Saturday, March 10, 2012

# 225 - Worm Diet

Giving the chickens a special treat of worms, straight from the fishing section of Walmart, was such a delight. If you need some cheap entertainment, get some chickens.

If you want to see my video of the chickens getting their first store-bought worms, take a look. These are the things us simple-folk enjoy doing each day.

One of the chickens had a heck of a time figuring what to do with the worm she had in her beak...she'd play with it, run around with it, and fight the worm, until another chicken would snatch it from her.

Next worm-treat-day will likely find the chickens better prepared for the glorious worm-unveiling.

Now I am thinking...I need to get a worm-farm going. This is too good to pass up doing on a regular basis.


LindaG said...

Don't forget vermiculture, too. That way you have compost, chicken treats and fish bait all at once!

Have a great Sunday. ♥

A Primitive Homestead said...

Simple things make our chickens happy & make us laugh. I will have to feed my flock some worms. A worm farm. I can see your worm beds on you country grounds. Blessings!