Tuesday, February 7, 2012

# 196 - Wandering Woman and a Horse

If you are one of those people who see the "little" things within the "little" things, then you are a person after my own heart.

This weekend pointed out to me, more than ever, that I probably love being in nature because is is constantly renewing itself and is amazing to behold. Nothing stays the same. Constant change seems to be a way of life for me, most often, the changes are not something I would have asked for or wanted, but change still comes knocking throughout life. When it comes to this move that we're making from the city to the country, I have asked for it.

This past weekend also served to remind me that my life is always full of excitement and brilliance; and it's almost like there's an invisible snapping finger making sounds from all directions to get my attention. Usually, I am in awe at all that surrounds me, from the mundane to the circus-style attraction, it's all amazing in its own way. I'm insatiable and want to soak it all in.

Our visit to the ranch this past weekend offered untold sights, such as this fence. This is where a gal trains for barrel racing. the entire circle of this fenced-in area is mesmerizing to me. It's a work of art within itself. Then, I move closer and each stick has a charm of its own.

If you follow my blog, then you've been reading about my family's adventures during filming for a Reality TV show.

"Randy to the Rescue" is a spin-off show from "Say Yes to the Dress" that airs regularly on TLC; however, this new variation of the show will be starting its season off with my oldest daughter as one of its highlighted brides. It's definitely been a fun, emotional trip.

This past weekend, we had more filming to take care of for the show. This segment was basically going to showcase Heather and the men in her life. That would mean, it would feature her fiance, Henry, and her daddy, Deputy Dave.

I thought this was a cute idea. Well, one year ago, it would have been a lethal idea. We've come a long way...Southern dads don't always take right to the young man who is pursuing his daughter. No exceptions in this household.

The producers suggested that the two men cook a meal together. This is a great idea because Deputy Dave has been a BBQing King for a long time; he even enjoyed being on a BBQ cook-off team in Houston for a few years, but I don't know how much cooking those youngins did compared to the beer "tasting." However, with age, his cooking has definitely improved as the beer tasting has lessened.

And that's my Texas-Advice for the day...if your BBQ team is a-drinkin, then their food may be a stinkin...they just might be too skunk-drunk to know if it's REALLY good or not. That's why I LOVE to watch these BBQ cook-off shows; you can always see the good-timing-BBQ-man cracking under the pressure because he can't drunkenly claim to have the best BBQ in the South any longer, not with sober BBQ-tasting people around him. That, my friend, is a man with a tear in his beer.

But, Deputy Dave KNOWS BBQ. He's owned a few pits. He can BBQ just about any kind of meat, veggie or seafood and he's carried the team a few times when his mates have been passed out, I mean, "napping" in the corner of their tent or in their truckbed. Over the years, Deputy Dave has learned a few delicious BBQ tricks. Mainly, to stay sober while BBQing and the rest will follow his keen eyes, nose and taste.

So, upon the producers suggestion that he cook a meal during this segment, Deputy Dave put on a crooked smile and responded by saying, "I'll provide the cooking end of the deal and Henry can BE the meat."

And, we're off to a great start for this segment!

As I'm taking pictures of the two reality television stars that I love with all my heart, I decide to take a quick glance behind me and WAIT...I see something that is beckoning me to leave all of you guys...I must go hither.

And, don't you just LOVE this old wagon parked near the driveway!! I'm so glad I don't have to bounce around in that thing to go to the grocer's. These days, our Texas Cadillac is a Dodge Pickup truck with cushy seats and great shocks to lessen the bouncy moments. BUT LOOK...there's something else that is beckoning me farther away from the production scene...

Yes, I'm walking past the barrel racing zone...toward my Texas roots...

Oh, heart be still! There she is! She is there! And she waits...for me. Literally, she looks at me and waits for me to walk over to her.

Everyone else, LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MY HORSEY! Stay away you television stars!

And I walk closer and closer to the horse who reminds me of my English Horseback riding days when I lived in Scotland. Yes, that is for real. I'm a Texas gal with a bit of Scottish history to my backbone.

She puts her nose against my hand, I didn't even check to see if the fence was electrified, didn't even pay attention, I just began to connect with this beautiful beast. I used one hand to take pictures as I touched her with the other...we were having a great moment together. She seemed to sense my instant connection to her, we were sharing a beautiful moment of silence and peace, then...

She began to get jumpy and I looked behind me to find the star and starlet following me! What?

The Deputy begins to crowd our space. He reaches OVER the fence, like he's some kind of six foot plus giant and he proceeds to bond with MY HORSE.

I tell the Deputy, "She only likes me."

I don't even know why he tried to be friends with was a waste of his time. He should have quit trying to woo the horse who already had her heart stolen by the wandering woman on this mysterious ranchland in Texas. Me, I'm the Wandering Woman.

Well, I was that woman for about five minutes, until everyone FOLLOWED ME.

Why oh why can't I have chunks of apples in my pockets?

And I say, "I'm sorry that I'm not a six foot giant who can reach across this fence and give you a big hug."

Bella, the horse, she understands, she's not so tall herself.

But, she is surely a beauty. She's a barrel-racing horse in training. Not really old enough to "ride" just yet, but she will be a fun one to be friends with, that is for sure. I hope to get to see her again, very soon.

And she feels the same way about me because we have forged an instant friendship. Can't you see it in her eye? She's telling me to bring her apples for my next visit.

Then, my mini-giant comes up to crowd our space even more. I created this mini-giant with the big giant to whom I am married. It comes with the territory. I must say, this mini-giant of mine, this Heather, she's gorgeous. Her long legs make my little short legs have bouts of jealousy. I must admit, she is a good mix of me and my husband, as if she got lots of good parts from both of us.

She resembles the Deputy in a good way with her frame, without the masculinity portion...that's a good thing...but then all her fillings came from me...she got all her femininity, her delicate chin and her rockin figure...all from this Wandering Woman.

Of course, these days, the only thing "rockin" about this Wandering Woman's figure is when it is literally a rocking chair. Again, that's okay.

But, my Heather is a beauty, inside and out. Mommas usually feel that way about their kiddos, even if they're rotten to the core. Thankfully, my kids truly are beautiful any which way you look.

Oh yes, I love the stables. I think these are the prettiest little stables I've seen in a long while. Bella deserves to have pretty stables give her shelter. That's the name of the horse, Bella. I didn't get to name her, but it is fitting.

I guess we'd better head back to the house because the camera people are ready to do their job. They say they're from Texas, but I doubt it because every Southerner must take closer look at any horse that is lurking nearby. It's ingrained in our blood to get closer, closer and closer still. Then, we end up on a saddle saying "Whoa Boy, Whoa Boy!" as the tree branches are whipping across our forehead and we're nearly losing an eyeball or two.

Yes, in my family, we've each been in that saddle. Especially little Stefie has literally been on a run-away horse, in the woods, and she didn't fall off. She'd have made any rider proud with her natural abilities. And if Stefie would have been with us during this weekend excursion, she'd have been stuck by Bella's side as Wandering Woman #2.

Back to filming and to me having a day of feeling pukey, thank God I did not actually puke. However, I came close to it many times, and I think I looked green. People were standing clear of me.

Filming is ending, I am rising from my position of laying down
with my head on the arm of the chair.

I kept my eye on the bathroom nearby to make sure it was vacated and ready for me to pounce. But, I remained half-way passed out during the filming that mostly occurred less than five feet from me.

I laid still on the red leather chair and ottoman in the pool room, trying to not raise my head. That was key, keep the head motionless and the eyes closed. Again, I'd just had a root canal that involved a titanium screw removal and the pain in my jaw was spreading; I didn't realize that I had begun to run a fever due to infection. Dental work. Always a delight...right?


Deputy Dave and Heather were sitting on the couch together with an IPad, browsing through pictures of her as a baby that I had previously scanned onto the computer.

I remained quiet, except for one moment when they were talking about how cute she looked in this particular picture, set upon her daddy's abdomen as he lay on the couch watching television. The two of them kept talking about her little baby face as it displayed such an adorable, funny expression, typical of most babies. I interrupt, "Uh hum, that picture is of Stefie, your sister."

They both draw closer to the screen, start laughing, and say, "Oh yea, that IS Stefie!"

What would production crews do without the mom being around? Weird moms who do NOT want to be on camera and who can sleep through part of the filming? I guess I'll get to watch the parts that I missed with the rest of you!

Well, considering the part of filming that I really missed was the outdoor cooking with Deputy Dave and Henry, then the outdoor sit-down to enjoy the meal was missed too because I was still inside trying to avoid the smell of any food.

Besides, I didn't want to take a chance on having to eat a Ground-Henry-Burger.

I was initially very upset about being so sick during the filming, but I did get to be a part of the most beautiful moments while still feeling well enough to enjoy them, so I guess it will be nice to watch the rest on television while I'm feeling good and strong and am no longer pukey!

Believe it or not, this day of filming had not even come close to coming to an end. We had no idea that the filming crew would be following us home that evening. No, I'm not joking.

None of us knew that there would be more to come. Just as we thought we were in the clear and would be finished, they told us they wanted to follow us to the house to film Heather showing off different dresses in her wardrobe...this is the moment that the panic REALLY set in. Home? The place where we were kicking back and eating breakfast in a hurry? The place where breakfast leftovers are still out on the dining room table?

Oh goodness.


Charade said...

I hope you're getting that infection tended to. It sounds like it's getting the upper hand. - And do I ever feel your pain about the crew following you home!

Modern Day Redneck said...

What a dream you live sick or not. I should only hope and wish to have an opportunity like that one day.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I sure hope you've let your dentist know about the fever and infection. It isn't normal to feel so lousy after a root canal.

Looking forward to "meeting" your family on TLC. (How totally cool is that??) said...

Charade - I finally broke down and called the dentist to tell him my condition. They immediately called in a different antibiotic. I am feeling better, but am hoping this new antibiotic will kick out any remaining infection. And the crew following us the house for more footage was NOT expected. You should have seen my daughter and I working in a whirlwind. They originally wanted to go to her master closet for a few dress ideas to give them her sense of style, eventually Momma made a hard call and came out to the crew and said the closet was off limits, but that we had a full length mirror we could bring into the main part of the house with the clothes. A closet is a gal's private zone and it felt too intrusive to suddenly want to join her in the closet. The crew was kind and agreed to do the filming in the living room. All the while, I am dusting, sweeping and frantic because that's my personality at home...if someone is coming over, the house is cleaned. This gave us no warning. The cameraman joked that I was going to have to get extra credits at the end of the show for all I was doing and I joked, "I'm a mom...moms don't get credit." haha

Modern Day Redneck - I felt like a Country Version of Cinderella during our trip to the ranch. I'm so glad we got some great ideas for our own place.

Susan - I did call this morning. Couldn't put it off or think it would get better on its own any longer, Have new antibiotics and am hoping to be on the mend fast! And I have no idea how our family will appear to the public when on television. I guess it will be weird to see the angle in which we are portrayed. shudder.


LindaG said...

I hope you're feeling better today, Lana.

Hubby and I have sore throats and bad colds, but nothing like you.

Though hubby has gotten infections from the dentist before. NO FUN!


Dreaming said...

You are such a trooper to go through all of that... feeling so terrible! I hope you are on the mend.
The horse is darling!

Clint Baker said...

My daughter loves your horse!

Stem Cell Therapy in Dogs said...

It must be a day full of fun. That horse is so beautiful and I like it. said...

Linda --- I am definitely feeling better. As for the colds, etc., those aren't any fun either, especially when they settle into your chest. I hope you guys are doing well. My jaw feels much, much better and I'm so is Deputy Dave's birthday and I'm making him a special dinner!!!

Dreaming --- I wouldn't have missed being with my daughter for anything. It was a lot of fun, even when sick. I'm always so thankful for not having to be in the hospital during a rough patch! Had too many of those times already. And the horse, she was a true sweetie, with a lot of spunk.

Clint --- I wish it were my horse, but it belonged to the ranch owner's house we were visiting. However, I think I may get to go visit again soon! I hope so!

Stem --- Thank you, horses are incredible creatures.