Sunday, July 15, 2012

# 307 - I've Got My Stick!

Having acreage that is most thick with forest throughout most of the land is definitely something to behold. Unless you have a machete and are clearing a path as you walk through this section, you aren't getting through.

Lush landscape such as this is not easy to handle. That's why part of this land is mostly left as it is in its raw form. It's just too demanding to tackle unless there is a full-time living commitment to the land. Until then, keeping an acre or two under control is more than enough work to do.

More than anything, I love the different hues of green throughout the acreage. The smell of Honeysuckle is fragrant and blackberry season sends the juicy berries sprawling across the land. Of course, that's the time to be extra diligent about snakes. However, I've been picking blackberries since I was a toddler and there's never been a snake that's been able to scare me away. My kids have done the same, starting picking since they could walk and show off their adorable blackberry stained smiles.

As I search for for the for my mouth...I carry along my trusty stick and poke around the area I'll be picking blackberries before I reach in with a bare hand. So far, it's been a good strategy. As for the thorns, I can't say that I haven't paid my dues quite a few times in sacrifice to get a few blackberries. A good way of picking is to use the stick to hold some of the vines back out of the way as you reach in with the other hand to pick some big boys that were trying to stay hidden.

In fact, as far as the stick goes, I always keep a stick nearby or use one as I'm hiking around the land. If I need to poke at something, I've got the stick. If I need to whack something coming at me, I've got the stick. If I need to stabilize my balance, I've got the stick. If I need leverage when climbing an incline, I have the stick to dig in. If some winding weeds are tangled in my path, I use my stick to break the vines and fling them another direction, yes, I've always got my stick.

I've been through several sticks.

Now, I'm not so sure a stick would assist me too much if a pack of wild boars were to appear or if a pack of wild junk yard dogs decided to come snarling in my direction. I guess I could jazz up the stick with some 007 equipment...I can only imagine the possibilities.

Still, I don't know WHAT could stop a wild boar, but I've heard plenty of horror stories from those who've tried. As for boars, the only solution I know for that problem is to RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION SCREAMING and THROW THE STICK so I can pick up speed!


Vickie said...

Oh you are a mess...

Tony and I have our favorite random sticks around here, too. Can't do without a good stick in the woods and weeds. Kinda like havin' a good dog!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good stick. :0)

Anonymous said...

AND look for the closest tree that has a low limb you can climb ! No, I haven't climbed a tree in a few years , but I bet if a wild boar was after problem would be how to get down out of the tree. ;)