Friday, March 16, 2012

# 230 - Lazy Boy Boat

Fishing has been a huge part of our lives. I grew up fishing in the area of our acreage, on Lake Livingston. My grandmother had her own tackle box and she knew how to use it. She knew how to tie the knots, how to bait the hook and how to perfectly reel in a catch.

I loved fishing with my grandmother. No one else took me fishing as I was growing up, except for my grandma. I think my dad tried a couple of times, but it wasn't his thing. He enjoyed boating, but on a sports-activity level.

Until...I began going out with Deputy Dave. As teenagers, we had an awesome time fishing and seeing what we could pull up in the cast-net.

For years, Deputy Dave has fished via an Ocean Kayak. I have my own kayak, but it's a squat little thing that leaves me mostly sitting in water and as Deputy Dave's kayak slices through the water with minimal effort and incredible aqua-dynamic capabilities, I am wobbling through the water, going side to side like an injured fish.

I think I got this kayak because Deputy Dave enjoys the humor of watching me in the bright orange waddle boat.

Here is the serious set-up of a fisherman who knows his stuff.

 Moving to our acreage will be a different way of life for us in the area of fishing, but I've been thinking this through.

Deputy Dave has already had a shoulder literally torn apart because of kayaking and hooking into a big shark that dragged him around the bay. He got into that red-zone of not wanting to let go, so he ended up injured and requiring his entire shoulder to be put back together.

Since then, it's been more difficult for him to kayak, but he still does it.

The great thing about moving to our land is that we'll have access to a huge lake. One that we've enjoyed for most of our marriage and one that I've been going to since I was a baby.

I think the two of us would enjoy kayaking around these waters, as we've already done. Forget sharks, in this water, we have alligators to contend with. However, the catfish make it ALL WORTHWHILE!

We know that mating season is the most active time for alligators, mostly in May and June for our area.

Back in 2009, a five-year kid killed an alligator estimated at over 800 pounds on this lake. The head alone weighed over 100  pounds. *** Shudder ***

My point is, even though we have an incredible time fishing in salt-water, I believe the lake offers just as much fun on the other end of the line, especially Lake Livingston. In fact, even though Deputy Dave has enjoyed the hands-on aspect of fishing from a kayak, I'm at the phase in life to where I eagerly want a fishing boat. I believe Deputy Dave won't complain too loudly at being able to steer instead of paddle.

A simple boat would be nice. Nothing fancy, but a floating contraption with good seating would be perfect...hmmm...maybe an old, worn recliner placed up front with rod holders on each side instead of drink holders? Wouldn't that be a Dream-Boat for most men? We'll dub it the "Lazy Boy Boat."

Seriously, all we need is something we can take out for a day of enjoyment on the water, fishing, a bit of sight-seeing, nature kicking back and reading a great book while he fishes longer than I desire.

Since we love eating fish in our family, especially catfish of every kind, it will be great to continue catching dinner. Another bonus with moving to our acreage is that Lake Livingston is so close to our property. Unlike having to drive to the bay in Galveston for fishing, which can take 45 minutes one way, once we're living on our acreage we'll be much closer to fishing at Lake Livingston. And on the days we don't feel like tackling the huge lake, we can take a short walk to the back of our property to fish on the private spring-fed lake.

I plan on putting a sitting area near our little lake on our land, a bench with a trellis covering for protection from the sun.

A fish cleaning station near our country home will be a necessity.

I love being on the water, and it will be incredible to not have pasty white legs any longer.


Charade said...

You may not like those pasty-white legs (I call them Elmer's Glue legs), but I can tell you that your dermatologist loves them!

LindaG said...

Sounds perfect, Lana. :)
Have a blessed weekend! ♥

Charade said...

OBTW, If you Lazy Boy Boat idea doesn't "fly" in Texas, it will surely "float" in Missouri.

Vickie said...

I'm a fishin' gal myself. Been going since I was a little thang with my daddy. My grandpa used to go "noodlin" for catfish. We mostly catch bass up here or crappie, but we love catfish as well. It'd sure be fun to have a lake right at my back door - lucky you!