Sunday, July 29, 2012

# 320 - Cottage of My Altered Dreams

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what constitutes a "dream house." My ideas have changed tremendously over the past couple of months.

The thought of having a three-bedroom comfortable cabin has now given way to simply having a cabin or a country cottage that is suitable for my own immediate needs and for those of visitors that will include my children and future grandchildren. There's no doubt that I will make a beautiful home to share with those I love for the remainder of my life, which I hope will be long and full.


Lakeview f/p

Regardless, I intend to get to a point in life to where I can live in peace. For me, that means making some LONG NEEDED changes.

This past week, I've been speaking with two different builders so that I can get a cabin built on the acreage. These cabins will be in my price range and I'll hire local good-old-boys to do the electrical, plumbing and sheetrocking for me. I can do a lot on my own; it's amazing how much I can do when I'm put to the task and take my time, but the area where I am building has plenty of good labor readily available for a great price.

My drive-way will look similar to this
layout, but will be expanded out to one side
for parking behind cabin.

Here is a little cabin that is in my price range for me to look forward to building on my own. It is approximately 720 square feet with 192 square feet of front porch space.


Peniac f/p
I prefer this plan because it has a laundry area off the kitchen
and a good layout with the entrance at an appropriate location.
I'll probably make a change to the windows in the far wall
of secondary bedrooms, making them solid glass doors that will exit
onto a large side deck or screened-in room
to eventually be added for more outdoor space.


There's no mad rush for me to get the cabin finished out as I'd like, just as long as I go steady and stay on a determined path to make it the cottage of my altered dreams.

I guess I've scaled back to go the Hansel and Gretel route. Actually, the more that I do toward making this a reality, the stronger and more excited I am about the life waiting me. I have tremendous motivation beyond explanation toward building a beautiful life for myself so that I can better enjoy all other aspects of this life.

Such as having a corner of a room that is full of shelves for all my books and pictures of my treasured family members and friends!!

I am learning that venturing into the unknown is sometimes healthier and better for us than staying in a toxic environment that is far from what we ever dreamed of having as an adult.

Yes, sometimes you have to move away from the fire in order to not get burned. But, I'd take a fireplace with a ledge like the one below...

Yes, a home is about much more than sticks and bricks. A home is a place where you feel the warmth of love, acceptance, peace and security. I know I will have such a home again, very soon.

Very, very soon.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Lana, I don't think you want your furnace and water heater in your bedroom closet as in the second plan,if you decide that is the one you like see if they will swap the closet positions and open the furnace and water heater to an outside door. Or, even build an outside lean to for furnace and water heater. The latest issue of Mother Earth news has some ideas for small houses and even taking an existing house and having it moved. Good Luck.

Michelle said...

You are so right about a home being more then bricks and stone. We were military and moved about every three years. But no matter where we were it was home. Because it was always filled with love. My girls have fond memories of the places and homes we lived in. I can't wait to see your cabin finished. I can imagine you sitting on the porch with the stars shining down on you.

LindaG said...

Great post, Lana. Love your thoughts. ♥ said...

Tombstone Livestock -- I do think it would be good to have a little "mechanical room" in another area, I'll ask the builder to explore options. I would like a mud-room added off the kitchen area so I'd have a larger laundry room, etc., so I will see what the options might be. I'd also like another bathroom. I might see if they can expand the cabin out a few feet so that the master will have its own bathroom with the house having a commons secondary bathroom. I'd also like the front door moved down, more center to the entry, to come in at the far end of the living room, not at the center of the living room. These are things that can be changed fairly easy. Working with good builders sure does help.

Michelle - I agree that you can certainly make ANYWHERE home. My Nanny proved to to me when I was a little girl. She'd always say her home was where her heart felt love. So true. As for the cabin, I can't wait either...I've already met another person in Livingston who said he and his father would help me do some rustic trimming from fallen pine trees with with the sheetmetal I like --- he did his office in that design and I'm supposed to go see it, as soon as Heather's shower is over. Thank you for the encouraging words. I can DEFINITELY see myself out there, very content and definitely enjoying the starlight nights with a happy heart. So much goodness is in front of me!


Dreaming said...

I like the other suggestions of a mechanical room. A 2nd bath is always welcome. I love your 'book nook' - have you considered a 'Murphy' bed in the guest room?

Rob said...

My In laws had a 16 sided round home. My father in law built it himself. 3 br, a loft above L.R. washer/dryer upstairs. that got rough for them as they got older. 1 full bath, a 1/2 bath.

2 car garage with work shop, office upstairs for my FIL and room for 8 to sleep with sleeping bags.

We had 12 in the cabin and 8 out in garage room

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Oh, I would like to give you a great big hug. So inspiring! You are going to make yourself a wonderful happy stress-free loving home in no time! I love your plans and ambition.

It is so true that having something to plan and look forward to eases the daily stressors of these horrible situations. I am so glad to see that your plans are beginning to come together.

Love the fireplace idea. What cabin would be complete without a cozy book nook and a fireplace? I think any good builder will be able to manipulate these plans to suit whatever you can dream of.

Also, thank you for your continued support and kind words. I am really taking what everyone is saying to heart, and it is helping me deal with this immensely.

Cheers! - Jen.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was closer to your area , so I could help you out. Beth said...

Dreaming - I'd love to have a Murphy bed, but you don't see those in the South and I always picture the Lucille Ball Version --- it closing you into the wall without mercy! I've heard they are very expensive as well. But, it would be nice because it would free up space in the 2nd bedroom for day to day living.

Lana said...

Rob - I think there is a Dome house like that in Liberty and Galveston county, I always wondered what they would look like on the inside. It seems like a lot of roof to maintain, but must be nice to have such an open floorplan. Sounds like your garage with all the extra space is perfect for company or for that extra living space. I guess I'll do what I can, as I can and hopefully get to the point of having some fun things, such as a roomy screened-in porch.

Lana said...

Jen - Most days it's very easy for me to move forward with my future because the alternative is distasteful. I feel like I can be around people who truly love me and think the best of me instead of being in a situation where the worst is always first. That gets old, especially when you've been loyal and faithful, to be treated like that becomes unnacceptable and intolerable. It makes me see how women file for divorce twice as often as men. My cabin will be small, but that doesn't mean it has to stay small...I have great determination that often serves me well and I very excited to see where it takes me over the next five years. As for you, I hope you get out there with your horses. Force yourself to do it, a little here and a little will get easier. The heart does heal, it will take a while, in the meantime, nurture yourself and get lots of rest. Life will be there waiting when you are ready to tackle it head first. I pray for your comfort.

Lana said...

Beth - you are so sweet. I can only think that I'll be panicked closer to moving day!! But, I might have to either move things into the back of the cabin and finish out the living room/kitchen/dining area, then pull everything into the finished area to do the bedrooms. I'll do what it takes. Good thing I have access to some people who are willing to help me move. Everything will be okay. I've now developed a stoic resolve. Things can only get better on my own.


Rob said...

Lana not a dome home, but a round home 16 sides. Round roof, slopped. I wish I had a photo to send to you.

You can sit in the LR or dinning area or kitchen area and see out of 3/4 of the windows, and see two side of a lake. said...

Rob --- I wish I could see it too! The views sound Heavenly! I love seeing unique architecture like that. In an area we would go to for summer vacation, a man had an underground house with two windows peaking up from the earth. Very unusual! I would love to see a round home!