Thursday, January 10, 2013

# 386 - Day-by-Day Happiness

My youngest daughter has been home for the past couple of weeks, for the Christmas/New Year holidays. Today, we took time to make a Skype date with my oldest daughter. We had a great time chatting with each other.

As if my father has radar hearing, he showed up for a visit as we were all Skyping ---- which is one of his FAVORITE things to do! He loves talking with his first grand-daughter who lives a five-hour drive away, near Fort Worth. Of course, Stefie was having a chill-out day and didn't want to be in the picture.

It was wonderful getting to visit with my family in this way --- both in person and through electronics. To see each other's faces and to hear each other's voices means a great deal to me. One day, I might be looking at my grandkids to blow kisses to them via Skype!

Yep, if this is the way my dad can get these two grand-daughters of his to talk with him, then that's great. He'll take it. He loves Skyping! I sure do love my dad.

More than ever, I realize that I'm very blessed to have a dad I can talk with and grow closer to with each passing day. It wasn't always like that for us, so I'm thankful that we are extremely close because we worked for it. It was worthwhile. My dad finally let me go, but still held on enough to let me know he'd always be there for me...and he is. My dad makes sure that I know he loves me, whether I disappointment him or make him extremely proud...either way, his love is unwavering. For that, he'll always have my heart.

When I got married, he didn't get his feelings hurt and pull away, to the contrary, he became more involved in all of our lives. He didn't care if I had a husband, my dad still knew his place in my life remained important to both of us. My dad is an awesome, cool dad...a THERE dad.

Heather is really excited about several things. We love getting to see her new boots. She holds them up at the camera level so we can see all angles of her beautiful boots. Carving with teal color! Nice!

A few hours later, Stefie packed up and headed out to go back to college. I was sad that she had to go. The two of us enjoy a very bonded mother-daughter relationship, again, because we both work at it. Even though she has a wonderful boyfriend, my daughter sets aside relaxed time for us to chill-out together so we can simply enjoy being together. I'm impressed that she makes such effort to be with her momma! It pays off because we get a lot done together, and we also know how to stay up all night laughing and telling stories of such side-splitting variety that I sometimes can't catch my breath.

So tonight, I watched her drive off. Back to school for another semester! She had a long drive ahead, partially in the rain. That makes Momma nervous. But, she is careful and alert. Of course, that kiddo must have a complete shoe collection with her at each destination. Stefie and her shoes...Augh. Too cute.

It's been a long week of fun already...this past Monday, which included an over-night stay, I also kept my niece Shaye. She's six-years-old now and a complete little character who keeps me on my toes. Here, she watched her Disney channel with the dogs sticking close by. Her special Blankie was damaged. so I got out my sewing kit, which is a actually a fishing tackle box, and I sewed her blanket so well that she couldn't find the huge area of separation. I love being able to perform magic with a needle and thread.

Soon, my niece fell asleep and I have the nursery rhyme CD playing, as usual. Then, with a slow head-turning, jaw-dropping motion, I hear a terrible song playing on that CD, as my niece sleeps like an angel. In the other room, I can hear Stefie singing along to this demented nursery rhyme. What have I done? This CD always plays when my niece comes over, but the words to this song shocked me. How have I never heard this song before this moment?

If you have computer capability, turn up the volume and listen to this short video, it's just over one minute, to hear "Road Kill Stew."

Yes, that's what I's the video:

After that warped bit of music, it makes you really appreciate the sweetness of a sleeping child. All that energy shut down temporarily and looking so precious in these moments of having no questions a mile a minute. Just sleep and peace and joy.

I will soon have someone else in the family staying with me for another night or two. That's my life...full of people who mean the most to me. It won't be long and there will be more and more family members filling up the gaps of our lives. The chain reaction is in full motion. However, for tonight, It is so peaceful in this house, it is amazing. I get to go to the kitchen and cook what I'd like, without criticism and without pressure from someone who always thinks it could be done "better." I am not worried about the noise the kids make, I'm not worried about someone being in a perpetual bad mood and on-edge with the constant threat of possibly  acting out in front of the kids...actually, I'm now FREE from so many stresses and I feel much better than I thought I could! 

I even spent the past couple of days putting a splash of color back on the walls. The formal dining room looked a bit too drab, so I painted the wall below the chair railing in a rich wine/red color that makes the room "pop" while making my heart soar! I love this velvety color! It's worked out better than I anticipated

So, yes, I stay busy. Each day I am tackling some new project and it feels great. We have another potential buyer coming to see the house Thursday morning, and I hope they like the house. It seems this house is much larger than what most people are wanting to buy. They see the house from the street-side view and have no idea it is this large, but since our garage is detached, the main structure is ALL living space. 

I will be ready to celebrate when we sell this house! But, there's no doubt, I love it here...I love this beautiful home and have worked hard to make it a home. I would do more, but we need to get on the road! If it were possible, I probably could stay here while enjoying get-away time in Livingston on weekends and for the Spring/Summer, but since this house is too difficult to hold onto, we need to get it sold.

Life is full of unknowns. I'm taking things day by day. Sometimes, that's all we can do. At least my days are full, rewarding and productive. Life is good, even if imperfect. I am happy.

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