Thursday, July 12, 2012

# 302 - My Beautiful Gals!

I love my chickens. I suppose when I get moved to the acreage that I will have a nice, practical hen house built that will keep them safe in the environment out there while making an ease of access for me to go in and out of the hen house without any problem.

To keep yucky critters away, I hand-feed my chickens every day. First feeding is early in the morning, then another feeding is in the afternoon --- that feeding is usually some kind of kitchen leftover scraps.

I am partial toward my birds. I think they are beautiful. If something happens to one of our hens, I can't see letting all those feathers go to waste. Surely they could be used for something resourceful!

Every morning, this is the sight I get to see. My birds have the habit down, they hear me coming out the back door and they come running. Like a bad stepchild, Beaker is at my feet and as soon as I open the feed bucket to scoop some out, she has flapped her way up to sit inside the feed bucket. I have to pick her up and quickly get the lid closed. Even so, she's all over my feet. Silly chicken.

Big Mama is always watching over her flock and she does a beautiful job of keeping the pecking order, in order. She's a good hen. Soft, Fluffy and always watching.

No matter what is going on, I have my chickens to visit with

Hope your day is going to start as great as mine surely will!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lana,
How are you today? You have been in my thought over the past few days wondering if you’re safe and well coping is only the word that comes to mind. You should talk to Glenda over at Tootsie Time she is just emerging at the other end of the tunnel. I know she will be able to give you some good advice.
Your girls a wonderful I would love to have hens. I don’t think my neighbours would be very impressed though.
You take care hun.
Hugs Sue b

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I am catching up on your blog and am sorry to read the previous post. I will keep you in my prayers that you find peace and comfort and find your way and are safe...It seems that you are finding peace in your hens. I would love to have chickens and live vicariously through people like you who do.

Take care, okay?

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Fun post...I have a friend who just got chickens in her backyard in the middle of the is fun to watch them

Enjoy....looks very peaceful to me said...

Sueb - Thank you --- I am trying to get through each day the best I can. Just finished working on elaborate wedding shower invitations. Thank God! I will try to get over to check out her blog. Looks like things are moving forward with me trying to get my life together in a different manner. I am literally have nightmares of that hand-held recorder, I don't think I'll ever feel the same about him again, this was an all time new level of betrayal that i can't believe he had so much fun doing. Oh well, I hope it will be worth it to him. If I had been carrying around a hand-recorder myself, I'd be able to have my own ammo, but I'm not sinking that low.

Kim - Thank you. Yes, my hens are definitely my flock of peace! Of course, I'm not like some blog buddies who are standing with the chickens as they spy a coyote at the property line!! haha. It's peaceful right now, but I'll also be ready to protect them, if needed. I prefer these peaceful days!

Janette - Chickens in the backyard are a riot. They have so many entertaining antics that you are laughing at how funny they are to watch. I guess my chickens see me and completely associate me with food and as one of them. It's good that I have such things to look forward to on a new level once I love to the acreage!

Anonymous said...

I always liked just standing and watching my chickens. They do each have their own way to do things.
It is better than any tv show around. And more calming also.
Beth said...

Beth - I agree, it is very calming. I really love visiting with those gals! I can't tell you how much I look forward to being on the land and having some alone time to enjoy more peaceful moments like these! Thanks for always being so sweet...


Karen said...

You have a beautiful flock there, Lana. I think it's so sweet how Beaker adores you! She knows you saved her life. I hate it when we lose hens to predators and you're right about the feathers, they are so very soft and pretty.

Isn't that hop, hop, hop work out silly? Maybe if I wasn't 54 (and a 40D!) it wouldn't be so bad, but there's no way I can handle that anymore, lol. There just ain't enough Spandex in the world.

So glad to hear from you; I think of you every day. said...

Karen - I am crazy about Beaker. She's such a friendly, forth-right little chicken that has no issue with jumping into my arms...I love that about her! As for your workout video, I was in hysterics as the woman began hopping over the line on ONE FOOT! I realized those days of having that kind of skill has LONG GONE for me! However, I bet if you did the same routine on video and posted it, you would become extremely popular because you are 54 years old and are a 40D!!!! Can you imagine?? I'm always encouraged by your energy level and by your constant desire to be in the best shape you can be right now, but all that gardening is pretty darn impressive. I think of you every day as well --- you also have me addicted to Hostas and I can't wait to plant some bulbs around a few tress once I get moved to the country. Thanks for always being encouraging!