Tuesday, April 17, 2012

# 248 - MAN - His Own Tribe

Deputy Dave is an expert marksman with a gun, most any kind of gun, small or ginormous. However, I think he told me a fib when he said that he didn't really know how to shoot a bow and arrow. For the record, I took archery classes while growing up; I know my way around a bow and arrow.

I mistakenly believed this man would need a few pointers to get started. Nope.

He took aim at an old ice chest left on the property and hit it with such force that the arrow impaled the side of the chest.

What about practice sessions? I thought you didn't know how to shoot a bow and arrow?

My arrow has now been violated by a marksman. The poor brand new thing barely survived Deputy Dave's first go-round with it. I felt like an apology was in order...

My little bow and arrow set that was supposed to be used for fun and games is now seen as a deadly weapon. No doubt about it. I had intended for the set to be used for shooting into a hay stack or into another kind of unliving target, with a big smile on my face along with some frolicking in the woods kind of intentions. My style of shooting had been to direct the arrows more toward the sky with aim being guided by guessing wind impact and angle.

No such A to B to C method for Deputy Dave; he went from A to Z in one clear, powerful shot.

Needless to say, I will be brushing up on my skills with the bow and arrow. After all, I'm the one with Native American blood flowing through my veins around this household.

However, this episode with the bow and arrow on our property has solidified the suspicion that Deputy Dave probably has Native American in his blood as least he's got SOME KIND of tribal blood flowing through those veins of his. I just don't believe a man of German heritage can shoot that perfectly by instinct...Germans build great machines and nice cars...they aren't shooters. 

Yes, I think that his family has hidden some kind of tribal heritage from being discovered.

As I dwell on the matter further, I realize that Deputy Dave does indeed come from a famous's simply called, "MAN."

Never mind. I now understand.


Rama's Mama said...

Wow, that IS a good shot!

LindaG said...

As I understand it, shooting an arrow into the sky is dangerous. ;o)

Hmm... William Tell comes to mind...

It's good to know he can shoot a bow like that! :o)

*hugs* ♥ :o)

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

What a perfect weapon for feral bunnies:)) only joking A man of many talents. A Cupid named Lana comes to mind ... have a lovely day

Patrice said...

You better watch that guy on picnics, or you'll go through a lot of coolers! ;)