Saturday, March 3, 2012

# 218 - Heartache for all Victims of Mother Nature

I have been spending part of my morning looking over the pictures. the widespread devastation and I've been reading heart-wrenching stories about the loss of life from the five state weather system of destructive tornadoes to hit again yesterday.

This has been a week of profound loss for so many people. A week of unimaginable terror and horror as survivors muddle their way through their own loss while trying to be supportive to their neighbors.

Since we've lived through the devastation of Mother Nature ourselves, we know about the horrible heartache that comes with a landscape that is wrecked and lives that are forever lost; it can be the worst scene imaginable.

I have a heart and soul that aches for everyone touched by these tragic events that are difficult to understand. I pray that all of our combined heartaches will indeed help the victims bear the burdens of loss. I hope that our tears for those who are suffering will somehow let others know that we are thinking of them and praying for them, even if we aren't close by.

Regardless, you don't have to live through such an event to understand loss. We Americans pull together in such times; it is our way of life. I am eager to take some of our household belongings to any local church that will be making donations to the victims of these tragic circumstances.

May God's all-knowing love be tangible for us in this very imperfect world as we endure the hardships of this life. May those who were taken by the destructive winds be embraced in the peace of Heaven and free from all material things that the rest of us are left to sift through and put back together as best as we can.

And know that all of you who are closest to the tragedy...I pray that God strengthens you so that you may make a difference to those who are suffering, no matter how big or small the hand that reaches out, may it be blessed ten-fold for its compassion.



LindaG said...

They are having floods in South Eastern Australia, too, after having drought last year.
Crazy weather. Hopefully our prayers will help everyone. ♥ said...

Linda --- the weather can indeed be crazy. I think we both have blog buddies in Australia. It's been a sad time with all the destruction of late. May God be with everyone impacted.