Tuesday, March 13, 2012

# 227 - Great Dane Destroyers

We are having trouble keeping the back fence together because the neighbor's Great Danes keep pushing the boards down onto our side of the fence.

Deputy Dave bought some pickets and keeps replacing broken pickets that SHOULD'VE lasted another two years, at the least.

The good news is...the Danes are friendly. The sweetest things ever. However, their backyard accommodations are not suitable. I can't figure out why the neighbor's will not be accountable for their dogs' destructive tendencies.

Good Grief!


Mike said...

If there's a good side to this, it's that they are friendly (on their side of the fence)

What does Howdy feel about them sticking their noses in his yard?

LindaG said...

Who are they paying off for the home owners association to look the other way?
Seems like there ought to be laws...
Small claims court would be a pain the the patootie though. :/

Could definitely make it hard to sell your house. :(

Glad they haven't hurt anything more than the fence.
*hugs* ♥

Matt said...

Can you or he spray their side of the wood with something containing sulfur? something like snake repellant? it may remind them of the "shunk" smell.

They then stay away and no one gets hurt...

A Primitive Homestead said...

Sure glad those Danes are not dangerous. Some day you will have no close neighbors. No more fence repairs. This makes a lot of work & cost for your family. Some times neighbors don't care. I have been buying batteries for a electronic bark box because of the neighbors two barking dogs. For some twelve years I have listened to barking for solid hours at a time with two hour breaks. This goes on from six in the morning up until two in the morning. The barking has gotten less since I got the bark box but the more they bark the sooner the batteries die. I am to the point they need to pay for the batteries or do something with the dogs. One dog attacked my little dog while tied on my porch & a duck that limped until his death. Another duck attacked & killed. The dog has went after my son while riding his bike & me while putting the trash out. The jumped up on me putting it's front paws on my shoulders with it's head towering over mind. The neighbor both times shocked his dog. What are neighbors for? I gather all my ducks & chickens before he gets home from work. I saw some RV s last weekend. I got to look inside some. Built in fireplace with tv above. A bedroom with a loft. I was thinking of you. Blessings!