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# 394 - An American Opinion - Equality or Equal Opportunity? Let's be Fair!

This blog has turned out to be an article relating to An American Opinion, but I feel it is important, not just to me, but to many of you other there in blog-land.

According to many dictionaries, the term "equality" is another word for UNIFORMITY. It is the notion that what you do to one side must be done to the other; it is the notion of SAMENESS. Let's not confuse Equal Opportunity with Dictated Equality.

Having equal opportunities is not the same as trying to equalize the OUTCOME of those who work toward utilizing opportunity through work. Work may be hard, it might be innovative, it might be brain-powered or creative, but it all boils down to working toward making the most of our opportunities. Some people won't make the effort to pursue opportunity because it takes too much effort. Equality should not endorse siphoning off those who have worked diligently to make the most of every opportunity they encountered. If a person isn't motivated to grab their opportunities as they present themselves, then that is their choice.

Most people understand the analogy of a classroom as compared to normal society because most of us have either been in a classroom, had our children in a classroom, have taught in a classroom or we have or will be taking some kind of employment training in a classroom setting. Across all levels of social-economic lines, most people understand classroom dynamics, academically.

In every classroom, there are those few kids who are driven to achieve the highest grades. Often, we can see these students forfeiting other luxuries, such as relaxation and socializing, so they can EARN the best grades possible. For many of these students, there is a heavy price to pay so that they can be in the top-standing of their class. Sometimes, these students are picked on for being high-achievers and many have suffered in order to have the enjoyment of knowing their grades reflect the effort they have expended to be good students. A few have a natural ability to get great grades, but those students are still giving some kind of sacrifice to have that "natural" ability. People who know how to earn good grades know how to study. Most top students understand cause and effect; they know that hard-work toward academics results in an outcome of good grades. A top student wouldn't even consider letting an extra-credit opportunity pass them by!

We could use this same analogy toward sports, the most athletic competitor is usually the one studying their sport and constantly seeking to build their physical abilities, but I am sticking with academics, for now.

Then, we all know the students who come to class, out of obligation. Those students spend their classroom time trying to catch some ZZZZ's and avoiding as much work as possible. Now, to make it clear, we're talking about those students who have the capacity to do better, yet they choose to NOT do much other than doze off in class. Many of those bottom-of-the-rung students have no problem with being on the bottom rung; they don't care about earning the grade because they just want OUT of the classroom. These students do not want to expend energy or brain-power on studies because it is not important to them. Many of these students would rather expend more energy and more brain-power toward AVOIDANCE of being a good student...they simply aren't interested in earning good grades. Some of these students might be given the chance to take a giant leap forward by doing a simple project to earn extra credit, but such opportunities are wasted on a student who really doesn't give a flying flip about anything other than wasting more time doing nothing. Again, we could be also talking about kids who are working their first job at the local restaurant...the classroom is to just give examples of people with different attitudes toward opportunities, in general.

Finally, we have the other students, the middle-of-the-line students who represent most of us in society. They are diligent workers; they care about making decent grades; they put effort toward their studies, but they might not be a genius. Their hallmark is more attributed toward being dedicated and always striving to do better. These students understand the way a classroom functions and they might even hit a few high grades that show their potential to be budding or they might have struggles that plunge them downward every now and then, yet they always manage to pull themselves back up to be one of the good students. Because of hard work and determination, they continue to do well, overall. The middle-of-the-line students often do their best and are rewarded by being recognized as good students and recognized as the people who keep things moving forward in class. Often, a good student CARES about their grades and wants to keep making good grades, so they put forth the effort necessary. Most good students will see an extra credit assignment as an excellent opportunity to close the gap between them and the highest performing students, so try their best to not let such opportunities pass them by.

Personally, at one time or another, I have been each of these students, the top, the middle and the bottom. However, if we try to "equalize" the classroom, that would mean that the top students would be dragged down to the level of the lowest student because being equal does not allow the bottom student to rise to the top; it does not allow it because that bottom rung student is unwilling to rise to the top, that would require too much effort on their behalf. Therefore, if the bottom does not have the determination to take advantage of every opportunity to rise to the top, then, for the sake of equality, the top must be penalized and demeaned until they sink to the same level of those at the bottom...equality demands SAMENESS.

If you have been in class or at work and have experienced being with these kind of people, the ones who avoid work at all costs, you know what I'm referring to. So, for everyone to be equal, on the same level, that means the reaching must be done in the direction that is actually achievable. All those students in the middle, well, they are also a bit too far out of reach for the bottom rung students, so those masses will need to dumb-down, stoop-down and lower themselves to academically be on par with the lowest student in the class. Everyone must be equalized or there is no equality.

For generalized equality, don't expect to be special or to stand above the rest because of your hard work or cultivated talents. Equal opportunity is evolving toward a spiraling expectation thinking that those who have more are obligated to hand-out what they've earned to those who perhaps didn't give a darn about their own squandered opportunities.

Why should under-achievers care about missed opportunities and the lack of determination or applied efforts to obtain positive results? These days, it's much easier to be given the passing grade simply because it's a requirement of equality!

Maybe I'm weird, but isn't that a slap in the face for those middle-of-the-line and top students who have actually put effort toward EARNING their good grades?

Moreover, perhaps the student who doesn't know which direction to run for a touch-down should NOT be playing in their school play-offs. Is the athlete who cared about the team and the sport expected to sit out so that another student who shakes off practice is given a place on the field that rightly belongs to a team-member who has used every opportunity to prove and improve their game-worthiness?

In the name of equality, efforts toward anything other than equal opportunity would equate classroom degradation. Students who would normally feel compelled to go the extra mile for that top grade would have their academic-excellence extinguished; their motivations would be eliminated because they must remember to hand over their achievements to those who spend their time screaming for equality. There is no longer a top position in class to obtain anymore anyway; equality has erased class divisions; everyone is considered the same, EQUAL. Even if those top students yearn to lead the way, it's not possible because that would tip the balance of equality.

Therefore, is EQUALITY fair?


OPPORTUNITY is the basic foundation of Free Enterprise and Capitalism...the ones who would care to reach further and higher, to stretch themselves to reach the best that opportunity has to offer, are given a chance to be rewarded! In America, it is awe-inspiring to watch those who extend their efforts to rise from the ashes to go beyond the lowest, past the middle and reach the TOP!

Aren't the Olympics a typical example of what OPPORTUNITY and EXCEPTIONAL drive is all about? What if we decided that the top Olympian had too much of a good thing and needed to SHARE their hard-earned results with those who would rather party all night than show up for early morning practice? No, those athletes are NOT all equal, such is life, but there is fairness in that each are given an opportunity among their peers to give their best.

It is very upsetting to many Americans that we are finding ourselves living in a time where, in the name of "equality," there is now a pervasive idea that punishment and penalties should be doled out to those who strive for more...those terrible over-achievers who might build a business in your hometown and offer fifty new jobs, well, darn that hard-working, entrepreneurial person for doing such an unthinkable thing!

We're seeing the Federal Government take California's lead in trying to tax the "rich" and to make the business-owners PAY for being the ones who shoulder great responsibility and heavy effort.

I mean, aren't rich people the ones who earn a buck? I've earned a few bucks and am far, far from rich, but I certainly don't want to finance the guy's life around the corner who would rather hang out with his buddies all day than do anything productive. Aren't income-producers a evil lot because they are in business to make a profit? Aren't profits becoming distributable income? Isn't the government becoming experts at telling people how much money is acceptable for them to make without them becoming the target of hateful propaganda? Since when did Americans start to resent successful people so much that the bar is becoming lower and lower to define those considered "successful?"

Today's society is being groomed to be resentful of the person who DOES more to EARN more. Today's society has the bottom rung believing that they DESERVE the same as the top rung. Maybe life isn't fair, but there are opportunities out there for all of us! I can honestly say that Bill Gates has earned what he deserves; I stand in awe at how his freaky brain operates; he's WORKED to change our lives with revolutionary ideas put to WORK. I'd love for him to send me $100,000. but do I EXPECT it? Heck no, he earned the right to put every red cent of his earned money where he desires.

I am taking a firm stand on this issue because I believe that, even if we struggle, we cannot be indoctrinated into believing that equality is fair. Most of us are having a hard time financially. My family takes a vacation approximately once every five years. Our last official vacation was in 2009. Most Americans are dreaming of that next vacation, but are happy to get gas so they can go to the grocery store with their coupons. Therefore, I am appalled by the White House and the President being so detached from the plight of the American people as they publicize vacation after vacation after vacation. Where is the equality that Obama is talking about all the time as he goes on yet another vacation? Personally, I would like for that equality to begin with Obama caring about the money that WE are dumping into HIS lap. Since he is a Public Servant vacationing on our dime, we have a right to yell, "FOUL!"

So...every time you hear the far left spout off the word "equality," please remember what equality truly means; it means that the upper and the middle will have less and less so that those who might not even be seeking more, can have part of YOUR more.

Yes, there is a massive difference between equality and equal opportunity. I'd rather our country strive for as much fairness as it can muster, yet hammer home the ideals of responsibility to make the most of our opportunities rather than spouting off about equality. It's a warped government that promotes siphoning from the income-producers of our land, as if it will solve all of our socio-economic problems. We all know, as big boys and girls, that life is not fair. One business-person may have worked for thirty years to build their successful business and he lives in a mansion on the hill, while another man may have surfed every day for thirty years and found himself living in a straw shack...each is getting what is fair for their circumstance. Shall we try to equalize the two? If we tried to make the surfer and the business person equal, that would indeed be unfair to both of them. So, let's try to keep our eye on what is fair instead of what is equal.

What is equal might not be fair, and what is fair is not equal.

There's no doubt that President Obama and his non-ending jabbering about equality is prompting new generations to believe those middle students and top students should forfeit their own hard-earned positions and rewards so that a redistribution can be made toward those who did not earn such benefits. I'm not saying that people can't be given a leg-up or assistance when they are down for the count, but our tax money should not continue to be poured into programs that encourage immobility and cause a drain on our collective system. Everyone needs help every now and then, but this pervasive thought of attacking those who have earned their way is not acceptable.

Moreover, on a deeper level, Obama expects people of lower-economic status to believe they are somehow short-changed by the hardly-rich to the wealthy family in town. Equality demands that things level out, even if that family across town has to look forward to paying back school loans for the next twenty years because they spent nine-twelve years in medical school and residency. Who is Obama to decide an across-the-board income as a target? How does he know what each person or family goes through to earn that income? It may have come at a very high price that is not yet paid off. How come Obama comes across as resentful toward those who are successful business-minded individuals, yet he is slobbering all over anyone who has had their name in lights?

Obama is offering the type of equality that we need to shun. I ask you to think carefully every time you hear the President use the term "equality." For me, I cringe. Instead, let's remember how great it is to be an American! Let's embrace the success of others for it does NOT take away from us! Let's be happy for the ones who stretch themselves for they give hope to us and to future generations!

Opportunity is still alive and well, let's keep it that way!

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LindaG said...

And those same liberals probably have many ways to avoid paying the taxes that have been levied on the rest of us.

Great post, Lana. You are very eloquent and I agree with everything you said.

Amen and God bless. ♥