Tuesday, March 6, 2012

# 220 - Paw Prints Appreciated

I'm hoping our house will sell rather quickly. It will be absolutely freeing to have several acres to play with the dogs. I love being outside.

Howdy...playing ball and loving every minute of it.

These friends of ours love to be outside as well.

Liyla and Belle...always on edge with each other, but
the Yorkie is getting better at not being on the attack all the time.
Thankfully, Liyla is a sweet, patient soul.

Belle is not always so sweet, but she sure looks like a doll!

Howdy's athleticism is amazing to me. One of his offspring are so athletic that they are in agility competitions.

Never under-estimate the power of an Aussie. And Belle is a tough one as well, she's barely escaping the landing after Howdy propels himself in the air to catch the ball. She's incredibly fast herself and her ability to jump and nearly reach my face is incredible. She WILL get your attention when it is demanded. That's a Yorkie for you.

I think this dog is a little angel; however, after I see him in action, it's clear that he's an angel capable of more than a big bark. But, to those who have earned his loyalty, they are under his protection. No doubt about his protective nature toward those he loves, even the chickens.

The coat of an Aussie is quite beautiful as it grows in varying directions.

These two buddies are so happy to play ball. Howdy makes concessions for Belle every now and then, letting her have a turn at getting the ball. It's odd to see a dog with a gracious side to them.

And here is the side of him that looks angelic. Well, to me he is nearly wearing a halo. Do we dog-lovers have partiality toward our pets? Nawwww.

The little stinker, the Yorkie, well, she's pretty much captured my heart as well. Even if she does pretend to love Deputy Dave more than she loves me.

Liyla is getting older. Her face is turning gray. I will be a puddle of mush when she leaves us one day. She's a wise dog; she's gentle beyond description, yet very capable of being firm and protective.

Liyla is a red-haired beauty. The chicken is pretty cute herself.

I'm thankful for my four-legged family members. They might leave lots of paw prints on the floor, but they are worth every swipe of the mop.

And I leave you with this thought...



LindaG said...

Hope you're all doing well! :-)

Michelle said...

I enjoyed watching them play. I have to say Belle didn't look sweet in that one picture. She looked like she could do some damage.

Mike said...

Nothing like a nice slobbery ball to throw. Yorkies, if they were a big dog, you couldn't handle them. They're a handful at 5 lbs.

Vickie said...

Sweet post, Lana - glad I have a soul! Love dogs, cats, well really, all animals... My Gypsy has declared me HER property. We tried to adopt a blue heeler awhile back, and she wouldn't let him come near me. But it was his personality flaw - he wasn't macho enough. We gave him back. she gets along great with my daughter's male lab.

I'd love to see some of your artwork, Lana. Encourages me and excites me to know others feel the same way I do. Art is my muse.

Anonymous said...

Linda --- I'm doing great. Always content and looking forward to the next adventure. :-)

Michelle --- She's a little toot. However, when she cuddles up against me and gives me her "I WUV YOU" expression, it's all sweetness.

Mike --- You can imagine, we deal with more than our fair share of slobbery balls around here. Uh, you know what I mean...

Vickie --- I actually saw the sign on a friend's Facebook post and it had me laughing for a while. I decided to share it. Your Gypsy is a beauty. She's the perfect farm dog to have sitting on your porch looking over everything. You can't get a better alarm system than that! And I'll try to get some info posted about some of my various artwork that I've completed over the years. I have so much that I don't know where to start. It's be good to be able to journal on my blog about some of it because I'll be continuing my artwork once we move to the country. I can't wait to see what you've been up to! I can still picture your perfect setting next to the window. Lovely!