Thursday, March 15, 2012

# 229 - Hear That? No Crickets Yet!

Our house in the city has been on the market for two weeks now. It's time for that buyer to come through our front door. I think I'm emotionally prepared. Since we had a "final supper" at our home last weekend for my father's 66th birthday, I am more prepared to bid this house a fond farewell.

Freakout moments are still to be expected.

For now, we are completely swamped. Every day our household is going through chaos. I cannot even write about everything that has happened this week, but here is a tad bit of what's been going on.

1. Stefie injured her back, badly. Last week, before she headed our way for the Spring Break vacation she'd been expecting to have at home, she hurt her back. She's been in misery. It doesn't help that her back had been broken in 2009 during a terrible car accident in which she also had a head injury. We will be at the diagnostic center at 7:00 am tomorrow for an MRI because they are suspecting possible spinal cord involvement this time around.

2. I went to my best-friend's birthday party yesterday, but as I was driving to the party, my truck...the Nissan...completely broke down. At least I was by myself, but I was going 45 mph on a two lane road with NO shoulder and the truck's engine suddenly quit. I began to coast into a church parking lot and found myself with NO power steering and NO power brakes. It was a Wonder-Woman feat to make the truck turn into the lot. Today, we had it towed to the mechanic's shop. Looks like its a possible timing chain issue. We'll see.

3. My teenager niece is staying with me. I love 14 year old kiddos. It's the age just before all you-know-what hits the fan. It's great to have this time with her. She's my brother's daughter.

4. Last night, while Deputy Dave was working in lovely Downtown Houston and as I was trying to enjoy myself at my friend's party, in spite of my truck breaking down, my husband was finally finishing 15 hours of straight over-time. He was exhausted...he finally got to walk the five blocks in the heart of Houston to the lot where he'd parked his Dodge Truck early that morning. But, it was gone. The truck had been thought to be stolen. Well, he called the Houston Police Dept. and found that it wasn't actually stolen...WHEW...but it had been illegally TOWED!.

Chaos with two trucks kaput in one day. By the end of the day, we were left WITHOUT a vehicle. Nice day.

5. This morning, we spent hours driving to the far North side of Houston to get our Dodge Ram truck back from a bunch of towing crooks who did not like seeing Deputy Dave walk up in his uniform with knowledge of towing laws within our city. So, we get the truck back, no charge. It's in one piece, nothing stolen and the tires were not dragged over anything damaging. Still, having to drive an hour to pick him up late at night downtown and another hour to pick our truck up from the towing peeps is not pleasant for anyone.

6. I went to my best-friend's birthday party on this truck disaster day...I was actually on my way to her house when my truck broke down. But, her party was wonderful. Even though her own husband didn't tell her, "Happy Birthday," and didn't come join us to sing "Happy Birthday" or to watch the slideshow I prepared for her. He hid out to keep from celebrating. Nice guy. The only time he decided to talk with me was to follow me out as I was leaving the an angry state of mind because he thinks his wife would rather have a "bad-ass" husband like MINE instead of being married to his GEEK self...yes, he was saying this to me, outloud. I have great patience for him, only on behalf of my best-friend. Otherwise, he would have been introduced to the REAL bad-ass in my family. Anyway, he kept on and on and on, very angry and bitter. My husband SOMEHOW threatens his manhood. I don't get it. My husband is a bad-ass, yes indeed, but he also cooks, cleans and can be gentle with all the gals in his family. My friend's husband hasn't figured this out...he thinks a husband is all about control. I guess he missed the rest of the requirements to be a TRUE bad-ass husband. I told him that he was a "silly man" and kept paying attention to my best-friend, giving her a hug good bye as he babbled and babbled away, making his rude comments, but he said, "Your husband is the bad-ass in your household, I'm just the weakling over here," blah, blah, blah, and I finally said, "No, we're ALL bad-asses in my household, each of us girls can take care of ourselves and THAT'S a promise." He finally decided to back off. Explanation: He's an Engineer. Regardless, we had a wonderful time. Around here, we ignore folks like the best of our ability.

Kelly and Me
7. Another big-wig agent wanted to show my house today, but IT'S A WRECK and there was no way I could agree to people coming through the house, unless it's "perfect" with all the beds made, the bathroom counters clean and the floors freshly mopped. So, I missed a showing, but saved my sanity. Besides, we were across town picking up the truck that had been towed and I don't think the agent would have enjoyed showing up at the house with my three dogs guarding the front door and keeping them from being able to enter. I wish I had a house that stayed ready for showings, but we are slacking in our attempt to live "perfect." I don't like day to day life in a "staged house" so it will be so great when the house is sold. I'm ready to keep my books by my sofa, my ugly towels hanging over the shower door, the bathroom faucet and mirror with a few spots on them and maybe a dish or two in the sink without feeling apprehension.

8. I feel tired, cranky and trying to be hopeful and in a positive mood about Stefie FINALLY getting her MRI tomorrow morning along with a follow-up appointment late in the afternoon at the doctor's office. I think it'll be another long day. Tomorrow is the day that they tell us whether or not she'll need back surgery. I'm in knots over it, but TRYING to leave the outcome in God's hands! My hands are not trustworthy, believe me, I might have choked an Engineer yesterday. Ha Hee Ha.

The great thing is...I had a sister and father who were able to rush to my side to pick me up after my truck broke down. My dad loaned me one of his spare vehicles that he keeps around...Thank God. I know this is VERY hard for him to do, so I really appreciate it. At least we can get to the appointments tomorrow in my dad's work truck as our Nissan sits in the mechanic's shop racking up the repair bill.

There's more. I wrote about it on my other blog. But, things are a big hot mess this week. However, even though I feel exhausted and drained, I do feel vibrant and encouraged that big changes are still headed our way with selling our house and moving to the country. I love having heart to heart talks with my niece, Phoebe. She knows she loved and accepted, but sometimes you gotta just tell a 14 year old to re-think some of their grand plans before they put them into action. Rebellious minds are not able to think to clearly, so I hope this Aunt was able to hammer some sense into that beautiful teenage head of hers. Geez, if she's anything like I had been or my brother had been...Lord have mercy on all of us as we hang on for the ride.

My buyer for this house needs to hurry and come over this weekend. We're ready to sign the papers. I can't wait.

No matter where we live, life will still be chaotic. But, at least I will be able to take a break and sit on my front porch and gaze up into the swaying trees, allowing myself to zone-out for a bit. For now, I'll be content with the city sounds at 10:30pm...police sirens sounding loudly just a couple of blocks away, a couple of car alarms going off, too many dogs barking too late at night and body-thumping music with deep base driving up and down the street.

I better appreciate it. I'm about to be living with crickets.


Dreaming said...

Well, with all of that happening, I think it's time for a break! I would have loved to have seen the tower's faces when Deputy Dave walked up!!

Charade said...

You tell your friend's husband that he's giving engineers a bad name. Big Daddy's one, and he's a bad-ass in the vein of Deputy Dave. I love that you told him at your house you're all bad-asses. That's like it is around here.

Sending you a moment of calm - and extra wishes for a quick sale. said...

I agree. He says he is an electrical engineer, so that is better than ALL other engineers...that his degree is the most difficult, etc. The poor guy is constantly comparing himself to others. We live in the land of engineers, I guess you know that since you know we're in this heavy industrial area. Engineers on every block, but this guy is just going through a miserable state of mind. I actually felt sorry for him, and my best-friend is the SWEETEST gal on earth. Augh. I should've said, he's an "electrical engineer" so that makes him, in his mind, beyond everyone else. Kind of cute that he thinks that way about himself.

Lana said...

Dreaming --- Entering the towing lot, we got a lot of scattering they thought he was coming for them. I'm glad they didn't even try to charge him for the illegal towing job, it would have been disastrous. Besides, we do NOT have an extra $300. to burn. And, we are jumping for joy that the truck wasn't stolen because it would've been in Mexico before we could blink. :-/


Vickie said...

Lana, I'll be keeping Stefie in prayer as she goes for her MRI. I hope that surgery isn't required, but I do want her to have a healthy back. Back problems are the worst!

I'm sorry you've had SUCH a time with the vehicles this week. I can't believe there are towing crooks! That's just crazy. I'm glad Dave knows his stuff when it comes to that.

You've got alot going on in your life right now I know. It's an anxious exciting and frustrating time in your life. I well remember! It WILL get better, just take one day at a time.

I can't believe your friend's husband is such a poot. He's definitely got "issues". Sounds like he needs a knock upside the head!

LindaG said...

*hugs* God bless. Prayers for Stefie.
I hope your husband gave them a ticket for illegal towing. >:/

After all this, I hope you have a blessed weekend! ♥