new tent and it was awesome!

Rae --- We had a great trip and we will definitely do our best to use tree posts from the land to make our grand entry even better! Great idea!