Wednesday, February 1, 2012

# 191 - Outdoor Lounging Zone

I thank my oldest daughter Heather for finding me this photo of an outdoor space that I absolutely love and will have built on our land. My daughter and I have nearly identical tastes when it comes to architecture and interior's weird.

Once we get moved to our acreage, we will be taking advantage of our wide open spaces. And one definite element to our cabin will be to have an outdoor lounging area and an outdoor cooking space.

For YEARS I've looked at firepits. I know we're going to want one; an open, custom-made firepit that burns real logs supplied by our land, not a pit fueled by gas. It will be nice to roast marshmallows over the pit and to have any smokers throw their butts into the fire instead of on the ground. That would work just fine for me.

The firepit that I like in the picture below is high enough off the ground to prevent anyone from tripping and falling into it by accident and to keep the dogs from playing around and rolling into it. It will be large enough to give us a nice night fire and the stone seating will be perfect because it can withstand the elements with little upkeep and will be cool to the touch. If leaves fall on it, I can get the broom and sweep off the debris. Easy enough.

For an oh-la-la look, I'll probably throw out some plush, exterior cushions before everyone arrives...for those who want to lean against them or sit on them.

Plus, since I like sitting at a table, I can always add a few wrought iron tables and chairs for extra seating nearby.

I also like the wrought-iron fencing around this area, so if we're sitting outside with smaller children, they won't get a chance to wander off into the dark woods. On our land, this is a definite concern. A lost child could get into a seriously dangerous situation very quickly on our land. So, having an extended patio space beyond the fire pit area will provide a place for the kids to ride their toys and to do their own thing in safety, in eyesight. Well, I want this "kids zone" to be far enough away from the "conversation zone" so that we can hear each other.

Pinned Image

I believe the decorative bricks are just what I'm looking for and the bench seating could probably use cinder-blocks where they can be hidden by the capstones. I love the ledge behind the seat for people to put their drinks and plates during times of entertaining. It'd also make a fabulous place for family photos, with the kids on the top ledge and the adults sitting below. I can only imagine how great this will look through the many years we'll enjoy the outdoors.

I plan to have the stone path leading directly to the stairs of the front porch of the house and to the deck porch that will surround the house. This country cabin is most surely going to have the best of everything for outdoor enjoyment. The area directly surrounding the house will have to have proper elevation and grading for all of this stonework. But, it will make the outdoors of the country more usable for us at the house.

Since we will be having grandchildren in a few short years, we'll probably need to build a jungle gym play area within eyesight to this seating arrangement, within the fence line that will surround the house, this way, the little kids will have plenty of fun on their tire swing and tree house and we had in our backyard for the kids to play on while they were growing up. Even though we'll have plenty of acreage, we will also need to have a contained, safe zone for gatherings and people of all ages
Stefie hanging out in her treehouse jungle-gym
with a friend in our backyard. Another one of these
would be great. Not too big, not too small.
How about a good old-fashioned swing-set?
Stefie with my friend's son, Cody, playing here together.

I'm planning it all to the last detail. I guess you'll get to see it all come together as we get moved from this huge house.

Of course, with plenty of room in the country, there's space
to play REALLY old-fashioned games...with just a BALL.
No electricity or wireless anything is required, just AIR.
This is Heather and David playing ball in our backyard in Germany.

This week, I'm having a few sad moments about selling this house in the Greater Houston area. It's been a great house. It's rather large, much larger than the tax rolls state because they can never measure correctly, but it's a wonderful home. Stefie's boyfriend even told his dad to PLEASE buy this house, but it's much too big for them as well. Brice loves this house, I think he'll be sad to see it be sold as much as we will.

A new kind of life is beckoning us. And since today was about 80 degrees outside, we'd better get with it so we can list this house for sale by the end of next week, as we have planned. Gotta get outta here before those high utility bills start rolling in!!

And thinking about those sky-high utility bills has just about zapped the little sad bug that had started nibbling on me again. Okay, it's gone.

I'm again more than ready to be moved to the country.


Rae said...

Wish we had the weather here that you've got where you are. If so, we'd spring for the spiffy outdoor area. Unfortunately, it rains here all. the. time. I suppose that the fact everything here is green nearly year round makes up for it. :) The plans you have are beautiful! You're gonna have so much fun. Can't wait until you guys actually start building/designing!

A Primitive Homestead said...

As I read I was thinking she must be planning ahead for her future grands to come vist grandma. My children and now grands enjoy the tier swing at the edge of the woods. Even the kitty's enjoy it. Old fashioned fun. I know that some day I will have to leave the homestead. All the memories with in the walls will be lost to me. One being the lines made on the arch post showing the children's growing marks. Out side the trees planted in celebration of the birth of my children and grands. The memory gardens in honor of passed lover ones. You will love the outdoor area. I love my area and watching the fire burn while listening to the crackling wood and the fountain in the garden pond. Leaving your home will be bitter sweet but I think you are sure of living in the country. I can't wait for you to get there and in your dream cabin. Blessings!

Country Life said...

Hi, just found your blog very interesting! Love your pictures

Paula said...

Ooooh~ I would love a fire pit like that one! Very nice.
And your pictures of the kids are adorable!

Dreaming said...

For me, there is magic in an outdoor space - but I think it's more about the vision of what that space could represent than what it actually is! I like the idea of relaxing in a beautiful space like that. I like thinking that I'd sit out there and read. I enjoy visions of parties and fun with friends. I don't have much of an outdoor space... yet.... but I still dream, and those dreams are delightful!

Jim Fisher said...

Those fire pits with the gas rig are cool. I don't know if I would use it that much, but then again you don't know what your missing until you have one.