Monday, July 9, 2012

# 300 - Crafting Craziness

My dining room table has crafting items spread out all over the place. I am putting my daughter's wedding shower invitations together and it has become quite a large project. Of course, I can't ever do something plain and simple, I have to put my creativity to work and make something unique and fun.

For my daughter, it is all worth it. For months, both of my daughters have been researching all of these very cute invitation ideas for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding shower, so I took all of the combined ideas to create a one-of-a-kind invitation for my daughter. Then, I wrote a poem so the face of her invitation would have none like it.

I must say, it feels good to be printing, gluing, cutting, glittering and using good old-fashioned imagination that keeps the hands and mind busy doing something productive.

This shower is going to be loads of fun. There is so much to do! My house is a wreck from my youngest moving out and the re-adjustments I've made to other rooms; from the kitchen sink having a leak ignored too long so it became a disaster zone and from me feeling under the weather. Still, I've plodded along with fun to get these invitations completed.

One thing is for sure, these invites are very whimsical.

As my daughter requested, I found 5x7 red envelopes for the invitations and can't wait to go to the post office and get them all mailed! I think the mailing will be complete by Tuesday morning because I'm printing addresses on the envelopes from the printer with cute Alice in Wonderland in the corner of the envelope.

Lucky for me, all of this work has required that I make a few trips to Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is definitely a store that I could wander around in for hours. However, it seems that every time I go there, I'm in a rush to buy something on a Mission Shopping Trip and cannot be too leisurely about my ohhhing and ahhhing.

Also, for the past couple of days, I've had my niece Shaye at my house. She's been tuckered because her family just returned from a week long trip to Disney and it appears she's still in vacation-recovery mode. However, being able to listen to her wide-eyed stories about going on Disney rides has been hysterical! A five year old can truly bring the Disney experience to your living room.

Her and I spent some special time together working on a sewing project for her to give to her mommy. We made a felt eyeglass case that had flowers and leaves we embroidered onto the front along with a special button Shaye picked out to put in the center of the flower. It was so sweet! She is only five years old, but it was wonderful to help her learn how to do hand-stitching. I guess she likes to sew because she'd ready for her next project.

Anyway, I'll be working on these invitations for the next two days. I'll hole up and continue with the gluing and the glittering, hoping it all turns out the way I expect --- hopefully they will turn out even BETTER than I expected. If they pass the test of approval of my two daughters, then I will be the happiest mommy alive. Regardless, at least it feels good to be doing something for my first-born, my Heather...even though it is 4:00 in the morning.

Since my main focus is my daughters and the beautiful life I have because of THEM, I keep going and know the invites will reflect my love.

Soon, it will be tine to have a great shower with delicate foods (no BBQ!) and lots of tea!


RiverBend Farm said...

It sounds like your mind is whirling with all this wedding stuff. What fun!! You're not gonna know what to do with yourself when this is all over...or maybe you!

Anonymous said...

Yah, rest when you can.
Enjoy the ride!

Vickie said...

Extreme UN-ugly invitations! haha! I know they'll be UTTERly scrumptious!

Cute eyeglasses case - your little niece will be creative like her aunt! said...

Riverbend Farm --- Yes, the wedding activities and excitement has been going on for a long while and I think my daughter will actually be more content once it is over and she's able to focus on other things that are so important in her life. The wedding day will happen so quickly, all the work to make it a wonderful day is fantastic, but it would be wonderful even if we were standing beneath an oak tree and without the fixings! They are also going on an awesome honeymoon, which will be a trip to remember. But, weddings these days are different, I'm so glad mine was planned and held within a 30-day time period, I would not have wanted to focus on it for too long. I think my wedding dress and the bouquets were the only thing I really worried about...nowadays people have lighting, videography, pre-wedding shoots, etc., and it gets nutty! But, it will definitely be a fun wedding that she'll have near College Station!

Beth - I'm getting extra rest right now, in between deep cleaning the house for company to come into town for the wedding shower in August. I'm so excited!

Vickie - I wish you could've seen the finished invitations, they turned out so cute! And the eyeglass case was my niece's first sewing adventure. I'm glad she is so interested in sewing, it's a family tradition. It's great that the eyeglass case reflected the creativeness and skill of a five-year old.