Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#385 - An American Opinion

I must indulge in having AN AMERICAN OPINION. I read the blogs of people who think differently from my opinions, and I hope that I will be given the same courtesy. After all, we might have different opinions, but exchanging discourse on certain topics is crucial to our country moving forward. I cannot bury my head in the sand as my country deteriorates, and I hope you can't stand it either.

Since Congress and The White House seem to be ineffectual and dangerously leading our country down a road toward disaster (look at the deficit and the grand promises of this administration in spite of NO budget), WE THE PEOPLE should make political awareness a part of our daily life. America was created to be this wonderful country with a system of Free Enterprise, but that foundation is now being chipped away by an administration that appears, clearly, to hold ideas contrary to Capitalism. Indeed, Capitalism itself is being attacked as an evil, while socialism ideals are being elevated. Of course, most of this country has no clue about such things. It's time we start talking about it so that we can understand the altered direction our country is now pointed toward.

Most of us are worried about the economy. Obama has been ineffectual. He's already had one full term to make the profound changes he promised to make, yet we are still mired in the muck of economic disaster. Personally, I am extremely concerned that our federal government is making so many great promises and changes that need to be financed, even as our country is over $16 Trillion in debt and most states are struggling to make ends meet. The "Bail-Out" mentality produced by Obama has been devastating to our nation. His efforts have not created the whimsical sound effects and light show that he'd hoped to display among his admiring fans.

Since I have an imperfect, ground-level comprehension of finances, I understand that I cannot go shopping if my account is in the negative; moreover, I certainly can't go around telling someone all the things I am going to buy them, if I can't afford it.

Sadly, this is the state of our government; lots of promises and lots of debt. In the long-run, the combination is going to equal tremendous dissatisfaction. I believe that a large segment of our population is being fed orchestrated class-warfare hype that will serve to bring resentment against successful people. Yes, it seems that Class-Warfare is well underway, fully promoted by our President. Instead of patting the back of the finest America producers in society, people of achievement are being vilified. I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, we looked up to those people who MADE SOMETHING OF THEMSELVES.

A few years ago, we were telling America's children that they could get an awesome education and have the chance to climb a career ladder to join the ranks of the most successful people on the planet. These days, we tell our children that those successful people are bad because they have more than others. The message seems to have become distorted...instead of working to make ourselves better, it's as if the message is that your shortcomings will not matter because there is someone out there upon whom you can siphon off of so that you can become more equal to them, even if it is unfair to the person who earned their way. I am NOT in agreement with this way of thinking.

Are you ready to have the siphon hose attached to YOU? There's always going to be someone worse off than you, so are you ready to hand over your hard work to make the lives of another more "equal" to your life?

Since when have Americans denounced and ridiculed people who have worked their tail off to display an example of the American Dream? I can tell you when...since Obama came into office we have seen disgusting displays of resentment and bitterness toward people who suffered hardships to pull themselves to the top of the heap. I remember being in awe of such people, they gave the rest of us HOPE that it is possible to be more, to have more, to attain more...I looked up to those who took constant risks and to those who dealt with instabilities that come from stretching themselves thin to reach hard goals. For those who go the extra mile, I applaud you.

Hence, I feel an apology is in order to those people in America who are being attacked, just because they are a financial success or to those who own that beauty shop and make the same level of pay as the other workers in the shop...the owner just happy to own a piece of the American Dream and to have the doors to the business open. It's sad when our nation is led by a man who frequently talks of a category of people who are mostly hard-working, above-average people...referring to them and the top minority in this country as "rich" with disgust in his voice, which is distasteful and setting a bad example for those who are just learning the difference between what it means to reach for the stars or to instead sit and wait for opportunities to land in their lap. We should not punish people are are self-driven to chase opportunities. Most often, their rewards are justly earned.

Since when did being a "rich" American become something for parasites to attach to? Aren't we a diverse people in EVERY sense of the word?

The economy is definitely stressed and this means people are suffering. However, we are nurturing another generation to be less inclined to make their lives worthwhile and independent from government intervention.

For now, we have more and more and more government intervention in the form of programs that our society is becoming dependent on government, the BIG PACIFIER. I do see government as a big pacifier that will one day have to be yanked away and you know the result that will follow...lots of fussing, screaming, temper tantrums and desperation to get the pacifier back.

Free-Enterprise and Capitalism is so wonderful because it gives a chance for one person's ambition to make a difference to untold others. One business venture, one mind that is pressed to exceed...that is our foundation in America.

I look at the people with whom I've worked throughout my life, and I am thankful to those who went the extra mile so that I could also be given a chance to push myself to my professional limits. I admire those who stick out their necks and make things happen. Sadly, I think this President is hurting our American image in ways that will be devastating for the long run. The "poor" in America are NOT considered poor by standards in other countries, but we somehow think that it is the job of hard-working, entrepreneurial people to prop up everyone else in this country. That's not how it works. In America, we prop ourselves up. If we expect to be propped up, go move somewhere and embrace Socialism.

That being said, the down and out do have times of needing help. But the level of entitlements our country is now promoting will be our collective undoing. We cannot sustain such burdens on the backs of taxpaying hard workers.

I do believe that this country will start to experience a serious decline around 2014 - 2015. I believe that the President's promises of federal funds to support certain programs will run amuck and the states will be left holding the bag with scores of people angry that they can't get what Obama led them to believe they are entitled to receive. I don't think many states will be able to afford these grandiose promises simply because Obama likes to be the popular guy on the block. Eventually, the bottom will drop out and we will see desperate people clamoring for all they can grab.

I'm not a big Prepping person, except for natural disasters. However, I do believe that a major shift is going to hit our country, as I said, around 2014-2015. I believe we should be prepared for some type of revolt.

I feel like Obama is promising millions of people a free piece of pie, but that pie has to come from SOMEONE paying for the pie ingredients and it has to come from SOMEONE who is actually doing the hard work to make that pie. Pie, like anything else, doesn't come out of thin air, for free. NOTHING IS FOR FREE. If you didn't pay for it, that doesn't mean it was only means that SOMEONE else paid the price for you to get it free. It's NOT free. I think many people in this country are not being taught that basic principle.

With so many people eager for a piece of the pie that they did not help to bake, we will be in trouble when those salivating people discover that there are not enough pie pieces to go around. Lots of people will be holding out their plates, ready for that free piece of pie and it either won't be delivered or there will be a sticker price attached that is unexpected and makes people howl for their "free" portion. Regardless, there won't be enough bakers to do the job necessary, besides no one will want to bake for free, especially not when they are being penalized and punished for having a bakery.

The End.


LindaG said...

I agree with you. The change has been going on since before Obama, but he has been the first president to be so openly Socialist.

I did a search on the children's book 'Little Red Hen' the other day, and there were comments from people who basically thought the hen should have been killed for not sharing her bread.

And I have read current comments from some 'liberals' who advocate doing the same to 'conservatives'.

It is a very scary country we live in now days. Where did we go wrong that the majority thinks they 'deserve' things whether they earned them or not?

You will be very well off with your property. Sometimes I envy you.

Have a good day and stay dry!

Mike said...

Hopefully, I'll be self-sufficient enough, in a few years, to tell everyone to buzz off. said...

Linda - The Little Red Hen is such a perfect of my FAVORITE books because that is exactly how life works. It is very revealing that some people can't even grasp the concept of the book and that they are even angered by the theme of hard work. We are seeing this story come true before our eyes. I might have to write about this book and this topic because you have made an EXCELLENT point!

Most of us contribute in one fashion or another -- to our families or to commerce by working. We have seen the downfall of several honorable positions in life...who will want to rise above the masses and reach for the brass ring? Our country will backslide into mediocrity, at best. I am tremendously saddened by the steps toward socialism. I am a firm believer is less government, but what can we do when the President is making elaborate promises to so many people who are ready to stand in line for a hand-out instead of send the time being productive with their formative, young years? I'm not talking about the rights of a person who has lost their job, I'm talking about the people who are doing everything possible to make earning government benefits their job. Someone has to pay for those people to avoid life's responsibilities and the people who are actually busting their rear to hand over a huge portion of their earnings will soon fight back. I don't think it will be pretty.

Yes, I do want to get out to the land. I don't think things will be getting easier. We might have a short period of time of a reprieve, but I do believe the Affordable Care Act, etc., is going to send this country into a massive tail-spin, on several levels. I'll be writing about those topics and am always open to constructive conversation to broaden our knowledge. I just can't be one of those people who sit back with closed eyes to all that is happening. It is a pivotal time of "change" for our country, but I do not believe it is for the best. I do hope I am wrong; God willing.

Lana said...

Mike --- I'm with you. It would be very nice to have limited needs outside of your own circle, especially with old-fashion trading, etc., for goods.

This is the reason I would love to have more control over my external needs -- reducing them so I will not be so dependent on the government.

It is disturbing to see so many people rushing toward big government.