Sunday, February 12, 2012

# 201 - Scary - The Birds

Have you seen Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds?"

If you haven't and you can deal with classic psychological thrillers, then you've got to see this movie.

For me, I watch it every couple of years and am amazed at how the sounds in the movie are the most mentally disturbing part of the entire picture. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.

So, you'll also understand how the scene in the photos below were very eerie as Deputy Dave and I walked out of Walmart. These crows were surrounding us. I could only get in a snapshot of one area at a time, but these birds could NOT be scared away. People were honking their horns, sounding their car alarms, waving their arms and yelling...nothing made the birds move. It was freaky, scary.

Then, I would hear the CAWWW, CAWWW and get those chill bumps all the way down my spine. I kept looking for a phone booth nearby, but there wasn't any. Then, I remembered that Deputy Dave was waiting for me to get into the truck as he was letting out a few choice words due to the bird poop all over our truck.

I'm just thankful we weren't driving a convertible.

And here is a little video clip I took of the birds --- especially since these kinds of moments strike me as a bit weird.

The Birds...will always stay with me. Thanks Mr. Hitchcock.


Clint Baker said...

It's like an old scary movie. What was the old movie with all the birds in it?

Mike said...

Is there a storm brewing close by? I'll google and look.

See what cell phones did? No phone booths to hide in. Now you know how Superman feels.

Dreaming said...

We would have flocks of crows come through our trees at different times. I never figured out why they congregated. Perhaps they are migrating.... but oh, so weird!

Rae said...

That is nuts! Wonder what was drawing them to the area?

I've seen the movie, but have never been too creeped by it. We had pet sparrows and finches when I was a kid, and even a pet crow named Josephine. She was a sweetheart. Thus, never been able to get too worked up over them. :)