Thursday, February 9, 2012

# 199 - Packing Treasures; Loss & Continuance

Lately, I've been packing some "precious" things as I am pre-packing for our move to the country. It's not big deal to pack away a few books or trinkets, but there are some things in your house that might not have value to anyone else, but to you, it is priceless.

And here are a few of my priceless treasures that I've wrapped carefully and put into a box with love.

Having two grown daughters means I have a houseful of beautiful, hand-made works of art. Each means the world to me.

Once the cabin is finished, it will be like Christmas ten-fold to unwrap these things I've had for so many years. I will have a special place for them in our cabin in the woods. I hope it won't take TOO long to see them again!

And here is our First Christmas ornament, a Precious Moments ornament that broke during our move back to America from Germany, but I glued it together and figured the break symbolized life itself...we might get a bit crunched, chipped and marred, but we put ourselves back together

Some people will trash a treasure after it becomes marred. Not me. It didn't matter that this ornament didn't remain in a state of "perfection." The blemishes actually added character and a story and the glue strengthened the brokenness so that the ornament was even stronger than it had been originally.

Reminds me of how marriage really is...

As for selling the house, the stairway with the 76 spindles that I had dreaded tackling ---- along with all of the baseboards that traveled the curved distance on both sides of the stairway ---- I scrubbed, caulked and painted everything, and LOOKS GREAT!

I already spoke with my best-friend about putting our house on the market, officially, this weekend, Then, we got a call today that Deputy Dave's aunt passed away this morning. So, we know this weekend will be full of family visitations and preparation for a funeral.

And you know the old saying, "Life is what happens when you're making plans." In this case, death happened and we're thankful that Aunt Shirley is no longer in pain, but we sure will miss having her around during our family gatherings. She was a family historian and quite the character.

One day, we'll get the sign in the yard and get this monster sold. We're almost there folks. Gotta keep going. This cool weather in Texas won't last long and that's when those gigantic electricity bills start arriving to prove our air-conditioning units are in full working order.

Yes, we need to keep going, but when am I going to quit feeling so exhausted?


Dreaming said...

I love your treasures. I have a few of those, myself. Whenever I handle them a smile comes to my face.
I'm so sorry to hear about Deputy Dave's Aunt. Bless you all.

Dar said...

Your treasures sure are priceless. I have oodles of them myself. I love the love story with your first ornament, marriage as it really is.
Your stairway is gorgeous. I hope the new owners appreciate all of your labor.
My hugs for you and your Deputy with another star in the sky. God bless you all as you cherish Aunt Shirley's memory. and

HossBoss said...

I recently found your blog and love it! I love all the handmade treasures too. That staircase is gorgeous but I can imagine it would not be fun to paint and polish ...or even to dust every week!

: )

Mike said...

Sorry for your loss. Looks like Aunt Shirley wants one more gathering in the old house before y'all trek into the wilderness.

We rarely go out anymore. (we used to do lunch, everday) Now? It's a sign of frugality, practicality or maybe an act of defiance. We can fix something just as tasty at home at a 1/3 of the cost. And if I have a cooking question, I'll just tweet with an Iron Chef. ;)

Michelle said...

Hi. Just wanted to let you know Goggle is going away at the end of this month. To keep our follower and not lose our favorite blogs .We will have to join the Linky Party. Heidi has one on her site.
I don't want to lose any of my blogs,I enjoy visiting you guys to much. I hope you will join. Oh and follow me. Almost forgot that part.

Vickie said...

Aw, sorry to hear about Dave's aunt. Yes, life happens when we're not looking!

I have tons of those sweet little handmade items, too! FYI - if any of those are made of that salt-dough stuff (like christmas ornaments) DON'T STORE THEM IN THE HEAT! They'll crumble to pieces. I lost a few of those little precious treasures like that!

Don't worry, be patient. You're going to get there to your place in the country when the time is right!

Karen said...

Hello Lana, sorry for your loss.

I had such a good time looking at the irreplaceable treasures. I have so many of them, too, and keep them in a special box by my bedside when they aren't on display. Didn't those years go all too fast?

I wish I had your energy; this little hut we live in needs remodeling so badly and I'm terrified to start.

You're such a hard-worker!