Saturday, February 11, 2012

# 200 - Little Brother, Not So Little

An odd collection of photos to share. Here is my "little" brother. It's weird because he'll be 40 years old in a few days. Since I'm the oldest of the bunch, I hit my 40's a few years ago, but to see my brother knocking on 40 is amusing. Our little sister still has a ways to go, she's only 35...or maybe 36.

My brother as a very young man, just enlisted in the Marines.

Here I am, the oldest, with my sister, Robin and my brother, Bubba.

Here is my brother in Saudi - he served as a Marine.
Desert Storm. Back then, with sadness, he knew we'd be back before too long
because they'd been forced to leave before things were "finished."
He was right.

Bubba and Deputy Dave on our acreage, practicing shooting.

My brother and an old friend, as he's gearing up for
a military assignment.

Here's a more recent photo of my brother and his family.
His wife, Mary and his three children...lots of fun going on here.

My brother and the kitty, connecting.

My brother and my dad.
Two hairy men, but dad is losing hair these days.
Good for him, less maintenance.

Bubba holding his girl as he says
goodbye to his mom and his
daughter says goodbye to her
beloved grandmother.

My dad, me, my Aunt Peggy, Bubba and Robin

Bubba and his oldest son...the tradition of
hairy men in the family definitely continues.

My brother, in nature, where he thrives.
Big Bend is one of his favorite places to visit.

Outdoors = Giddy Man
And don't let the tattoos fool you. He's a white-collar business-man, a System's Analyst Director. Yes, a dork. But, he's also an avid outdoorsman. He'd be the kind of dork you'd like to be stuck with if you were lost in the wilderness. At that time, he'd be called, The Great Dork.

Actually, all three of us kids, me, my sister and my brother...we all love the outdoors and can rough it with enjoyment. We grew up with a good portion of our lives learning how to rough it. We never went on a family vacation, unless we were camping. That's how it went folks.

I love my brother, even if he is a big dork!

Having a brother meant that I got to play with a lot of cool toys. One thing is for sure, the girl toys were not always as fun as the toys my brother received. For those of you with only girls in the household, check on the toys for boys section and get a race-car track or Legos or something else that's designed for a boy, you might find that toy to be a favorite. I still love pink; I still love all things cuddly and sweet, but it sure was fun to put on a pair of boxing gloves and do some damage!

Brothers, they can be awesome.

And mine, I call him "Bubba." He's always been my "Bubba."


LindaG said...

I have never loved pink. (Don't even like it.) ;)

I had cowboys and Indians to play with. And dinosaurs.
I had dolls, too, but I played with my Lincoln logs. I had these big cardboard brick that I built castles and stuff with, too.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Dreaming said...

Your brother is too cute! I loved the picture of the three of you as kids. I can see a family resemblance in many of the photos. said...

Linda --- I totally understand about the pink!! I think we either hate it or love it. :-) My dad's mother wore pink, probably every day of her life...lots and lots of pink. Whew! Everything you played, so did we. Cowboys and Indians, always amazing. I wonder if kids play that today? Lincoln Logs were the BEST!!! I had several sets. My mom, thankfully, was totally into us kids having the Lincoln Logs, Legos, Blocks, etc. and we spent much of our childhood playing and constructing. We also had the big cardboard brick-looking blocks that were a blast because they could build such large things. Oh...those were the days. I want my grandkids to have all of these things when they come over to our house. Such great things!

Dreaming --- He is pretty cute, when he wants to be! haha. He is very kind-hearted, yet a true SurvivorMan. He and I do look a lot mother's genes, on her father's side, are VERY strong and we look like the clan. :-)

Vickie said...

Hi Lana - I was the oldest also - younger brother and sister. Brings back memories for me of my sibs. My brother was kind of a brat (I'll bet yours was too) when we were young. Now, he's got his own family and is a general contractor. Wish I could see him more - he lives in N Carolina...

That swimmin' hole looks mighty fun!