Saturday, July 21, 2012

# 313 - Creepy Happenings

This is a post that requires old-fashioned imagination. I didn't have the time or inclination to take pictures as I wrote it last night.

Well, it's not even Halloween and there have been creepy happenings around the house this week. I don't like walking into one of the bedrooms to find the ceiling fan chain swinging wildly back and forth as I'm looking around trying to figure out how it can be moving so fast, on its own.

I put my hands around the chain to make a circle to feel if the A/C register is blowing on it. Then, I watch it swinging and figure it's one of those things. Perhaps the fan brace that is in the attic has been impacted by wind blowing through the attic? Sounds good to me.

Then, I've heard sounds coming from the attic, as if someone was in there stomping's probably another critter trying to find refuge where it can be found, but I don't like it. Sounds in the attic are ultra creepy.

If you are from the North, you probably deal with basement sounds. In the South, we have attics. Either one is not good when it comes in creepy-form.

Then, this evening, I'm cleaning the gameroom upstairs and going from the playroom to the gameroom to the playroom to the gameroom, both rooms located on the second story. I'm passing through the hallway upstairs to get from the playroom to the gameroom and there's nice large closet with deep shelves for storage located in this hallway. Yes, this house has AWESOME closet space with plenty of room for extra storage---there's my sale's line for the week to market this house. And no, I'm NOT a heavy walker because I don't like the sound of footsteps. Besides, my footsteps are not powerful enough to shake this house in the slightest, at least, I'd like to THINK that way!

Okay, going between these two rooms in cleaning mode, I stop to gather the trash sack from the far corner of the gameroom. The sack is in my hands, I'm tying it in a knot when I suddenly hear CRASH, BANG, BOOM from the hallway behind me!!! I glance backward, then slowly finish tying the trash sack into a knot while on auto-pilot.

Initially, I thought I'd pretend that I didn't even hear the sound. Sometimes, that works well. I don't get scared easily, but this crash was loud. In fact, as I'm trying to go about my household business upstairs and trying to pretend to hear nothing...enjoying my peaceful existence while cleaning, I now hear Deputy Dave yell from downstairs, "What was THAT?"

Augh! I look over to the hallway. I'm about 20-25 feet from the crash impact. Automatically, I yell, "It's nothing!" I don't want him to come upstairs to start inspecting when I am fine and I can handle it on my own.

However, he persists in wanting to know, "What WAS that?"

Now I must go to the closet. But, I know it's nothing important because the closet only has books and games and decks of cards...boring, non-breakable things that are nothing to be concerned about, so I yell down to him, "It's nothing! Something just fell in the closet, no biggie!"

Augh! At least he was satisfied and stopped asking what had fallen.

I just want to clean the gameroom! But you know how that gnawing feeling is deep in your gut when you've GOT to find out what has happened...well...the gnawing was present, I had to investigate, so I dropped off the trash sack next to the stairway banister on my way to the hall closet.

Yep, my brave self goes to the closet. To the closet I go. Carefully, I open the door because something might have fallen from the top shelf and be stuck between the door and the shelving, UNTIL I open the door and catch it on my pumpkin head. Yes, being over 40 teaches you wise lessons.

Slowly I open the door to find a good-sized book lying on its side. As I open the door fully, the book tumbles onto its side, out of the closet to plop open at my feet. Really? I guess the door wasn't there for it to lean against any longer. Well, that sounds good to me.

From the position the book had been laying, on an upper shelf, it did fall about five feet onto hardwood flooring within the closet itself, so it's understandable that it made a loud noise upon impact. And everyone knows that anything that falls on the second story, especially with hardwood floors, will cause a resonating sound to take place.

I look up at the shelves. There's no way this book could've fallen on its own. The books are all positioned in a manner that is non-falling. Books are not positioned on the edge. The shelving is deep and adequate to prevent toppling-prone books from taking the plunge.

Oh well.

I reach down to pick up the book that is now blocking the closet door from being able to be closed...and I AM CLEANING, so I grab the darn book and have to let out a little gasp because this particular book belongs to Stefie and was purchased from the Christian bookstore last year. It's title is, "Preparing for Marriage."


Geez, of ALL books! Why couldn't the crashing book have been the title NEXT to the one that fell? That one is, "The Road Less Traveled". I'd prefer it had been that book to decide to leap off the shelf. How about the James Patterson book above it? Any other book would've been nice.

Is this a sign? If so, who is it intended for? Just because it lands at MY feet, what does that mean? Perhaps it means a person should read these kinds of books BEFORE they get married? I kind of giggled to myself at all the thoughts rolling around in the spare space that is called my brain.

For a brief second, I take a leery glance at all the shelves. I look up at ALL THE BOOKS ON THE SHELVES, as if I feel rebellious and I put it back on the shelf. Then, I do a double-take to make sure it is snug in its spot. Same as it was before the fall.

I don't like it.

Stefie, Why couldn't you have taken your book along with all the furniture to your new apartment? That book has come to life in my closet, Not funny. Quit laughing, I said it wasn't funny.

Heather, you better not be laughing either. Even though we've already had one creepy episode with this closet and the beads...another story for another time...the book is a different story. Maybe I'm supposed to mail the book to you...after're about to get married! Let the book hop around in your closet!

Closet, the next time, I want you to throw something like "Fifty Shades of Gray" at me. Then, I can be creeped out and amused while trying to figure THAT one out!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't tell us what page it opened up to at your feet?

Dreaming said...

Very strange, indeed!
We lived in a very old house and I had a few things happen like that... but not recently.

Definitely creepy!

Vickie said...

I think the chain swinging would have creeped me out more than the book falling. My sister, after her husband left her and before she met her new hubby, lived in a rent house for awhile. She does NOT believe in that sort of thing. But there were some weird things that happened in that house. Things would get moved - specifically her keys and her toothbrush. And she always kept them in a certain location and would make sure they were placed there so she could tell if they were moved. She AND her grown son would hear doors closing. Sometimes when she would be sitting watching TV a cold chill would sweet by her and she'd actually have to get up and get a blanket. Not just getting cold. It would crawl up the back of her neck. My mother was there one time and heard the door closing. And there was nobody in the house! Now you make me wanna do a post on that...

Weird - nothing like that's ever happened to me. So I don't know if it's real or not... You pay attention, girl!

RiverBend Farm said...

Truly,I don't think this post needs pictures. It does sound creepy and would disturb me a little. I've had things like that happen to me here. Call me crazy, but I just start talking to whoever it is. What else can you do? said...

Beth - I should've paid attention to that detail. It would probably been hysterical! We'll never know.

Dreaming - I've lived in a few houses where people have passed away and have had weird things happen. Stefie's boyfriend Brice said he's terrified by our house and KNOWS something is lurking about. He can handle wanting to be in the military but not a few ghosts??? :-)

Vickie --- that very swinging chain on that ceiling fan, well TODAY I turned on the wall switch to make the ceiling fan come on. Then, I pulled the chain on the fan itself to turn the lights on. The chain felt as if it were lagging, but the lights came one. After a bit, I went to pull the chain to turn the light off, but to leave the ceiling fan whirling...however, the light would not go off. Deputy Dave tried to get it to work and he couldn't, so he took the entire casing apart to look at the switch and it was working fine, but he also saw that it wasn't working while all put together. He said maybe the switch was going out. However, that still doesn't explain that chain that starts to whirl around in wide circles on its own---I guess it's working when it wants to now as well. So, he changed out the chain and made the long chain to pull the one that operates fan speed so I don't accidentally go to turn on that light. We decided to just not use it so it won't get stuck in the "on" position again. As for hearing things, we've had several things literally fall in ways that make it appear that the item had been flung about ten feet, not just fall off a shelf. After it happened to Brice one night at the house -- everyone was asleep and he was leaving, downstairs alone, he had something happen to him and he couldn't run out of here fast enough. I may be quirky, but I do believe some spirits are strong and don't normally want to be here with us, but when things are going seems we're disturbing them and they let us know that they're around. I'll be so glad one day to get to Heaven to find out about some of these mysterious events. Obviously, I do believe in the spirit world because I'm a Bible student, so we know there is a spiritual realm. I just always try to find reasonable explanations for what happens, but it's not always easy to do, especially when specific stuff happens to seem to be a sign about something you're going thru. Sounds like your sister has had her fair share of someone floating around in her space. It sure makes you wonder...the temperature changing suddenly is very creepy. Eeeekkk!

RiverBend Farm -- I've had to do that before, just start saying, "Well, that wasn't very nice and I don't know what you're trying to tell me by doing this, but I'll try to figure it out." Heck, my mom died from breast cancer at 57 years old and that woman was strong enough in spirit to be meddling in our lives even from the gates of Heaven or in the mid-zone on her way to Heaven...I don't know...but it sometimes seems as if she is REALLY trying to get through to me. I always try to stay calm and to not be too upset over things because I don't ever want to disturb HER peace. I think my spirit would be disturbed if my grown child was going thru something traumatic...I'd feel pulled down to them. Oh well. Who knows. All houses creak and moan and shift...who knows? I just don't want to be naive, either way!


Cameron Marion said...

This is an incredible matter. Now a day we live in modern fashion. I can’t believe this. Thanks:)

Karen said...

Hi Lana, what a weird series of occurrences. I was thinking of the old movie 'Gaslight' when I read this. Have you ever seen the movie? Made in the 1940's, it still gives me the chills.

I'm glad you came through it all unharmed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lana, How are you hunnie, Now that was creepy.
I think the book's telling you Stefie is going to be fine.
Take care

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

That does sound creepy and scary! And of all things why does the man upstairs feel it ok to throw ironic books in our faces. This happened to me when I went to pack up a shelf of my former other's books. What book falls at my feet? How to make your marriage last a lifetime. I wish he would have read that book. I just cried, and made sure it was the first book he would see when he opened up the box again. said...

Karen - I've never seen the "Gaslight" but now I'm going to have to watch it! I love old movies.

Sueb - It was weird. Like Beth had said, I wish I would have paid attention to the page it fell open to, but it was facedown and when I picked it up, I didn't try to save the page. Would've been interesting!

The Kelly's Adventures in KY - I am sorry you had the worst one in your face. I think some people would sure like to have a re-do, once they are end of their life-time and it's FAR TOO late. Let yourself cry when needed, then keep looking forward to every little thing in front of you that is a new memory to create in your own indentity. Keep writing!