Friday, July 13, 2012

# 305 - Squirrel Proof Cabin is Good

I love this place. It's been a place where I've experienced a lot of healing. From horrendous surgeries and long-lasting complications, to my mother's death...this place soothes my soul and helps me to refocus.

Sometimes nature has a way of getting our attention in a way that television, music, friends or family cannot. Nature speaks to the core of our is the link from where we began and to where we will return.

Believe me, I have contemplated and have dealt with life and death with the help of walking through these very woods.

The great thing about moving to this land is that I already have several life-long good friends living in this town. I will definitely be surrounded by good times and warm hearted people. Then, I have my close family and friends who I am sure will be visiting on a regular basis. One of my friends has a daughter who is in LOVE with all things in nature and she would find our land to be a huge grounds for exploration.

Since I won't be far from Houston, I will still be able to drive to see my family. Then, my girls will have a place to come home to that will be peaceful, welcoming, and full of daughters know that I am goofy happy over the smallest thing. I'm sure they will be happy to see me so happy and independent and in a place where they grew up. I can guarantee that I will find my way and make it on a level that will be surprising to many. If there is one thing I can promise, I am determined and will find a way to be successful with my direction.

Most of all, I'll enjoy a simple life. I'm sure there will be bumps along the way and a few surprises that I'll have to handle on my own, but I've sure handled some MASSIVE hurdles in my life that have prepared me for this phase.

Now, saying all of that, don't think I won't go into hysterics once a squirrel gets into the cabin. You might be able to hear me scream across Texas.

Still, I ain't scared!


Anonymous said...

It looks a wonderful place, I can see why you are drawn to it.

Dee said...

Wishing you the very best luck in your future. You are a brave lady that deserves more happiness and peace than you have previously gotten.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Hope you don't have any snakes like TexWisGirl posted on her blog recently. Squirrels are one thing, snakes another. said...

Sueb - it was purchased during a time of great suffering for me, after I'd come out of being critically ill. I cannot tell you how connected I am to this space on earth. I'd be content to take my last breath in that place. Who can say that about any place? I feel that drawn to it as a lasting home. One day, I hope to be waking up there every morning to see the sun peeking through the forest.

Dee - thank you for the kindness...I don't always feel so brave, but I do feel as if I am in a serious search for more than what I am experiencing. Maybe I've hit my "selfish" years, but that's how it goes. It's time for me to do what I need to live with peace. Even if I must walk the forest alone instead of hand-in-hand with the person I thought I'd be moving into my older years with. I guess we'll see what the future has to offer.

Tombstone Livestock - oh we've got some HUMONGOUS snakes on that property. I've killed a cottonmouth already...all by myself. But, I try to not think about the snakes, UNTIL they somehow always manage to cross my path. I guess it's good I don't have eyes in the back of my head to see the ones crossing or trailing along BEHIND me! haha As for squirrels, I don't think I could catch one in the house --- they go crazy and can be frightfully fast. But, a snake, I can take a machete or shovel to it with no problem. If it's inside my house, then I become ITS biggest nightmare. I'll have to go check out her blog to see her snake. That is a creature that is never a delight to come across, well, for some people who are funky snake-lovers, I guess it is exciting. For most of us, especially in Texas and the South...not so much into liking the snakes. Lol.


Karen said...

Hi Lana, I know just how you feel about your land. I feel the same way about the farm I grew up on and never left. We've had this piece of dirt in the family since the 1890's and our eldest son is in love with it, too. Your daughters and future grandchildren are going to be such frequent visitors, I'm certain!

Only you would be brave enough to take on the killing of a snake (shiver)! Most women would run ten miles in the other direction, but not you. Snakes and Squirrels Beware. Lana means Business!

Vickie said...

"A Country Girl Can Survive" - I've killed a couple of snakes out here myself at our place, too, Lana. We're Texas Girls. No cottonmouths by the house, but we've seen some down by the pond. I've killed copperheads up here by the house. We are deadly with a hoe or a shovel and lightnin' fast with a machete, aren't we! Chop-chop!

LindaG said...

As you know, I am afraid of lots of things, city girl that I am, haha.
Still, hope you get to go to your property as soon as possible!
Have a blessed week, Lana. ♥