Friday, March 9, 2012

# 224 - Coffee with a Canine - I was Interviewed!!!

Any of my readers who go along this journey with me are sure to know that my dogs play a big part of my life. Especially since I am an empty-nester, the dogs are BEYOND precious to me. As we get older, we find that our grown children are so immersed in their own world that they've forgotten that us parents have our own as well! The dogs help to cushion the changing tides of life after the grown kids begin to wade their way through life.

It's a beautiful way of living to have our world include doggies! Since we will be moving to our acreage soon to start a new kind of life, our dogs will have greater and greater importance in our daily existence. Howdy already herds and guards the chickens. I can't imagine what is to come next.

Anyway, I had an interview by a blogsite that focuses on people and their dogs. Most of those being interviewed have published books and accomplished feats that I see as GREAT, but little old me was included for an interview.

Coffee with a Canine was a fun experience. I got to talk about the creatures in my life who are loving, loyal and protective. Who can ask for more than that?

To read the interview at the blog Coffee with a Canine, check out the link below:



LindaG said...

Either this is post 224, or the one about your dad was 222. ;-)

Congratulations on being chosen for an interview!
Hubby drinks Folgers Columbian right now. With hazelnut or vanilla caramel.

John Wayne or Tim Allen. Quite the different people.
Really enjoyed the interview though. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! said...

Linda --- THANK YOU!! You are always a Godsend and help to keep me straight.


Mike said...

I received that interview request, also. Turned 'em down. Hard to trust emails from unknowns. ;)