Friday, January 4, 2013

# 383 - Great Moments with Creatures

Who would ever think that creatures with sharp teeth, powerful jaws and tails could bring such delight into our lives? Dogs can add great warmth and goodness to our lives. Our family is very blessed to have many dogs as part of our family.

The dog below is an Aussie; his name is Tux and he belongs to my oldest daughter, Heather. Tux is a Blue Merle and is gorgeous. He lived in our house for long periods of time while my daughter went through her studies at Texas A&M, so I developed a close bond with this magnificent creature.

Of course, my own Australian Shepherd, Howdy, is one of the best dogs I've ever had the privilege of spending my daily life with. Here we are in the dining room, enjoying a feast and he remains vigilant, looking out the window on guard-duty.

Howdy LOVES to play ball.

Howdy has to be careful because he can easily knock me down, but he is very protective and tries to restrain his high-energy level when we romp around.


The reason we have Howdy is because our little Cinnamon died and left a big hole that no other dog could fill. Cinnamon had been about 15-16 years old when she died peacefully at home. A little apple-head Chihuahua that brought untold joy into our home.

My youngest daughter, Stefie, often comes home to visit from college and she brings her two furry friends, Belle the Yorkie (a dog we rescued), and Thor, a mini-Aussie who is the cutest bundle of fur imaginable! Thor is about six months old now. Howdy and Thor love rough-housing.

Dogs sure do know how to communicate. I love the tilted head expression. Gets me EVERY time!

Of all the dogs, Liyla is probably the BEST we've ever had in our lives. She is calm, loving, protective and extremely patient with the younger dogs.

Liyla is also called "Big Red"

My feathered gals in the backyard have to share their space with all the furry creatures and sometimes they aren't too happy to be forced to dodge the tennis ball zone as it heads their direction. But, the good part is...all the animals get along.

The hens are doing great. The Buff Orpingtons will be two years old in March. I can't believe it! I am so glad they were some of my first chickens to raise, they've been hardy and full of personality. They're also great layers of big, beautiful brown eggs. Every now and then, we'll get a double-yolk egg and I revert to being a six-year old jumping up and down when I crack one open.

One of my favorite pictures is when my niece, Shaye, tried to hand me Miss. Speckles. Of course, she is handing me the chicken with the rear-end first. I laughed so hard I nearly rolled on the grass.

Life has lots of goodness to enjoy. Don't let hard times make you bitter and angry; shake it off and make the best of what life has given you. After all, once a minutes has passed, you cannot recapture it, so make those minutes worthwhile and full of goodness. All those efforts will one day equal a life well lived.

I'm thoroughly savoring all my minutes!


LindaG said...

Have a blessed Sunday, Lana. ♥

Anonymous said...

I bet there is someone out there who would be willing to cherish you as you should be cherished.

dbc2341 said...

I bet there is Anonymous!