Saturday, January 12, 2013

# 388 - Kitchens and The Woods!

I keep spying kitchens on commercials that I love! I sit there thinking, "What are those strangers doing in my kitchen?" Actually, I WISH they were my kitchens!

Let me clarify, I wish these were my kitchens in my country home in the woods. Make sense? I'm still in the city house, but the For Sale sign is still in the yard, buyers are not that frequent in today's market, but we had another interested buyer come by this past weekend. We'll see what comes of it.

As for my dream kitchens, this past week I've seen two of my kitchens in commercials. I guess I'm a sucker for white cabinets because all of my claimed kitchens seem to have some white cabinetry in them.

The first one is a Target commercial. I love the ceiling, the cabinetry, the island, the windows over the sink and the way the kitchen joins the living area. However, since this is a set, there are major pieces of a kitchen missing...such as the refrigerator, etc., but the general layout of the kitchen is my kind of style. Thanks for the nice scene Target!

Of course, I love the wood floors. I don't think I'd have wood floors with such heavy high-gloss polyurethane as I now have in my current house because I rather like the real bare wood that gets scraped up, gouged and worn looking. As long as it is kept clean and polished, it is great. 

I also like the combination of the woodwork painted white with the natural woodwork. A winner in my book. 

Then, there was another commercial, I think it was for life insurance. That kitchen was a real beauty. The cabinets looked straight-forward and without much flair, but they are clean-lined and nice looking. I love the position of the stove/oven and the sink with the large window to the side, the pot-depth sink at the island which is warmed up with bead-board. Then, there are the double doors with solid glass to the side of the kitchen, just as I have laid out in my own country house plans, my doors will lead to an outdoor kitchen. 

In particular, I like the position of these kitchens, in the way that they are open to an adjoining dining area and family room. Just exactly what I envision for my country home. No more huge home that is spread far apart and with spare rooms that are constantly needing to be cleaned. Less is best. 

I continually hope to have this country house in my near future, one way or another. I'm young enough to savor living in such a home for many, many, many years...I hope. Actually, I hope to be like my grandmother and be living into old age, independently. She's in her mid-80's and loves living alone. She actually lived on an acre of land, by herself, for about thirty years. She is my inspiration!

I've grown up knowing that happiness must be first found within yourself. If your environment is not conducive to your happiness and contentment, then make a change. Don't let fear stop you from breaking away from whatever holds you back from enjoying the best life has to offer. For me, my soul is aching to get out of the city and into the woods. Since my grandmother had done the same exact thing, at about my age, in her forties, it's pretty amazing to look back at how happy she was in her little corner of the world.

Until then, I'm hanging in there and trying my best to keep working toward giving this industrial town the Disney-Wave goodbye.

One day soon...I hope...


LindaG said...

You and your grandmother both are inspirations. Keep praying for you! ♥

A Primitive Homestead said...

I love open floor plans too. Blessings! Lara said...

Linda - Thank you! So much is going on and I am trying to catch up with my blog reading and writing. My computer's internal battery went completely dead, so I had to order a new one. Just installed it last night! So, now I have a full computer screen and keyboard again!

Lara - Woman, I think of you often! I know you are trying to just keep your heartbeat going. I guess talking about mundane things is good for all of us...yes I definitely am leaning more toward an open floorplan. You've given me a great idea for a blog topic. Anyway, I'll come over to visit your blog also...praying for you.


Karen said...

Lana, I should be in bed (in keeping with a sort-of resolution to get more sleep) but couldn't resist reading up on everything I've missed at your house. Love the kitchens...I want to remodel our hut and have so many ideas but nothing concrete yet. The chickens, I laughed at the poo-bombs...we have them everywhere too, and it's worse now, since the Girls are following the trail I plowed through the snow and have completed pooped it up. Now I have to walk in the snowbanks to avoid the poop. Sigh!

I hope your home sells soon, I'm thinking it surely will since it is so beautiful. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your family. Looking back on your health issues over the years I can see why you cherish each 24 hours as you have them; we all should, but I know I take my health for granted. This is a good reminder to think of my blessings more often rather than my annoyances.

My mother is 92 and still lives on her own and drives to town. We're close enough to lend her a hand, obviously, but she's so independent, she puts me to shame. I can see you being the same way.

Hugs to you, and I think of you often, dear friend!