Monday, July 30, 2012

# 321 - Grown-Up Baby of Mine!

I am so excited about my oldest daughter coming into town for her upcoming wedding shower, to be held at my sister's house this coming Saturday!

We're having an "Alice in Wonderland" themed shower with a tea party set-up. There will be all sorts of petit fours, tea sandwiches, tea to drink and Sangria. Didn't they serve Sangria at the tea party with Alice?

So far, with every person counted for RSVP attendance, we have approximately 50 people showing up for this wedding shower, at the least. It will be a jam-packed event, for sure. With a family like mine, there is always a houseful of people to begin with --- it's a family tradition to show strong support during pivotal life moments, such as these. It makes me proud of my family, the show of solidarity is firmly rooted in our bloodline.

Heather will be here late Wednesday night. Her and I have plans to hang out and to have our own slumber party. On Sunday, we were talking about all of the wonderful memories we have to share throughout her childhood, memories of us three gals living life to the fullest. I hope she one day has her own daughter to have such an interactive bond. Heather, Stefie and I were a powerhouse team of activity. And today, on the phone, Heather and I shared laughs over being women...the good, the bad and the beautiful is a glorious thing to have a daughter who is growing to be such an incredible woman in her own right.

Sophisticated Heather with her
cotton-candy mustache. Don't be Jealous!
Since Heather is approaching the ripe old age of 25 within a couple of months and her wedding is also around the corner, we were talking about the next stage...babies. Her and Henry will be ready to begin their own family soon after the Honeymoon; they are very happy about growing a family of their own.

It's funny because I've not really had excitement in talks about babies since I had my own...which we know is nearly an eternity ago...since Heather is almost 25! Hardy Har Har!

Heather and Me --- Love my Girl

Anyway, these talks between my daughter and I about babies in her future (after the Honeymoon) is such a fun prospect for me to even contemplate. I think I will be the happiest grandmother on the face of the earth! There is no doubt that I will want photos taken with my daughter during her pregnancy. It's hysterical, I'm already planning first photos with my unborn grandchildren. And I can guarantee that even if I had twenty grandchildren, each one would be as exciting as the first!

Heather holding one of her friend's babies.
Yep, I can see the I'm-Ready-To-Be-A-Mom
kind of expression on her face. Almost Heather, almost!

As for my future son-in-law, Henry, he is quite a young man and he has more than proven his worthiness to be my daughter's husband. Most mom's can relate, it's difficult to trust a man with your daughter's heart, especially in this day and time. So many young men really do not understand the value of heartfelt commitment and the tenderness it takes to show to his wife that she is HIS woman. No caveman act, but simple faith and belief in her for the person she is in his life. A man cannot make a good husband until he's willing to put forth kindness, compassion and tenderness for the one special woman in his life, it is not something to be taken lightly. All moms want their daughters to be treated better than how women were treated in past generations...we always want more and far better for our children than we had for ourselves.

Henry loves Tux, Heather's dog from
her college days. Tux would cry when
Henry would leave the house. Yes, I
believe Henry is very lovable! Tux too!

I must say, I think Henry is wise in these areas because he has shown that Heather's opinions, her words, and her thoughts are of importance to him. He is off to a great start and just needs to keep it going for the next 50 years! Each year added to the next should only bring about more strength together. Not forgetting the importance of these matters will keep the marriage strong and stronger, until the very end.

Heather and Henry horsing around.

I believe Henry and Heather are ready for the serious commitment that marriage requires. In reality, there are no "classes" to attend that can prepare you for marriage; it requires fortitude, determination and wholesome love. Those things cannot be conveyed in a textbook or in a few hours of pre-marital counseling. As the old saying goes, "It takes two."

For me, watching a woman in the family get married can be very difficult. In my family, a woman gets married and the other women go into's a long-standing joke among the women in my family, yet said with half-hearted laughter. However, I am more than pleased with Henry as my son-in-law because of numerous reasons. He is respectful and loving toward his parents. He comes from strong-minded, stubborn Texas folk, and that's a beautiful attribute in my book. He is a hard worker and will make a good provider for his family. Henry is a big man, but always remembers to be gentle with others. And...he reads.

Lonesome Dove is one of his all-time favorites. I, at 44 years of age, had never read or seen it, but I watched the four-part series out of my admiration for Henry and I LOVED Lonesome Dove. It's now one of my own all-time favorites; I've got to read the book next! Even further, I love Henry's mom. She's someone I could actually sit down and enjoy being myself with, but we're always in the middle of some kind of chaotic activity every time we get to see one another.

Blondie is Henry's mom --- a woman
who is easy to love! He has to share
her now with all of us!

I look forward to sharing more quiet moments with her in the future. And Henry's dad is a character. He's warm-hearted and wants the best for his children and's assuring to me that Henry has a dad that is a kind sweetheart beneath the rough cowboy exterior.

Hermann, Henry's dad, is a fun, loving guy with
a tad bit of "Boot in your ass" character. Works for me!

Together, Henry and Heather will have precious children. With God's blessings...I wonder how many kids my daughter will end up having? Twins run in our family, so I'm going to personally be in hysterics if Heather ends up having twins. Of course, I'll be living on an air mattress in the twins' bedroom if this comes to pass, so my daughter and Henry can maintain some sanity, but it would be such fun to hold ONE baby in my arms that has the mixed attributes of both of our families.

So, the wedding shower is this coming weekend, but I feel such a wonderful depth of excitement of so many good things to come. The wedding itself is in October. Just around the corner! Then, they're off to an extended European Honeymoon!

Honeymoon travel itinerary

Life has taught me a valuable lesson, for those friends of mine who are going through is so important to give grievance to the areas that need to be mourned with a heavy heart, yet it is critical to also separate or to compartmentalize the different segments of your life that deserve to be celebrated or areas that deserve your joy. For me, having a daughter who is close to getting married is reason to celebrate with God who gave me this daughter alongside family and friends who have been an integral part of her life or who have simply been present to offer love and support.

As far as life goes, it always seems to be in a perpetual state of being bitter-sweet. There is always a dark force to reckon with, but the beautiful, joyful rays of sunlight that come from moments filled with love and beauty are stronger than any dark moments. As for me, I am filled with a joy so powerful that it seems capable of escaping the boundaries of my heart to reach my toes!

Heather and me --- I can't wait for this week!!!

Over the next few days, my daughter and I will be sharing important, cherished moments that will be treasured deep in my heart. It won't be long and the wedding ceremony will officially change her name to reflect her husband's name. We will have one less thing in common, yet she will also become a wife and this will be a huge bond between us know what it means to take vows and to be vulnerable to being both forsaken or cherished...long marriages usually have a bit of both. I believe Henry will do his best to cherish Heather. He has kind eyes; I am ready to see those eyes looking back at me in the form of a grandchild.

For my daughter, I am deeply happy. My blessings are upon her and Henry with eager anticipation of their uniting in marriage. As a mom, I am thankful to God for His goodness in our lives.

Heather is on her way...Life will have its twists
and turns, but she's ready to face them all, in her
new role as a wife !


Mike said...

Westerns and wilderness themes, books and movies are my favorites. Lonesome Dove is a terrific movie. Be sure and watch the entire trilogy. 1. Dead Man's Walk (the early years) 2. Lonesome Dove (you've seen) 3. Streets of Laredo

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

So beautifully written, I can feel your love and happiness for Heather and Henry. I hope you have a wonderful week together sharing this time. - Jen.

LindaG said...

Congratulations and good luck to them! Safe journey ahead. :o) said...

Mike - I just bought an old western DVD collection of some classics. But, I will definitely add the two you mentioned to my "need to see" list. I'll let you know after I watch them. Lately, I've been trying to catch up on some oldies, I usually do, but I'm making more of an effort lately. Love it!

Lana said...

Jen - thank you sweetheart. I am looking forward to this shower and it will indeed be a huge celebration! I will definitely be making a post with pictures for that day. We're all wearing "Mad Hats" for the event, so it will be funny. I hope you are doing okay --- I think about you every day and know that your strength will return.

Lana said...

Linda - Thanks!! Take about journeys, these kiddos have to travel five hours one-way to get to our house. It's grueiling with all the road construction. I'm always saying my prayers over my children!


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh, what a wonderful time of life! (Before ya know it, you'll be going to your daughter's baby shower...) Enjoy.

And thank you so much for your kind comment about my mother-in-law. I truly appreciate it.