Thursday, February 23, 2012

#209 - OUCH!! Chinese Torture Treatment!

Today, as I am moving a heavy plastic container, my grip slipped on the handle; HOWEVER, three nails caught the container as it went down.

I'm beyond having simple "broken" nails here; I'm with nails that have been partially ripped off with parts of the nail-bed.

The worst part wasn't the nails being ripped off by the container, it was the moment when I was forced to tear off each dangling nail clinging to skin.

Of course, I had been in the middle of taking pictures when this happened, hence the moving of a container so I could get a better shot. So, I took a quick photo BEFORE the blood really got flowing and soiled my carpet. I was kind of shocked at how much the exposed nail-bed actually bled. I have a high tolerance for pain, but isn't this similar to a CHINESE TORTURE TREATMENT?

I took a photo with the "good" hand, then rushed to the bathroom sink as I stood in awe at how much bleeding had begun. Weird. I applied pressure with good-old-toilet-paper while chastising myself about allowing this to happen.

This is partly a curse of having nails that grow like a weed. I naturally have longer nails and breaking a nail sure is nice when it doesn't involve NERVE-ENDINGS!


But, the good news is...I did get pictures of the playroom!

This is a room with multiple purposes:

1. It allows me to keep the girls old Disney movies, old books, and toys for nostalgia and enjoyment. In fact, my girls still have great times coming for a visit and plugging in an old movie, such as "Fox and the Hound." Often, they hold their boyfriends hostage and force them to watch the movies with them. That's the price of the war movie moments and video games young men. Awesome revenge.

2. It allows me to keep current books and DVD's stored ready for use.

3. The room gives extra dedicated play space, especially for my 5-year old niece, Shaye. I even have my daughters' old Barbie house that has still given hours of playtime for several kids in the family.

4. The double-beds have been slept on by huge, hairy college guys when the kids all come to Houston for a weekend of fun and my housed is packed full of people. I always put an extra stuffed animal on the bed for them and we all snicker about how much the guys secretly LOVE staying in this room.

5. I love the Gund Bears on each bed, belonging to my daughters from my mom who passed away from breast cancer.

6. It's just a FUN room! Adults in the family love to come over and just sit in it for a's a room that evokes feeling good. And the quilted, whimsical, reversible bed-spreads are from JC Penney's; it's my all-time favorite bedding.

Today is full of busy-ness. I am NOT ready to show the house. But, Deputy Dave said we just need to keep plugging forward. I don't think the house will ever be ready enough for me.

I guess I need to admit that we are LIVING here and can't keep everything perfect. I still have dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and dirty floors to confront daily. Life sure has a way of continuing to bring dirt into my life, but I can't seem to look past it so easily right now. Dirt is a highly personal thing, you know.

However, I think the hurting nails will allow some of the dirt to hang around a tad bit longer.


Charade said...

Oh, my stomach cringes for you. And the worst part of breaking a nail off well into the quick is that you have to keep using your hands and being constantly reminded that you hurt like the devil. Cute, cute beds.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Looking at you nails makes me shiver. I can imagine the pain. The hand the wind blew the truck door shut on a few weeks ago is loosing the nail & bleeding. You have more than one to heal. I got first aid cots in the bandage section at sap art. Like little rubber fingers to keep the finger protected until healed. The Play room is a great extra room to have. Looks like you will have a good showing. The extra TLC that you have put into your home will shine to the house hunters & pay off. They will be getting a new backyard to. So where did you move the chickens? Blessings!

Vickie said...

Yeouwie! That hurts! I've done that before, too. Aw your fingers are going to be so sore for awhile!

Cute little playroom. I'd leave it just like it is, too!

LindaG said...

*Hugs* Hope the pain goes away soon and your fingers heal quickly!

Kathryn Ross said...

Hi Lana! So good to know you stopped by at The Writer's Reverie! I can see from this post that you are a natural grandma just waiting for the big day when you can enjoy your playroom with them! Alas - all my kid's stuff is packed away in the memory closet room since they have grown and I moved back to my hometown and downsized. No extra space for a playroom anymore . . .

What an exciting adventure you are on here - my husband and I would love a nice log cabin in the woods - but perhaps - not all the extra yard work that would go along with it. I hope to see you well and settled soon.

About the nails - you won't believe this, but just before sitting down to blog read, I put dinner in and broke a nail on a lid - then actually slice a bit of my thumb cutting bread!

My fingers are a mess, now, too. However, you do have me beat - hope you heal soon!



I did an automatic quiver when I saw your fingers. I had to read to see what happened. PLEASE be more careful.
This move may involve lots of times when you could lose a nail or two. SO think think think. I want you to because I do not. I often have accidents, unintended.
Take care of you most of all in this big change that is coming.
Blessings, B

Mike said...

Being a builder, I know the breaking nails pain very well. When you emailed me earlier I told the whoa-man and we both shuddered. You saved the carpet but how about your pants? ;0

Michelle said...

You poor thing. One is bad enough,but three. You would of heard me screaming in the next county. Please be careful not to get an infection. P.S. the dirt can wait. said...

Charade - you are positively correct. I keep banging the edges into something and I go into Sailor-Mode. Augh!

Lara - I know about that door slamming post, I read and had the chills. I didn't know there were finger-tip protectors, but I'm so resistant to pain that I kept going, even disinfected the shower the same day along with doing a ton of other things. By evening though, I was out of patience and had to just sit down and avoid life so I'd quit bumping them.

Vickie - I am going to have to set this same playroom up at the cabin so my niece Shaye won't be too traumatized by our move. She loves having "her" room when she comes over.

Linda - I always love the hugs!! Thank you and they are already a bit better today. Every minute is a healing minute!

Kathryn Ross - You sound like my husband when he prepares dinner, I always shudder when the knives come out because he has had too many run-ins with those blades! I guess you and I were both really feeling it last night! And yes, I can't wait, well, I can wait, but I'm EAGER for the day when I'll be able to do grandma things!

B. Whittington - Oh you can believe that I had a stern conversation with myself. I'd been in such a hurry to move the container that I didn't make sure my hold on the box was a firm one. I can't stand it when I do things like this. Me being very clumsy doesn't help, so I usually am extra conscious about my moving about. I guess I was too concerned about getting a good picture.

Mike - My pants barely escaped soiling of any type because I was doing the funky-I'm-in-agony dance while pulling off each nail. You would've got a good laugh out of it. I might have wanted to punch anyone who was laughing, but I don't think that would've stopped you. It was kind of funny now that I look back at how I ripped each nail from dangling skin and set it down on the plastic tub, one by one. Then, I thought, OH WELL, it'd make a weird picture to capture this disgusting moment, I was already taking pictures of the room, so...Snap.

Michelle - I don't think I've ever done 3 at one time. I've truly outdone myself!

Suzanna said...

Oh Lana! I hope you took extra hc, I would have needed it! how painful. I know I've been a little MIA lately, just wanted to stop and say hi! I hope your fingers don't hurt too badly dear friend!
Suzanna said...

Suzanna - I also need to drop by your place and do some catch-up readng...I need to add your site to this post as a "favorite" as well. That's next on my list. And, I definitely took extra HC, I pondered the need, then realized my pain level was increasing and I didn't have time for Addison's to knock me down. But, thanks for the reminded, we sometimes need it, for sure!

So glad to hear from you!