Saturday, January 19, 2013

# 391 - Boy Scout Weekend Prepping

Today my brother came over to pick up the lawn tractor and trailer to go to our acreage for mowing in preparation of the Boy Scouts Wilderness Survival Badge weekend, which is next weekend.

This weekend, he'll be mowing the parking and camping sites, then doing some preparations for the boys to better handle their wilderness experience. This weekend, he'll probably use the chainsaw to cut down a few pine trees and such that the boys will be better able to use to build their makeshift shelters and the rudimentary bridge across the creek. I believe the branches with the evergreen pine needles will make great coverage for their shelter roof. I can't wait to see the pictures my brother will be taking next weekend!

One thing for sure, in my family, I'm surrounded by men who are typical products of testosterone over-drive maleness. Sometimes I am ready to go bonkers about that fact, but then I look at these men and am proud at how they get things done. It's nice to see them work together and able to communicate like REGULAR people!

For me, I was looking at my little bearded brother today and still can't believe he's now 40 years old! It's great that he's so active with the Scouts. He's a hard worker, an intelligent man, and he is always involved with the kids on the weekends. Since he's an outdoorsman, this usually involves being in the great outdoors. But, most Sundays they are in church. He keeps his priorities in line.

He also took a chainsaw and I'm sure that will add to his fun times on the land. There seems to be a little Lumberjack in most men. Put a chainsaw in their hands and they are saw-happy. I think men believe the smell of sawdust is an exotic aphrodisiac.

Maybe there should be a perfume for women, Eau De Sawdust Parfum, or whatever the terminology would be with a French spin to it. Then, added scents to this special line of perfume would be...bacon, ocean breeze, and perhaps, motor oil. \



Mike said...

I see the weather out your way has been a bit on the nipply side. Hopefully, it'll warm up for the Scout trip.

Don't know about Texas but, out in the Wilds of TN, around pines and cedars, they'd come home with ticks. Probably wrong season but, how many will catch a few chiggers?

Karen said...

Hello Lana, LOL, 'Eau De Sawdust'...I'll tell my single girlfriend to look into that scent.

The survival weekend sounds like an intense one for the youngsters. How nice they can use your land. Their new skills will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Reading back on posts I've missed--I loved your new wardrobe! I want your daughter to shop for me, lol!

Have a great weekend, Lana.

LindaG said...

Makes sense to me.
How would we handle the fishing one though? Eau de fresh fish?
Hope you are doing well, Lana. *hugs* ♥ said...

Mike - It's definitely been the Texas version of MISERABLE. We do like our sunny weather and have had plenty of rainy, cold, grey days. However, this weekend it was GORGEOUS and it should be nice through next weekend, hopefully!

As for ticks, I have seen a few while on our land. I hope the chickens will help control the land of such pests, I hear they are great for nabbing the little pests as a treat. Chiggers...I'll remind the kids to get cheap bottles of clear fingernail polish to put on the chigger bites, which smothers the chiggers. I used to go into the woods with my family, then spend the next week covered with dots of clear fingernail polish. Fun times.

Lana said...

Karen --- Since I love the smell of sawdust, I guess I'd also enjoy that smell in a cologne! As for the Boy Scout weekend, it sure does sound as if it will be loads of fun. The boys that will be attending are sure to learn survival skills that will give their egos a huge boost.

And my daughter will appreciate your kind words! She is definitely good at picking out awesome things for me to wear. I'd look so much better if I only wore clothes she selected for me. I have a habit of pulling on the tent shirt and wearing old sweat pants. Not so great looking, but very comfortable. I've been surprised that the clothes she is buying for me are so comfortable. It's been a wake-up call for me to start liking certain stores, such as Kohl's. :-)

Lana said...

Linda --- You crack me up about the fishing perfume. I guess it'd have to be the smell of saltwater or maybe we should wear fishing lure earrings and necklaces. I can only imagine all the things we could come up with!

And I'm doing great. Hope you are too. I know you've been doing a lot on the land. I hope the cold weather has slowed everything down a little to give you a break, although I imagine it might make you guys ancy to get things done. I know the bad weather is hard on us, especially us in the South, we are accustomed to being able to go outdoors pretty much year-round. There's not any shutting down for us. No yearly snowbound days to keep us inside.