Monday, February 6, 2012

# 195 - I Must Explore - Treehouse Amazement!

Treehouses are something most of us have a bit of fascination over...whether we always wanted one for ourselves, whether we had an imaginary one, or whether we had the MacDaddy version such as in the photo below, they are pretty awesome.

However, I don't think I would have allowed my daughters to climb up and down to get in and out of a tree house such as this one at the ranch we enjoyed being at this weekend. But, it surely has some stories to tell, I can only imagine how the view must look from inside that treehouse.

My thoughts at sitting with such a view before me would probably be something like this..."I can't see anything; I'm blacking out; my heart is about to pound upward and right out of my mouth; I can't look down because it's TOO far down; I don't want to be a bird any more. Please call Fire and Rescue."

Okay, that would be me.

If Deputy Dave ever built something like this for our grandkids, well, he'd be in trouble. Big trouble. That's all I can say. 

Onto safer topics, I love the inner courtyard of this property. The main house, the outdoor kitchen, the firepit area and the pool house surround the pool. This is a home that seems to be a resort. A country resort that you'd never want to leave.

And there we have it folks...the exact layout of my country cabin. I don't necessarily need the stonework, but the roof and the porch, etc., of the main house is what I'm aiming for in our country cabin. Gotta love that metal roof!

Henry, Heather and myself are all taking a good look at the outdoor kitchen. Yep, I think Deputy Dave would be satisfied to have something similar to this...I do like that it ties in with the main house, yet is rustic enough to allow for some whimsical decorating.

And the seating around the courtyard area is plentiful. If you know my family, you understand that seating is imperative. When we have gatherings...we REALLY have gatherings.

The only thing I'd add is a nice double-sided "He" and "She" OUTHOUSE for all of those outdoor, dirty types so they don't have to go traipsing through your living room to do some potty-business. The OUTHOUSE can be designed to be cleaned easily enough with a water hose treatment. That's what I'm looking for...can't forget the potty essentials when on a farm.

And check out the bathroom that is in the pool house. The walls of the shower are rock. Typical rock found in these parts of Texas. The bowl seems to be of a beautiful Mexican design. Everything is simple, roomy and uncomplicated. I love it.

The kitchenette of the pool house had a different twist in design. It was a functional smaller space that drew the eye to every little element. The large picture window over the sink was dreamy...truly...I think it came from my dreams.

Maybe that's a limestone sink? I don't know, but it sure is awesome.

Behind the pool house was a ditch with a bridge. Deputy Dave and I are fascinated with bridges because our acreage is going to require a few of them. We have a series of winding creeks at major crossing points, we'll need to get those bridges put in as soon as possible. This particular bridge looks nifty.

Of course, Deputy Dave has to go under the bridge to get the structure shots so he can have a clear idea of how this bridge is constructed. He's detail oriented like that.

Heather and I simply have fun crossing the bridge together. She says back to me, "Watch out for that board Momma."

And there's that dang treehouse again. Kind of spooky from this angle.

The first part of the filming is about to begin. I guess you guys will see this once it airs on television this summer. I hope they get the tree in the background. Since I'm walking around with a mouth that just endured a complicated root canal and am not feeling well, I'm now ready to lie down. Little do I know at the time that I am beginning to run a fever, it's now at about 102 degrees. I'm feeling horrible and waves of nausea are beginning to flow over me. At that moment, I kind of wished I could be in the treehouse, hiding so no one can see me sickie-poo.

Then, I look at my baby, my daughter, my Heather...she's always going to be my baby. Augh...DON'T GET ME STARTED!

Even though I can feel that I'm going downhill and not doing well, I keep taking more pictures, even catching the camera guy as he's setting up his equipment and getting the lighting adjusted. It's cold out here people!

And even though I'm feeling yucky, I had planned to head for the pool house and for that big red leather chair with the ottoman so I could get some rest. But, I made one mistake...I turned around and caught a glimpse of MORE fun things that I IMMEDIATELY HAD to go explore.

That will be for my next post. Once you see what I turned to find, you'll know why I had to keep trudging ahead in my misery because the misery was being distracted by all the fun things surrounding me. Did I feel the throbbing in my jaw spreading? I wasn't exactly paying attention to the infection setting into and spreading throughout my jaw. Oh, there'd be plenty of time to pay for these "fun" decisions later. Too much fun was to be had during our visit!

Regardless, I'm absolutely positive that this episode of "Randy to the Rescue" on TLC will be my favorite! It has nothing to do with my daughter Heather being the bride of the episode...Nawwwww.


Clint Baker said...

That is quit a tree house. What kind of tree is it in if you don't mind me asking?

Vickie said...

OK, Lana, so you're going to leave us hanging, huh? Well, did you throw up or not?

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;) I DO hope you're feeling better and your jaw and tooth are not hurting any more... I know how that feels. Yuck.

I'm looking forward to seeing this episode - do you have any idea when it's going to run? Your girls are so pretty - it's going to be a great show!

Thanks for the "props" on my red hutch!

Dar said...

Sweet, and there's going to be a wedding there? Great choice, even with the treehouse, the lil' ones will think it's great.
Hope you're feeling all better. Cannot wait to see the next episode.

Mike said...

IF I watch this show, ask the Deputy how hard it is to get your man card recertified. I'm sure his has taken a beating. haha.

Did the Doc not give you any 'cyllin or pain meds? :( said...

Clint - I don't know, looked like an old oak of some kind. Very knarled at the trunk, then it spread out like something out of a movie. I'll try to find out exactly what kind of tree it is.

Vickie - I laughed so hard when I read your comment. No, I didn't puke, but came very close to it, repeatedly. I was rolling the high seas while laying still in the chair. I feel much better now. As for the show, I do believe it will air this summer sometime, around July. At least that's what we've been told. I look forward to seeing their angle of our family. EEK. And your hutch is amazing. I'd be walking slowly by it, back and forth, just to keep looking at it!!

Dar - the wedding will actually be in College Station, not on this particular property. But, the wedding venue is still very country and beautiful.

Mike - you will be fine - the Deputy is well versed in the recertification process and it no longer phases him. If he can do it, so can you! He's raised daughters, a house of girls, it takes a lot of recertifying to be around that much estrogen. Since he's an expert, he'll be able to give any necessary instructions. I guess his man-card is still intact...he leaves every day covered in body armor and weapons, so he gets to do plenty of regular man-grunting to keep him fully certified, in spite of us women tugging on him. And yes, I got penicilin (sp) and it was a high dosage, which actually made me more sick. I've never felt so sick on that med before. I think I just had the dental work done a bit too late, held it off for too long to avoid it becoming a monster situation. Oh well.