Saturday, January 5, 2013

# 384 - Chicken Bamboo-Shoo Stick

Night time falls and I go outside to check on the chickens. It's dark, so they should all be tucked in for beddie-bye inside the coop. But, nope. Two ladies are roaming around, they've learned that the back porch light brings in a night-time feast. So, they are extra eager to catch a bug or two.

I walk outside to make sure the other chickens are in the coop, snoozing. I am wearing my huge night-shirt and white robe with flip-flops on my feet, even though it's freezing.

Imagine my shock as one of the chickens runs over to me and gets herself under my housecoat so she can immediately start her furious pecking upon my exposed toes. Now, I'm hopping around, swinging my housecoat away to get her out from underneath it and I manage to break away for a second ---- only for her to make another made dash toward me and my toes.

What the heck?

Something about night-time with porch lighting made my toes look like delicious chicken treats.

I gave up and ran back inside with the chicken at my feet, not giving up.

Never again will I go outside at night to see the chickens, basically barefoot; that is a mistake. My toes need a day to get over the trauma of being pecked without compassion.

Next time, I'll be prepared for the assault upon my Little Piggies and I will go out there with my trusty bamboo-shoo stick. Everyone should have a bamboo-shoo stick. The chickens respect that stick and my toes give praise for its talent at being able to keep an astray chicken from veering my direction.

A bamboo-shoo stick is an essential tool to have at home when there are chickens sharing your abode.

Thank you bamboo-shoo stick, my Little Piggies are grateful for the power you wield so elegantly.


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy the chicken stories! Lana could you please do us a favor and have deputy Dave video tape a reenactment for our blogging entertainment. You had me cracking up with my own interpretation. Do it and send it in to funniest home videos. I think you'd win!
Love from Viola, Ks

Cheerful mum said...

Hi Lana, I LOVE your blog! Reading over the last year's posts has really encouraged me in my dream to have chickens, and we are finally buying 4 little chicks this week!
Luckily up North here in Liverpool it's always cold, so the chickens will never get a chance to peck my toes!
xx Marian

LindaG said...

I guess they thought your toes were little white grubs!
Glad to hear you're okay. ♥

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh, that is too funny! I could really picture it. Happy New Year.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Oh I see this visual. Gave me quite a chuckle. Glad you have a shoo-stick handy for next time's night maurading - those crazy gals!