Friday, July 13, 2012

# 304 - Snap that Picture!

I could not help but stop and take a look at this day this past year that brought a lot of laughs. My dad, myself, my brother and my sister were attempting to get a core family photo and it was a challenge.

We were teasing my dad about him not being able to sit still, so he decided to show us what NOT sitting still REALLY meant. There are many more pictures in this series, but I'm giving you the highlight version.

Dad! No, this is not how we take a family photo, besides, my face is stuck in your under-arm. Ewww.

Yes, we did eventually get our family photo, but these were more fun. My dad can be a riot. I guess it's great to have a dad who knows how to have fun. In fact, all three of us kids are light-hearted and know how to have a good time together.

We'll be doing this until we can't do it any longer. I can't wait for the next family photo session.


Karen said...

Oh, Lana, what priceless photos. I'm so happy that you are close to your family, that is wonderful!

I loved your previous post with your beautiful daughters, too.

Anonymous said...

Great photos :) said...

Karen - my family is a lot of fun. I've been blessed to be born into a family that knows how to enjoy one another. We laugh and cry together, always there for each other.

Sueb - my dad is a riot. Next, he needs to grow a handlebar mustache. It'd fit his personality!