Sunday, March 18, 2012

# 231 - Stefie Update

This past week has been a painful Spring Break for my Stefanie. She'd hurt herself just a few days before Spring Break was to begin, but she made it home and we could clearly see that her injury was all-consuming. She'd hurt the area of her back that had previously been fractured in a car accident, in 2009.

Since our regular family doctor was on Spring Break vacation with his own kids, we began the ridiculous hoop jumping to find a last-minute substitute. Well, we did find a great doctor, but his staff was NOT adept at getting the testing cleared with our insurance company, especially for an MRI that had been ordered to be administered on the same day as we had initially seen the doctor.

Sadly, because of this doctor's pre-certification team, we ended up having to wait nearly four days for Stefie to actually get her MRI. And that was only because I called the insurance company myself and did some momma-snooping to find out that the pre-cert woman at the clinic had been lying about contesting the original decision to deny the MRI. This woman had told us that she was doing everything possible to get the MRI approved. In reality, she never even make one attempt to get the guidelines from the insurance company to contest this particular denial. It needed a one-word change in the MRI request from the doctor. If she'd have called, this would have been handled without issue.

I was perplexed, we had NEVER experienced such problems with our other physician, but his staff is well-versed in the ways of ordering diagnostic testing and in getting FAST insurance approval.

Turns out, this new doctor's staff was telling me that they were fighting to contest the original denial of the MRI, but in truth, they had done nothing since the moment their office had received the initial fax denying the MRI request. I was not a happy momma. I should not have to follow behind people to make sure they do their jobs so that we can make sure our insurance premiums are being put to proper use. Regardless, a few phone calls were made and Stefie FINALLY got the MRI that she should have had days before.

After a follow up appointment to discuss the results, they decided that she needs to see the Orthopedic Spine Surgeon...Monday morning at 8:00am.

So, I am having insomnia...a bit concerned about her going for this appointment and having so much trouble with her back while knowing that she has class on Monday at 2:00pm, so we'll be cutting it close to get her back to school. Well, I'm praying that the surgeon will give us an opinion that she just needs more time to heal and that her life won't be interrupted for much longer. I cringe at the thought of her having back surgery while so young. I know a little about that awful mess from my own back surgery and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Anyway, she is a trooper. This weekend she had been sad about having her entire Spring Break be spent in misery. So, her daddy went to Kemah (seaside community-nearby) and bought crawfish. On Saturday afternoon, we had a great crawfish boil, even though she had to shuffle slowly to her seat and shuffle slowly back inside, it was worth it. At least she'll be able to say she did SOMETHING fun on her Spring Break!

The good news is...we always find something to do that is enjoyable. We don't have to schedule anything fabulous; we don't have to be entertained; we don't have to even leave the house...we've found ways to have great times, even when the body is not wanting to cooperate.

So, this weekend, I am thankful that the little woman in our house is still trying to smile, in spite of all her pain. She tries to be sweet and kind, even when she is in agony. She's a young woman of great character and of great perspective; I admire her strength and determination.

Things in life are certainly NOT going her way right now, but she still has a great attitude.

Tomorrow morning, I'm praying the doctor gives only good news. Since she needs to head back to college tomorrow, I am ready for a positive send-off. We want to keep helping this daughter of ours to have every opportunity that we gave to our first daughter through her years in college, even though it's been more difficult putting our second child through school, we keep trying. I am thankful that things are happening for Deputy Dave and I so that we can better assist Stefie with finishing her degree; let's just hope that her back cooperates and that she stays vibrant and healthy. She's never missed a semester, even in 2009 with a BROKEN BACK and a HEAD INJURY!

I marvel at her determination. It's easy for some of these kids to complain at the slightest problem, but I am always so proud of Stefie and her optimism while embracing a "can-do" attitude in the midst of troubles.

I guess the morning will bring us more news...I just keep hoping it will be good news so we can keep watching this spunky gal make her way in the world at such a young age. She's going to be the one who probably keeps going straight through school toward her upper studies, so I'm cheering her along. Good thing is...she is focused and on track.

She's a 21 year old woman, but I appreciate her as my child and as my friend, she's earned the right to be called my friend; however, she sure makes me love being a mommy, even on my worst days, she is a sweetheart. She deserves all the best in the world. I hope good news tomorrow brings relief so she can continue on her merry way in this life that we all know has a habit of throwing curve balls!


LindaG said...

God bless. Hope you get some kind of good news.

I can't wait until we live close enough to have a crawfish boil.

Have a blessed day!

Dreaming said...

Poor Steffie. How awful to be in such pain. I hope the surgeon's visit provides some easy solutions! said...

Linda --- Thanks Linda. I'm just tired. We do love our crawfish out here!

Dreaming --- Stefie is on her way to feeling better. I guess we'll keep going along our way, doing the best we can. :-)


Vickie said...

Lana, just checking on Stefie - how did the Dr. visit go? I'm anxious to hear - a 21 year old should not be having such issues with her back. I feel so badly for you and her alike. It's hard for mommas to watch their kiddos hurt. Praying...

Kids and Canning Jars said...

I hope your daughter gets a chance to read this blog post. You have written such lovely things about her.