Monday, January 21, 2013

# 392 - Coronation Day! Observations

Coronation Day! Observations of an American President's Inauguration
An American Opinion

Seeing a president come into office can bring the spectator a mixture of feelings. A new president can indeed bring a country hope. However, I am not feeling very charitable today, not after the last four years have proved the presidency is morphing into a office that is unafraid to do risky things that might not have the overall welfare of the country in mind. That said, I want to make it known that I vote split ticket, my vote is not blind, it is based on the candidate. Yes, I voted for Clinton. Yes, I have Democrat judges in office in Harris County because I was one of the people who voted for them, but I am mostly a Republican voter as it is the party that speaks loudest to match my internal voice.

Many in America are not thrilled about Obama's second term, the official inauguration being today. As a woman, a minority with a bit of Native American blood running through my veins, I can say that Obama's past four-year term failed to impress me in the slightest.

Oftentimes it appears that Obama is more obsessed with developing a legacy and making it into history books for this and that rather than noticing that our country has immediate needs that should not be ignored. Of course, there are extreme Liberals who believe "we won the election" and are incapable of seeing their "win" is not so "winning." Some people, including our President, has forgotten the map of the United States as it appeared after the election.

Perhaps Obama needs a visual-aid to reference prior to him making speeches and arrogantly making blanket-platitudes. I'm talking about platitudes such as, "I have the American people behind me." I think he needs to take another look at the division of election results to see that he is lacking much of the American people's support on many issues that he has rabidly pursued with distorted justifications.

Not all American people are behind Obama's rushed engagement of the "Executive" pen instead of sticking to our system of checks and balances, even if imperfect. It appears we have a president who doesn't really believe that the American people are behind him or he would prove it by letting Congress take care of matters that belong to the people instead of believing American people are trusting in ONE desk. All the American people can hope for, at this point, is that the President is, eventually, put in his place by our checks and balances. Many people in America believe Obama ended one term and began the next without fully understanding or respecting the American people he is supposed to serve.

First of all, as for visual-aids, take a look at the Electoral Map for the 2013 Presidential Election. However, in doing your own research, take great care to make sure that the blue/red standards are not swapped. There are several sites that have purposefully pulled a switch-a-roo to show Blue as representing Republicans to make it appear as if BLUE is the pervasive color across the map. However, the standard is for Blue to represent Democrats and Red to represent Republicans; I'm sticking with the standard in my writings.

2013 Electoral Vote map. Red=Republican, Blue=Democrat.

This President seems to have forgotten the fact that electoral votes is NOT representative of the POPULATION. The Electoral System is a beast within itself, but Electoral Votes are not a reflection of individual votes. Here is the breakdown of the "popular" vote for this second term.

Let's keep in mind that American people themselves have their voice and their individual vote recorded by POPULAR VOTE while the Electoral Vote represents REGIONS, so there can indeed be a gap, as we are now witnessing, as the country is split in half. Near half of America did not want Obama to be their top White House representative, but the Electoral system, once again, trumped individuals. And yes, I understand the reasoning behind us being leery of the popular vote controlling the country, although, I believe that many of us are seeing the faults of the Electoral system because it is, essentially, leaving half of America without representation that we can believe in.

When it comes down to it, the Electoral Vote gets the person into the Presidency, but once the campaign is over, the President actually represents individuals, NOT regions. The popular vote cannot be discarded because those votes are attached to the people of this country.

It is clear that Obama is out-of-touch with HALF of the American people. According to a Gallup poll, when the NRA has a higher popularity rating than the Presidency that is taking steps against the NRA, that is revealing. Actions speak louder than words and the American people are taking action that proves they are not "behind" this President on the level he has diluted himself into believing. Worse yet, he ridicules and dismisses the other half, but guess what? --- The other half is not going away. The other half is powerful, in their own right. The other half is going to make sure that Obama's next four years are spent remembering that he is OUR public servant; he is not an entitled member of royalty that can turn his back on selected subjects. We are not subjects, we are CITIZENS.

So, the President's actions have proven that he is not in-tune with approximately half of the population, and his far-reaching efforts to slap right-wring-wrists as they attempt to keep their government from running into a pit of destruction is becoming beyond irritating.

Why do discontent people in America continue to speak out? How come we won't simply sit back and be quiet as the President rules over America with increasing gall? Well, it's because we cannot ever lay down and roll over. If we do, our children and their children will become the pets of government instead of the masters of government. We The People are the masters of our government. Elected officials are our PUBLIC SERVANTS. Obama is our EMPLOYEE, our government servant. Granted, he is one very expensive servant and his constant vacations are a strong indication of his belief that he is entitled to a grand ride at tax-payer expense. For those of us who are struggling to pay our taxes already and who are struggling with the cost of living on a daily basis, we are not amused to see our President and his family on so many astounding vacations. In this regard and others, there appears to be a severe lack of sensitivity in the White House.

I actually laughed aloud when CNN reporters touted Michelle Obama's connection to the American people's financial plight by wearing the same blue cardigan yesterday and today. Hmmm...her connection is not very linked to mine as she sits with her kids, yet again, on another extravagant vacation. Forget the cardigan, what about their choices to siphon tax-payer funds for personal gain, repeatedly? Are we supposed to be impressed with the meager token of wearing the same cardigan two days in a row as some kind of display of a conservative-spending mindset? The two-days-in-a-row cardigan message has got to be a joke.

Obama's eagerness to display his latest vacation in our struggling faces is another sign that he is out of touch with most American people. While we are expected to live an ordinary life of cut-backs and as we are expected to dish out more for less, we are witnessing this President make more and more Fairy-Tale-promises to many who are learning to walk around with their hand held out. Hard-working Americans are being smothered by smooth-talking politics. CNN even stated today, after the inauguration speech, that Obama's speech embraced too much "more" because he had a "litany of agenda items." I agree with a CNN commentator that Obama's unrealistic promises are going to eventually be his own trap.

Many of us realize that such promises are going to eventually disintegrate because SOMEONE has to pay for it. Who really thinks Obama will be around to pay the piper? Part of that disintegration will take place because Obama enjoys putting down and ripping apart the top producers of this country, the ones who are producing jobs for others, for your town and mine. As many are noting, Obama is resentful of people who succeed. His contrived, distasteful tone toward those who are "rich," which means, "those who earn a buck," is quite apparent, unless, of course, they are his Hollywood pals or his favorite singer, Beyonce. I guess Hollywood "deserves" their success and are not to be despised because they wrap Obama in their red-carpet arms, but the other segment of our population that includes people in business, people who invest wisely, people who work, scrimp and save...those people just don't get the glimmer of Obama's eye nor his glorification. Obama's idea of what deserves recognition and admiration is a bit twisted.

But, back to the Popular Vote...speaking of being out-of-touch with the American populace, let's not forget that this President had a Popular Vote in 2008 that was also indicative of Americans being split in their thinking. Below you will find a Popular Vote map from the 2008 election. Since that election, think about how the Popular Vote has continued to widen and separate Obama's link to individuals in the United States of America. This second-term campaign and election proved that he has already lost a large portion of the popular backing.

I have a feeling that the next four years will be long ones for Obama. Over the next four years, the blame-game will not be swallowed as easily by this country's citizens, even as Obama continues to try to vilify Republicans, the other half, as the reason he can't dig our country out of the financial hole he's excavating faster than any other President in our history. Poor, poor helpless President Obama.

2008 Election map showing Popular Vote relating to counties in America.
2013 Election map showing Popular Vote relating to counties in America.
One massive area of discontent for many Republican, Tea-Party, Right-Winging individuals is that this president continues to stir the hot-pot of party division by his irreverent and disrespectful way of paying lip-service to bi-partisanship. When viewing the visual references above, it is extremely evident that his statements about understanding what America wants and needs is not exactly altruistic.

Lately, we are seeing Vice-President Biden take more of a lead in some major areas of politics, such as with Congress on financial issues and with the gun-control fiasco. White House public relations appears to have a dawning comprehension of needing Biden to save face for the President's inability to reach across the political aisle. Biden is simply more approachable, more diplomatic, he keeps his humor about him and is outspoken to the point of endearing people to understand he is intelligent, driven, yet able to cross party lines to get things done. A president should lead the pack in this aspect of politics, but we have not seen that admirable trait that most presidents embrace after the campaign. Obama remains on the the endless campaign trail, leaving political casualties in his wake to include approximately half of this nation.

"Seize the moment" is a phrase that was part of our President's inauguration speech. If you can't obtain what you want by going through proper channels, then SEIZE what you want. SEIZE it from those who work hard. SEIZE it from those who risk everything in the pursuit of happiness to put all that they own on the line to know the meaning of success. SEIZE control of entitlements and pay-outs and tax-payer's hard-earned money by holding abiding citizen's money hostage for Robinhood efforts...while remembering that Robinhood was still a thief. SEIZE what has been earned by others in the name of "equality."

I find it mildly humorous that some media outlets and the President himself loves to lay the blame of indecisiveness on Republicans. How long will ineffectiveness continue to be blamed on others? I thought our nation was moving past blame-game tactics that wreaked havoc upon us. However, there is an underlying current of right-wing thought that is becoming loud and knows that some motion can be destructive. Motion does not equate productivity. Sometimes, true movement comes in holding your ground until the motion can indeed be forward and toward our collective benefit.

If the lack of motion is something that Republicans must take as their burden of holding back destruction, then I am all for it. Put the finger in the spurting hole of the political dam that is threatening to burst open and consume all of us. Put pressure on it and don't move until a valid solution can be provided or we will all sink.


LindaG said...

And the people who are reaping the benefit of his seizing, will continue to accept that everything bad is the result of the evil Republicans.

This is a great post. Well said, Lana.
Hope you all have a blessed week. ♥ said...

Linda --- I am going to share research I am doing with bi-partisan and non-partisan sources that hit topics that will impact all Americans. We have a big year coming, 2014, and it won't be a joy-ride. I am blogging because I want to make sure my blog buddies are aware and prepared.

That being said, my best-friend is a staunch Democrat and even she is very unhappy with Obama's performance and she is extremely concerned about him going BEYOND the typical Democratic comfort zone. She felt trapped during this election, as most of us did. I do think America settled for a president who represents something other than a good leader for our country and that makes me very sad and worried for our country. So many people won't even realize it is bad until it's perhaps too late. I sure wish Obama would have been a President who would've embraced America, wholly, and not remained division-minded. A president can't afford to have that mindset because it impacts the entire country; however, he is holding onto his grudges and blaming and wanting to be the "guy who changes" everything, even if it is to our detriment because he's ignoring other critical areas. Yes, I am listening to the other half who are now saying that we need to be speaking out. Republicans are too much into being individuals and with let well enough alone kind of thinking, which is not serving our own issues and concerns about this country being shaken up as if it were a snow-globe. We need to slow down and take a look at all that is being rushed through with political haste. What is the use in having bad policy because it was not well thought out? Augh!! I am so very concerned.

And my friend who is a Democrat, we spoke today and had a great time. We avoided political conversation today, but scheduled a talk for the Wednesday after next. I LOVE IT when people from both sides can try to discuss the issues and come to an understanding of each other, even if not an agreement. My friend and I agree, we don't like the way things are right now, for numerous reasons.


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